130+ Special Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-Law

Is it your sister-in-law’s birthday but you don’t know what to say to her on her special day? 

Don’t worry, here you will find a long list of birthday wishes for a sister-in-law that can be of great help to you.

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#1. Life has put before me many people who have been worthwhile and that I have always appreciated being able to have with me, you are one of them. I love you very much, I hope you enjoy a happy birthday sister-in-law!

#2. You are an excellent sister-in-law, so in these beautiful congratulations to you I want to let you know that your happiness is my happiness, and that is why seeing you happy today will be what makes me happy. Congratulations, beautiful! 

#3. It is you who has a birthday, but understand that we are all your loved ones who are very happy like you, because you are a fundamental piece in the lives of all of us who know you. Happy Birthday Sister in law!

#4. Happy Birthday Sister in law! You are an essential part of my life for me, and that is why you have become indispensable in it, that is why you are happiness for me. I love you a lot!

#5. I am lucky to be able to congratulate you on this birthday, to be able to wish you the best that can happen to you in life, to remind you that you are very important in mine. Congratulations sister-in-law!

#6. Today I woke up on a very special day, on a day very different from the rest, as I woke up with a smile and a happiness that would last all day. Happy day sister-in-law, God bless you!

#7. I wish that on this day of your birthday God fills you with blessings, that destiny has prepared for you a day full of joys and surprises, where neither family nor friends are missing. Congratulations dear!

#8. This year you have become even more necessary in my life, this year again I feel much more than my sister-in-law … A friend, a sister. Happy birthday, I adore you beautiful!

#9. I wish with all my heart that all the happiness in the world invades your home and that each day of your life you have more than one reason to smile and be happy. I appreciate you very much, dear sister-in-law, and I wish you a happy anniversary. 

#10. If I have never told you before, now is a good time: thank you, dear, for loving my brother so much and making him so happy, and for the gift of that nephew who is on the way. You are wonderful and that is why you deserve a happy birthday. Blessings in your day! 

#11. Dearest sister-in-law, I thank you with all my heart for all the affection you have given me and my family, there is no doubt that you are an incredible woman and I thank God that my brother found you. Congratulations, precious! May this birthday be very happy. 

#12. A day as beautiful as today must be celebrated, and that is why we have brought you a huge cake, in which we will put all your candles to sing and wish you, a happy birthday! 

Birthday Wishes for Special Sister in law

#1. To say that you are my best sister-in-law would be to describe you very little, because you are one of my best friends, you are like a sister to me. I wish you have a special and unforgettable day, that destiny gives us many more days like this. Love you very much!

#2. All the birthday Wishes for my sister-in-law that I have written before, like this one, have always been very emotional, because she is a very special and dear person who has made my life a much happier and more beautiful life. Happy Birthday Sister in law! 

#3. may God give you all his happiness. Because you are as special as you are sister-in-law, your brother and I wish you to have an unforgettable and incredible day. We love you so much!

#4. Not every day a very special person for me has a birthday, but today yes, today sister-in-law makes you a more beautiful year, today sister-in-law you are in luck and together with you all of us. Happy day dear, God bless you! 

#5. I think I could live millions of more lives and meet billions of sisters-in-law who would never find one as beautiful and good as you. That is why I am very proud to wish you a lot of happiness and to be able to have you in my life. 

#6. My dear, a day has finally arrived that I waited a long time, exactly for 365 days, a day that I longed for so much to see you happy and feel that way thanks to your happiness. Happy birthday sister-in-law, enjoy a lot! 

#7. Receive on this special day a very big hug, a million kisses, and all the love that I send you from here, so that it adds to your happiness and you can be even happier. Congratulations, beautiful!

#8. More than a sister-in-law, you have become my friend and my accomplice, and what happiness to be able to be by your side to celebrate your birthday with you. Enjoy a lot and that this is just one of the many birthdays that we will celebrate together. 

#9. Dearest sister-in-law, thank you for making my brother so happy and for giving me those beautiful nephews who have become my reason for living. You are extraordinary and you deserve the greatest happiness in the world, that is my wish for you on your birthday. Congratulations on your day! 

#10. Since you came into my brother’s life, he has become a better person, and now I can say that it is thanks to you. Without a doubt, he couldn’t find a better life partner than you. Happy birthday, sister-in-law, you are the best! 

#11. Congratulations, dear sister-in-law, because today you turn one more year and you still look as wonderful as ever. That every year you feel better and that you continue to smile as always a lot. Congratulations! 


birthday wishes for a sister in law far away

#1. I feel very bad writing sister-in-law when you are away from me, that is something that makes me very sad, not being able to be by your side on this special day for me and for everyone. I wish you a happy birthday sister in law!

#2. I regret not being able to be by your side on this day to show you and give you all my love and affection, it is something that I wish I could do, and that I hope that next year I can have the opportunity to do it. Happy birthday sister in law! 

#3. Every day of my life I have wished you the best, but today I was moved to know that it was a very special day for you and I have come to wish the best every second above any other wish. Happy day my dear! 

#4. Not every day I am able to show you how much I love you or give you my greatest wishes, but today I want to take this date to do so. I wish you have a happy day and a happy new year of life! 

#5. Happy Birthday Sister in law! I hope you woke up with lots of energy, destiny has prepared a unique and special day for you , because both God and your loved ones have prayed for it. I love you a lot! 

#6. Today more than ever I will miss you, because it is a day in which I am looking forward to hugging you and having you next to me to give you all my happiness. Receive all the blessings on this special day and enjoy them dear!

#7. Even if the years go by and you get wrinkles, you will never stop being a beautiful woman, because the greatest beauty you have is in your heart. Happy Birthday Sister in law! 

#8. You are the best sister-in-law that my brother could give me, the mother of my nephews and an incomparable friend, for that and for much more, you deserve to have a happy day, and together we will make sure that you have the best of birthdays. Congratulations, beautiful! 

#9. What happiness that a loved one like you has the happiness of taking one more walk in the sun. In the family we are happy to have you, and we are happy to be able to share such a special date with you. Congratulations, dear, we love you a lot. 

#10. Sister-in-law, today I wish you have everything you always worked for, that the magic of life surprise you and bring a thousand good things to your door, because you deserve it. Happy Birthday! 

#11. May the sun shine for you and may the moon illuminate your beautiful evening, because it is your birthday and you deserve that all the stars irradiate you with their light. Congratulations, sister-in-law!