120+ Special Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

A father is an example to follow, the hero of many since childhood and a man who supports us even in the most difficult moments.

Today is his birthday, but expressing everything you feel is not always so easy,

so here we leave you some incredible birthday wishes for dad , so you can wish that great man your best wishes.

#1. Dear father, it is your birthday and you do not know how happy I am to be able to share this special day with you. May God fill you with blessings and give you great health, so that you can continue to accompany us for many more years. Congratulations, Dad! 

#2. Dear dad, you gave me the gift of life and although I cannot give you something so wonderful, I hope that my eternal love and gratitude are more than enough for you. Happy Birthday! 

#3. They say that children are the gift that God gives to parents, but I have been the one who has received the greatest gift of all, because I have you as my dad.Happy birthday, dear dad! Thank you for existing. 

#4. The family is celebrating because today is the anniversary of someone very special. Happy Birthday Dad! We all adore you and wish you the best in your day. 

#5. What happiness to be able to celebrate another birthday with you. I hope there are many more and that life allows us to continue accompanying each other. Congratulations, Dad! I love you a lot. 

#6. Today you start a new page in the book of your life, and I only wish it to be full of joys, love and many special moments with your family. Because we all love you dad and we just want you to be happy Congratulations on your day! 

#7. This year I wanted to celebrate with something that will bring back great memories for both of us: having a barbecue in the garden. I am sure that today we will relive all those funny and wonderful memories of those days. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy it very much with all your family and friends. 

#8. Another incredible year is leaving us, I have amazing and beautiful experiences, but a new one arrives, with which pure happiness and joy will come. Happy Birthday Dad. 

#9. When I was born, I was blessed from day one, because God rewarded me with the best father in the world. Happy Birthday. 

#10. Father, I hope that this new year will be filled with many joys, health and prosperity, so that each day to come will be pleasant in your life, because no one but you deserves the greatest of glories. Happy Birthday. 

birthday wishes for dad from son

#1. You taught me to ride a bike, you were with me at my first soccer game and at every important moment. For that and much more, today that is your birthday, I want to thank you and tell you that you are the most incredible man I have ever met. Happy Birthday Dad. You’re great! 

#2. What pride I feel every time I hear you call me “son”, and you do not know the joy that I carry within me for having a father like you. You are more than I could have wished for and I love you like no one on this Earth. Happy Birthday Dad! You are phenomenal. 

#3. On this beautiful day, an incomparable man has the birthday, who has been my example and my guide throughout my life. It’s your birthday, dad, and I can’t hide how happy I am. May you have the most wonderful moments today and may all your wishes come true. Congratulations! 

#4. Happy anniversary, dear dad! I just want you to know that I don’t admire anyone more than I admire you, and that you are the example that I strive to follow. Because you are amazing and to be like you is my greatest wish. 

#5. There are not enough birthday words for a dad like you, because such a unique man deserves more compliments and congratulations than a son like me is capable of writing. That is why I will only say that I love you and I will try to show it with actions, rather than just words.

#6. Dad, you were my hero since I was little, my role model, my source of support when everything looked gray, and my joking partner when everything was glowing. Thank you for being the wonderful father that you are. Happy Birthday. 

#7. Thank you dad for supporting me at all times and never letting me give up. Without a doubt, all these achievements that I have achieved are largely due to all the enthusiasm that you gave me in those days. Happy birthday, you are definitely the best father in the world.

#8. Dear father, I am extremely grateful for all the unconditional love that you have given me all these years. On your special day I wish you the greatest of happiness, I love you very much. Happy Birthday Dad. 

#9. I am never able to find a gift that can represent all the love I feel for you. Happy birthday father. 

#10. Dear father, thank you for sharing with me your vast knowledge, experiences and wisdom, thank you for believing in me and being with me in the moments that I needed it most. I wish you a day full of great joys and a year full of excellent experiences. Happy Birthday.

birthday wishes for dad from daughter

#1. To a wonderful, loving, and dedicated father: Happy Birthday! My brothers and I are grateful to have you in our lives, and we ask God that your presence lasted an eternity. We love you with all our hearts.

#2. Since I was a child, you have been my favorite superhero, who has been there for me at all times, wiping my tears and making me smile. For that and for much more, I love you, Dad, and I wish you the best anniversary.

#3. Since I was born, you have filled me with the greatest and purest love in the world, and even though I am no longer a baby, you continue to treat me like your little princess. Thanks, Dad, for being so awesome. I hope life rewards you with great happiness. I love you and wish you the best on your anniversary.

#4. Dad, thank you for being the most wonderful man in the world, for teaching me and my brothers so much, and for loving Mom more every day. Happy Birthday Dad! Have a Great Gay….!!!

#5. Because, more than a father, you have been a teacher of life, who with his values ​​and his teachings, has allowed me to become a great woman. Thank you, Dad, for being in my life, I hope so until God decides. Happy Birthday! 

#6. You are the man I love the most in my life and on this special day I wanted to tell you how important you are to me, as well as how blessed I feel that a great man like you is my father. You’re the best. Happy Birthday Dad.

#7. Thank you for being so affectionate with me, for having raised me to become the woman I am now, for being there at all times, for being so noble and kind, honest and fair, strict and loving at the same time. Thanks for being my dad. Happy Birthday. 

#8. Happy birthday to the man who taught me how to get up after a loss and succeed. I love you dad. 

#9. Nothing in this world is able to stop me, because I know that I have you by my side. Happy Birthday Dad. 

#10. It doesn’t matter my age, or whether I’m already a woman, I’ll always be Daddy’s girl. Happy Birthday. 

funny happy birthday wishes for dad

#1. How lucky I am to be able to call such a wonderful and caring man Dad. Happy birthday old. 

#2. They say that wisdom comes with age, so yours must be coming. Just kidding. Happy Birthday Dad. 

birthday wishes for dad in heaven

#1. Because everything I am I owe to you, Dad, today I want to ask heaven to fill you with blessings, health and prosperity, and that we never fail to celebrate more days like this with you. Happy Anniversary!

#2. How sad you are not with us on this special day. However, I want you to know that you are always present in my mind and in my heart, and very especially today, which is your birthday. Happy Birthday Dad !!