Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 in India 2022

Are you having difficulty selecting the best wireless earphones under 2000?

If yes, don’t worry I am here to help you.

I think the limited length of a wired earphone limits your free movements. To get a ride off from this you should go for the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 in 2020.

Best wireless earphones give more movement and flexibility during sports and workouts. There are several advantages of wireless headphones over wired ones.

I know buying earphones within a fixed budget is not an easy task.

To help you in getting the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 rs in India, I have tested many earphones to make a list for you.

1. boAt Rockerz 255: The Best Wireless Earphones under 2000 Rs

Our list of best wireless earphones under 2000 starts with boAt Rockerz 255. boAt Rockerz 255 is our top choice because of its amazing sound quality, bass, and best-built quality.

The boAt is a very popular and budget-friendly brand in the market of audio equipment in India.

The Rockerz 225 is a very decently designed earphone from boAt with powerful sound and bass output.

The manner, in which the earphone is designed, lets you use it during gym and sports.

It is specially designed to stay in your ears during a workout. The sporty design along with the magnetic earbuds make it comfortable secure for your workout.

While being lightweight in design it produces deep boosted bass with powerful HD sound.

The IPX5 certified freestyle design makes it completely sweat-resistant.

The main feature of these earphones is its Advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chip-set having the latest Bluetooth 4.1 Version for High-Level functionality.

It is built with premium materials like metal housing earphones and chrome accents sturdy and stylish look.

The earphone comes with a built-in microphone and remote for volume and call control.

The boAt Rockerz 225 has a 110 mah battery which gives a playtime of around 6 hours when it is fully charged.

The company also claims that the battery gives an up-time of 45 minutes with a charge of only 10 minutes, which is a decent is a good feature.

The overall features along the sound quality are amazing which bring these earphones on the top it the competition of best wireless earphones under 2000.

It is available in active black, neon, ocean blue, and raging red color.

Quick Highlights:

  • powerful HD sound
  • Advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 Chip-set
  • Bluetooth Version 4.1
  • 110 mAH rechargeable battery
  • Playtime of around 6 hours
  • Chrome accents metal housing
  • Magnetic earbuds
  • IPX5 certified freestyle design

2. Mi sports wireless earphones

At a second position in the list of best Bluetooth earphones in India under 2000 in 2021 we have Mi sports wireless earphones.

Xiaomi recently launched Mi sports wireless earphones in the Indian market at a budget price.

The earphone comes with auto adjustable hooks which can be rotated at 360 degrees to fit in-ears securely and comfortably.

To give the best in-ears fitting it comes with five sets of earbuds of different sizes. The earphone has a cable length of about 48cm which is quite enough for comfortable use.

The battery used in this earphone gives Up to 9 hrs of up-time. IPX4 design makes it sweat, rain, and splashes resistant.

The MEMS silicon microphones help to produce a clear voice during calls. The weight of the earphone is only 13.6 grams which makes it lightweight and fit for gym and sports.

The Multi-Functional buttons allow to play, pause, skip tracks and answer calls easily.
The Reflective finish appears very premium and stylish.

The 10mm drivers produce clear and loud sound quality. The bass of the earphone is punchy and feels good in the ears. It is available in black and white color.

Quick Highlights:

  • Auto adjustable ear hooks
  • Multi-Functional buttons
  • IPX4 design for sweat resistance
  •  MEMS silicon microphones
  • 10mm drivers unit
  • 9 hrs of up-time
  • 360 degrees rotatable ear hooks

3. Sony WI-C300

Sony is the most popular and trusted brand for manufacturing electronic equipment. We have Sony WI-C300 at number third position in our list of best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India with mic.

The earphone got a clean yet stylish design. This earphone comes with a thin cable that is strong enough and round in shape throughout the entire length.

The earphone has three control buttons along with a line microphone and a USB charging port.

The battery is at the center of the cable of the earphone in a small cylindrical compartment. When you bear the earphone the battery compartment rest on the backside of your neck.

The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology makes it simple to set up and allows one-touch connectivity. The powerful battery gives up to 8 hours to play non-stop music.

9 mm-in drivers. The 9 mm Neodymium driver unit produces powerful and Quality sound quality to stream your music in clear sound quality.

The behind-the-neck design makes it comfortable for all-day listening.

The earphone is available in black, red, blue, and white color.

Quick Highlights:

  • Near Field Communication (NFC) technology
  • 9 mm Neodymium driver unit
  • Up to 8 hours of music playtime
  • Behind-the-neck design
  • Clear HD sound quality

4. WeCool Joggerz U8i

Among the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000rs, we have WeCool Joggerz U8i in fourth position.

This earphone has the most stylish and premium look in this list of best wireless earphones in India.

The anti-skid design of the earphone ensures a secure fit in your ears during gym and sports.

The soft and flexible material of the Ear-hook makes it comfortable for long hours of use without any hurt to the ears.

The earphone is designed with Advanced APTX Technology which produces a Crystal Clear High Definition HD Sound and 11 mm Super Bass unit ensures High Bass output.

Voice Isolation reduces the background noise very effectively. The earphone is lightweight and comes with extra earbuds.

The earphone supports Fast Charging and has a Rechargeable polymer Li-Ion 120 mAh battery. The battery can be charged in about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Advanced IPX7 nano-coating protect your earphone against sweat and water.

The battery gives 150 hours of standby, 6 hours of music playtime, and 5-6 hours of talking time.

The Bluetooth 4.1 in the earphone helps in stable signal transmission. The earphone supports dual pairing i.e., can connect to devices simultaneously.

The 11mm drivers of the earphone produce a loud yet clear sound with deep bass.

Quick Highlights:

  • IPX7 nano-coating protected
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • 11mm drivers
  • Dual pairing support
  • Support Fast Charging
  • 6 hours of music playtime
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion 120 mAh battery
  • Anti-skid design
  • Advanced APTX Technology for Crystal Clear High Definition HD Sound

5. Basso Weedo

We have basso WEEDO Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone in our list at fifth position. The earphone has got a very unique design.

It looks very stylish and premium. The earphone comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 which consumes very little power and a Qualcomm qcc3003 chip-set to provide perfect sound.

The ear hooks are very soft and flexible and tilted at 45 degrees for a comfortable in-ear fitting.

The volume and multi-function buttons are arranged on the right-side speaker hence the cable feels very clear and light.

The earphone is designed with IPX7 technology to make it completely water and sweat-resistant.

It has an In-built 100mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery which gives music playtime of up to 8-9 hours and 150 -170 hrs of standby time.

The best part is that it gives a signal range of 33 feet in open space which is more than the signal range of the above four headphones.

It comes with dual connectivity technology to connect two devices simultaneously.

If we talk about it sound quality, the true HD sound along with super-rich bass is amazing and completely worth it.

Quick Highlights:

  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • True HD sound
  • Dual connectivity technology
  • Signal range of 33 feet
  • Designed with IPX7 technology
  • 45 degrees tilted ear hooks
  • 100mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Music playtime of up to 8-9 hours

6. Cross beats Raga

CrossBeats Raga Wireless Bluetooth Earphone is a strong competitor of the above two earphones. If the above two are not available in the market you can go for this one.​

It gives you a very stylish and sporty look. It uses Bluetooth version 4.2 for a fast and stable connection.

To connect two devices it also supports dual connectivity.

It comes with a proprietary quick charge technology and can be fully charged in only 2 hours.

The battery provides continuous music playtime up to 8 HOURS, and stand-by time upto 250 hours.

The earphone comes with an IPX6 Sweat-Dust Resistant design which makes it suitable for workout.

The expandable foam ear tips make it very comfortable for long hours of listening.

The Multi-Function Button on the speaker is very User-Friendly and responds with one press.

It also has a signal range of 33 feet in open space.

The Powerful HIGH-DEFINITION SOUND is noticeable and the bass is also incredible.

Quick Highlights:

  • IPX6 Sweat-Dust Resistant design
  • Signal range of 33 feet
  • Up to 250 hours of standby time
  • Proprietary quick charge technology
  • Supports dual connectivity
  • Bluetooth version 4.2

7. JBL T205BT Wireless Headphones

No list of best headphones can be complete with JBL. The next earphone in our list of best wireless headphones under 2000 rs is JBL T205BT.

The JBL is a very popular brand for the manufacturing of audio products in India. The built quality that JBL provides to its product is superior.

The JBLT205BT looks very classic and can catch anyone’s attention at first sight. The earphone comes with a flat and tangle-free cable which is very strong and durable.

It has an inline microphone and three-button remote which allow hand-free calling and control.

The in-built rechargeable Li-ion battery gives up to 6 hours of playtime. The battery supports fast charging and can be charged in 2 hours only.

The soft, ergonomically shaped earbuds help to enjoy your music with full comfort.

The housing of the earphone has a metallic finish which gives you a stylish look.

If we talk about sound quality the pair of 12.5mm drivers produces high-quality Pure JBL sound along with powerful bass.

Quick Highlights:

  • Pair of 12.5mm drivers
  • Pure JBL signature sound
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • 6 hours of music playtime
  • Flat and tangle-free cable
  • The battery supports fast charging
  • Metallic finish body

8. MuveAcoustics Edge MA-1020SB

The next amazing headphone in the list of best headphones under 2000 rs is MuveAcoustics Edge MA-1020SB.

The simple design makes it look classic. It is designed with IPX4 technology which makes it completely water and sweat-resistant.

It comes with three size ear cushions and an ear hook for perfect in-ear fit. The anti-slip ergonomic design keeps the earphone secure and fits in the ear during a workout.

It has built-in magnetic earbuds to lock the earphone around your neck. It comes with a rounded-shaped tangle-free high-quality cable.

It has an inline microphone and volume control button for a hand-free experience.

The rechargeable battery Providing up to 7 hours of playtime on a single charge. The wireless headphones take just 2 hours to get fully charged.

The audio quality is good with powerful bass.

Quick Highlights:

  • IPX4 technology for water resistance
  • 7 hours of playtime
  • Tangle-free high quality cable
  • Anti-slip ergonomic design
  • Inline microphone with volume control button

9. Red Lemon Dhoom Pro D100

In the ninth position in the list of best wireless earphones under 2000 Rs in India, we have Red Lemon Dhoom Pro D100.

The headphone comes with a sporty design and truly lightweight. It has four dynamic drivers to produce 4D sound.

The headphone has Bluetooth version 4.2 with an operating range of 30 feet in open space.

The high-capacity battery gives 8 hours of talk time and can be charged in just 2 hours.

The IPX4 technology gives it water and sweat resistance. The magnetic earbuds keep it secure.

The earphone also supports dual connectivity.

The three sizes of earbuds ensure a comfortable fit according to your neck.

The overall earphone with a metallic body looks very refined and stylish.

The 4 dynamic drivers provide amazing 4D sound with punchy bass.

Quick Highlights:

  • Bluetooth version 4.2 with a signal range of 30 feet
  • 4 dynamic driver
  • 8 hours of talk time with fast charging support
  • 4D sound with punchy bass
  • Dual connectivity support
  • Sweat resistance with  IPX4 technology
  • Magnetic earbuds

10. SoundOne x80

Last but not least in the list of best Bluetooth earphones with mic under 2000 we have SoundOne x80.

The headphone comes with the matte-finished body which looks very stylish.

The best part is that it has a memory card slot to enjoy your music without connecting to the phone.

The earphone has a Bluetooth version 4.1 with an operating signal range of 33 feet in open space.

The IPX4 rating technology gives it water and sweat resistance.

The audio quality of this best wireless headphone is good when it is connected to mobile but the quality with memory card is awesome.

It comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery gives a music playtime of around 8 hours with a single charge and it takes only two hours to get fully charge.

Quick Highlights:

  • Bluetooth version 4.1 with a signal range of 33 feet
  • The IPX4 rating technology
  • Slot for memory card
  • 8 hours of music playtime
  • Rechargeable battery with fast charging
  • Matte-finished body

How to choose the best wireless earphones under 2000 Rs in 2020in India

To choose the best wireless earphones following points should be kept in mind.

1. Sound quality

The first and most important point to be noted in a headphone is its sound quality.

The primary use of earphones is to listen to music. So, the earphone should give a crystal clear sound quality.

The bass output should also be checked before buying the earphones according to your needs.

The bass may either be too low or high. So, check the bass and according to your test.

2. Battery life

Battery life is the second main point that should be focused on before buying the headphone.

The battery should give sufficient music playtime and stand by.

If you a professional or a busy guy getting more calls, you should select an earphone with more stand-by time.

If you buying the earphone for listening to music, you should go for an earphone with more music playtime.

3. Type

If you are a fitness freak or love sports or do workouts, wireless headphones should be your choice.

The wireless earphone should have the latest Bluetooth version for fast connectivity.

The earphone should have a tangle-free cable. It should have enough neckband length and a water-resistant design.

If you buying a wired earphone, the cable should be sufficiently long and tangle-free.

4. Design

The earphone should be designed with the latest technology to get the best music experience.

The earphone with a metallic body looks more stylish and gives more durability.

It should have the latest driver units for powerful sound.

It should have the latest Bluetooth version for long-range stable connectivity.

It should come with soft earbuds for comfort, IPX technology for water resistance, and magnetic earbuds.

5. Durability

The earphone should be durable enough to use during sports and workouts.

The cable should be soft but strong to eliminate any jerk during a workout.

The housing should be metallic and IPX coated for water and sweat resistance.


This was my list of best Bluetooth headphones under 2000 Rs and a guide to follow during buying the best wireless earphones under 2000 in India in 2020.