10 Best Sling Bags For Men & Women In India 2022 – Cross Body Bags

10 Best Sling Bags For Men & Women In India 2022 – Cross Body Bags

Are you looking for a bag option to carry your essentials with you? But you haven’t found a convenient way till now. If you are going through this type of situation, then we want to suggest reading this post till the end. We are talking about a brilliant but effective way to carry essentials, and that is the sling bags. Sling bags are not a new thing in the market, even western county’s people are well aware of these bags. Even in India, it is trendy from the past few years. So now you might be wondering how a sling bag can help us to carry the essentials or other things? Right.

So here we are going to take a look at the needs related to carrying essentials of Indian people. But it applies to any other country of people as well. You can consider a sling bags as an option between your pocket and a large container. A standard sling bag allows you to carry essentials like passports, tickets, purse, mobile phone, and other small accessories that you use daily. Usually, a sling bag comes with a long strap that is only present to provide more comfort to the user. With the help of this strap, you can wear the sling bag on your chest or back. Also, you can hook it on your shoulder as well. So now you have a solid idea about a sling bag, but the main question is what type of sling bag you should buy.

It’s because, in the Indian market, you will find out many types of sling bags with different features. But if you are reading this post, then you don’t need to mess-up with those confusions. In this post, we have added ten best sling bags that you can buy in India.

1. ADISA SL5008 Women/girls Sling Bag

First of all, this sling bag is only for women and girls to use. So if you are a girl or woman who is looking for a good sling bag with premium looks, then this one is only for you. This sling bag has a higher rating because it is offering excellent specifications. Now let’s talk about what you can expect from this sling bag. The material of this sling bag is a PU or synthetic leather, that can provide you excellent durability for long term use.

It is one pocket sling bag that you can use to carry the small type of stuff like a smartphone, makeup accessory, passport, etc. Also, you will get a pull and turn lock to protect all your essentials. The strap or sling belt of this bag is also a big highlight. We are saying this because it has a gold chain on it that is providing a premium look to the sling bag.

Things we liked

  • The build quality of this sling bag is incredible; you will not going to get any issue regarding its build quality.
  • The primary material of this bag is synthetic leather; that’s why it can provide a longer life span.
  • And the strap of this bag is very premium looking as well because it has a gold chain structure on it.

Things we don’t like

  • It is a slightly expensive sling bag.

2. GLOSSY Girl’s PU Sling Bag

If you are a female who is looking for a good sling bag with a high storage option, then this one is only for you. For storage purposes, you will not be going to feel anything less in this sling bag. So, here you will get five zip compartments that will help you to store or carry lots of your stuff with you. All these zip compartments present on the front and backside of this sling bag. And the arrangement of this compartment is beautiful, these zippers providing an extraordinary look to the sling bag.

The manufacturing company provided a standard type of PU material in the build of this sling bag. This means you can expect a decent performance from this sling bag in terms of durability. But the best part of this sling bag that you don’t need to spend a high amount of money to buy it. Also, here you will get a long strap that will help you to hoot it on the shoulder.

Things we liked

  • It comes with one pocket design, but to enhance storage, you will find out five zip compartments in it.
  • The look and feel of this sling bag are premium plus attractive.
  • The manufacturing company provided a synthetic PU or leather material that can give a decent life span.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

3. SPHINX Men’s Cross-Body Bag

Finally, we have a bag for men on the third spot of this list. It’s a cross-body sling bag only for men’s use. If you are a person who is looking to buy a sling bag with a big storage of sling bag with the premium build quality, then this one is only for you. First of all, the material of this sling bag is Leatherette. Also, you can say that it is a synthetic leather material. But the quality of this material is pretty impressive. So, it can provide you a more than decent life span without any problem.

For storage options, you will get two main pockets in this sling bag. The first one is the internal and main pocket; also, there you will find an external zip pocket as well. It means in terms of storage; you will not be going to find anything less. The strap part of this bag is also perfect to wear on the chest or backside.

Things we liked

  • Because of the premium quality of synthetic leather, it can provide you a long-lasting performance than you think.
  • Two main pockets present for storage, and for more enhancement, you will find two additional non-zipped pockets inside the bag.
  • The double layer of the strap is perfect for more comfortability and durability of the sling bag.

Things we don’t like

  • The design of this sling bag is too simple.

4. Storite Sling Cross Body Bag

On the fourth spot of this list, we have a sling cross body back that men and women both can use. If you have decided to buy this cross-body bag, then you can use it for several applications. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional person that wants to use it for office use. Also, if you are a student, then even you can use it. Not only this, but it is also suitable for outdoor activities as well. This sling bag comes in a great design that has a big storage opportunity. First, you will find out three zipped pockets inside of this tall bag. And there is another external zip compartment present outside of this bag.

The manufacturing company provided a sturdy nylon material in this sling bag. So, you can use it for a long time because of the quality of nylon material. The strap of this sling bag is long, but you can adjust the length of this strap.

Things we liked

  • According to the price point, this sling bag seems like a good deal for people who are looking for a budget range of handbags.
  • The nylon material is the most significant plus point of this sling bag. You can expect far better durability from this nylon material.
  • Here in this bag, you will not be going to feel anything less in terms of storage.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

5. Kleio Stylish Sling Bag

If you are a female who is looking for a traditional-looking but stylish sling bag, then you should take a look at this one. Stylish looks are the biggest highlight of this sling bag. Mostly girls love this kind of attractive design. In this sling bag, the company used the premium quality of jacquard and PU material. It means you are going to get a sling bag with a high level of durability and stylish looks.

The upper flap of this bag is build-up with PU material. To enhance the look of this flap, the company added a Tassel to it. In our view, this flap and tassel’s combination looks stunning. On the other side of this flap, you will find out a hook that works like a closure system. And this sling bag has a decent amount of capacity because here, you will get a single pocket design. To fill stuff in this bag, you only need to open the flap and fill your stuff in it.

Things we liked

  • First of all, the design of this sling bag is amazing; you will not going to get any issues in the design section.
  • The good jacquard material is providing maximum durability with a combination of PU material.
  • To close this sling bag, you will find out the hoot closure system.

Things we don’t like

  • This sling bag is slightly expensive as compared to the other bags of this list.

6. Storite Nylon Sling Cross Body Bag

Again we have another sling bag on our list that has nylon material in the build. But there is some difference present between this sling bag and the previous sling bag of this list. The first and foremost difference present based on price, and this sling bag will not be going to cost you high as the previous bag. And it doesn’t matter that you are a male or female because anyone can use this sling bag.

A significant difference presents in the material section as well. Here you will get a combination of nylon and polyester material. That’s why you can expect far better durability from this cross-body bag. Again this one is also a tall sling bag that enhances the storage capacity. This means you can use it to keep your books in it. To keep your stuff in it, you will find out a total of four zipped pockets. But one zipped pocket is present externally in this sling bag.

Things we liked

  • The price is pretty low as compared to other nylon cross-body bags.
  • Here you will get a combination of polyester and nylon for better build quality.
  • Because of its excellent design and four pockets, you will not be going to get any storage issue from this sling bag.

Things we don’t like

  • The design of this cross-body bag is simple.

7. Handcuffs Crossbody Sling Bag

If you are a working professional, then we want to recommend you to buy this one. This cross-body sling bag can fulfill all the storage-related requirements of a working professional. First of all, the size of this bag is perfect for office work. Even an average person also can use it.

Here you will get a waterproof PU material, but it is a superior quality of PU material for a better and reliable experience. You can also use it as a messenger bag because it looks very similar to a messenger bag. The best way to carry this bag is to hook on the shoulder.

Things we liked

  • According to the size and capacity, it seems like a perfect bag for an office going, person.
  • You will find out two significant compartments in this sling bag, and both chambers have zipper closures.
  • The build quality of this cross-body sling bag is perfect for long term use only because of the good PU material.

Things we don’t like

  • This bag is primarily available for working persons, but also you can use it for other purposes as well.

If you are looking for a nylon polyester bag, but you have a low budget, then you should take a look at this sling bag. First, here you will get the polyester and nylon material for excellent durability. Remember that you are getting these specifications at a lower price.

The design of this sling bag is very compact and small, which means you can carry it without any problem. Also, the weight of this sling bag is less that supports the portability of this sling bag. The design of this bag is simple, but it looks beautiful.

Things we liked

  • This eighth number of sling bag looks very attractive because of the texture of this bag.
  • There are a total of six different beautiful color options present that everyone can buy.
  • In the build of this sling bag, you will find out nylon and polyester material for good build quality.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

9. Kleio Women’s Cross Body Sling Bag

Again we have another sling bag from Kleio on the ninth spot of this list. The previous sling bag was traditional-looking, but this one is a premium looking bag. Here in this sling bag, you will get two types of material. The outer layer is build-up with PU material, and in the interior part, you will find out cloth material.

Looks of this sling bag very stunning because it has not too much stuff outside it. In other words, it provides a simple but elegant look. Not only this, but there are too many color options also present for you.

Things we liked

  • Two main pockets present in this sling bag, where the outside pocket has a zipper closure.
  • Because of the good PU or synthetic leather material, you can expect an excellent performance.

Things we don’t like

  • None so far

10. DAHSHA Cross Body Sling Bag

On the last spot of this list, we have a very lightweight sling bag that you can buy at a reasonable price point. The rating of this sling bag is also very high in online stores. At first glance, it seems like a messenger cross-body bag.

For ample storage, it has a total of four pockets or compartments. These storage compartments present all around this sling bag. But the most significant pocket present in the middle section of this bag. Overall the size of this bag is very compact, and it feels convenient as well.

Things we like

  • This sling bag looks perfect for a student or working professional because it can fulfill all the needs that you want related to study and work.
  • For storage, it has four main pockets that are present all around the sling bag for a better experience.

Things we don’t like

  • The build quality of this sling bag is quite decent.

How to Pick the Right Sling Bags

Sling bags are one of the most favored ones in the bags business. Many people tend to be confused while choosing these bags. We are here to decrease the burden of your mind; here are the top 7 tips for buying a perfect sling bag for you:

  1. Choose according to your gender

Sling bags are highly trending these days; however, they have been in use since older times. Sling bags generally come in two essential categories for men and women. Men use to carry a more convenient and classic sling bag. On the other hand, women usually prefer sling bags for styling purposes. Sling bags of men are made from canvas or nylon fabric; women’s sling bags come in multiple fabrics.

  1. Every day or exclusive use

One should pick a bag according to the mode of use. If you are using a bag on every day basis, go for something more comfortable and relaxing. It should have a basic design to match your everyday styles. If you are looking for a bag exclusively for some occasion, choose something which goes with your outfit.

  1. Must be readily accessible

Sling bags are usually positioned in two ways, either on the side of the waist, or slightly backward. Sometimes position varies according to the type of sling attached to the bag. Whichever position you are choosing, it should always be accesible to you easily. You should feel a need to twist and turn your body to reach it.

  1. A suitable design (sling strap & buckle)

Sling bags have various types of slings and buckles. Some might have longer slings, while others have shorter. Make sure to wear the bag before buying it; it gives you a vague idea about the appropriacy of length and accessibility. It may have a belt sling or a chain sling. The buckle is present as the closure of the bag. Some buckles are bigger, yet others are smaller. Go for a style that fits your body perfectly.

  1. Zippers and pockets

Mostly the travel sling bags contain various compartments. It enables you to store your belongings like phones, paste, cream, cosmetics, charger, keys, and other little items like this. Having different pockets is an advantage as you can always keep the check, that where you have kept your things. Chains or zippers are another aspect to consider. Make sure to select a sturdy chain so that it does not break during the peak time.

  1. Weather-resistant quality

The weather-resistant quality usually refers to the water-resistance of the fabric. Some bags might be made from ordinary materials but, they have a sheath of plastic or water-resistant fabric over it. It is a big savior as you can keep all the items inside your bag dry.

  1. Volume and capacity

Sling bag can range from as small as 12cms to a large one as 40cms. First, you need to figure out your utility of the sling bag, and then select an appropriate one. Also, make sure to check the capacity of the bag. It is usually mentioned in liters (should be enough to carry your essentials).

Sling Bags Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there an actual difference between cross-body bags and sling bags?

No, to be frank, there is no actual difference between them. However, recently, some brands have started to design both cross-body bags and sling bags in a different design. Today, some cross-body bags look totally different from sling bags. But, in general, the difference would be an extra chain or leather strap attached to the body.

  1. Sling bags are fashionable today? Are they still a trend?

Yes, of course, if you check the international brands, most of them still market sling bags. Which, simply means, sling bags are still a fashion and trend today. For example, Louis Vuitton still markets sling bags today, each of their sling bags is in-demand.

  1. Are sling bags good for college use?

As far as we know, sling bags are good for various purposes. Most commonly, they are an icon of fashion. However, today, there are different types of sling bags available. Some of them are designed for college use, such sling bags are comparatively bigger so that they could pack two or three books and even a laptop. However, as the load increases, a sling bag becomes harder to carry around. Therefore, most commonly, college sling bags are worn as cross-body bags.

  1. Do sling bags last long? Are they durable?

the durability and quality of sling bags depend on the brand. If compared to other types of bag, sling bags are smaller and they are more durable. In general, small stylish sling bags tend to come made of thick material which not only makes them durable but long-lasting. But, some generic brands use thick material and the skin comes off within a month of use. Generally, a sling bag from a reputed brand lasts for at least 2 or 3-years.

  1. Is it true that sling bags could affect the user’s health?

Yes, carrying a very heavy sling bag around could put a lot of strain on your shoulder. Most commonly, reputed brands limit the capacity and size of their sling bags to avoid packing the bag with too many things. This, in turn, keeps the sling bag weight to a minimum. Remember, if you are planning to purchase a sling bag, purchase the best and consider small size bags. Once you purchase the bag, try to keep the overall packed bag weight to a minimum.


If you are wondering about buying the best sling bags in India, then you should need to read this whole post until the end. Here we have listed the ten best options related to sling options for both males and females.  And we have covered every single point about each sling bag of this list that a buyer should need to know.

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