Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 in India [ 2022 Updated ]

Model Wattage No. of Jars Buy Now
Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder 750 watts 4 Jars Check Price
Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 Mixer Grinder, 750W 750 watts 4 Jars Check Price
Morphy Richards Icon Supreme 750-Watt Mixer Grinder 750 watts 4 Jars Check Price
Butterfly Spectra 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jar 750 watts 4 Jars Check Price
Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder 550 watts 4 Jars Check Price
Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder 58770-IN, 1400 Watt Rated Motor 1400 watts 3 Jars Check Price
Vidiem MG 581 A Vision Plus 750 Watts Mixer Grinder 750 watts 4 Jars Check Price
Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt 650 watts 2 Jars Check Price


It is difficult to imagine cooking without a mixer grinder as it is an essential kitchen appliance to prepare delicious dishes in the comfort of home. Since India is famous for its spices, grinding and mixing are required to get the best taste out of the spices in most food preparation processes.

For instance, to grind grains, ginger, garlic, green chilies, pulses, and other hard ingredients, all homemakers need to own a mixer grinder to reduce the effort and save their time. Besides, it is also essential for the Indian kitchen to make chutney, a crucial side dish or idlis and dosas.

So every Indian needs a mixer grinder in some way or another. Since there are so many brands available on the market, it is confusing and challenging for you to choose the best-branded product.

There is no need to worry because we are here to simplify finding the right mixer grinder with our list of best mixer grinders under 5000 INR.

Our listed products are perfect if you have an average budget and want to get the best quality products from India’s famous brands. For those customers who are tight on budget, we have previously reviewed the best mixer grinders in India to enjoy quality without emptying their wallets.

Mixer grinders of the top brands listed in this article are all equipped with exceptional features and provide you with convenience and a better cooking experience.

Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000 in India

1- Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer GrinderThis mixer grinder under Prestige’s brand is our list’s cheapest model, but it offers much more than a pricy one. Prestige Iris is the best choice for low-budgeted customers as they can get this mixer grinder under 3000 INR. Prestige offers a complete package for kitchen use and grinding or blending purposes in the Iris 750W mixer grinder.


  • Prestige Iris mixer comes with three high-quality stainless steel jars and an extra transparent blending jar. The multi-functioning blade system fitted inside the jars makes the method of processing food easier for you.
  • From grinding solid ingredients to blending food, Prestige Iris serves various purposes with excellent efficiency.
  • Its mauve-colored jar handles look not only pleasant but also offer firm control without any fear of slippage.
  • The technology used in the build of this mixer grinder is intelligent enough that it won’t let the machine start until the jar is locked correctly. So it ensures utmost safety to the product and material inside the jars.
  • Coming to the design, I can say that you will surely fall for the alluring and attractive design of this mixer grinder and won’t wait further to make this wonder a part of your kitchen.


Brand Prestige
Item Weight 4.7 Kg
Dimensions 51 x 28 x 26 cm
Jars 4
Motor 750-watts
  • A powerful motor of 750-Watts
  • Jar safety lock for safer use

  • 2-year warranty

  • Four jars and super-efficient blades 

  • A bit noisy
  • The initial burning smell is expected

Our Opinion: If you are tight on budget, you can choose Prestige Iris as it is the best mixer grinder available on the market that you can get at an economical price and avail all the features that any expensive brand can offer. 

2- Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum MG 139 Mixer Grinder, 750W

Best Preethi Mixer Grinder
Best Preethi Mixer Grinder

One of India’s most popular brands of mixer grinders is Preethi, which is manufacturing top-notch quality mixer grinders with exceptional features.

Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum Mixer grinder efficiently aids you in the process of preparing delicious food, whether for traditional occasions or a family get-together.



  • The machine grounded blades of this mixer grinder are made of high-quality stainless steel and polished to provide you fine and superior grinding experience.
  • The jars are designed with ergonomic handles to provide convenience while using and features polycarbonate transparent dome-shaped lids to close the jars and see the whole grinding process.
  • Preethi mixer grinders not only serve you for grinding and blending the materials but also to store them in its extra storage containers. You can store chutney, spices, and even coffee beans in the storage jar for an extended period.
  • Stainless steel jars of Preethi mixer grinder are built with high precision and undergone a water load test to check the stability and endurance and a 72 hours long salt spray test to make sure they are rustproof.
  • It comes with a beautifully designed super extractor jar that facilitates you with the maximum extraction of juices, shakes coconut milk, and tamarind essence.
  • This mixer grinder’s shockproof body is made of ABS plastic and uses a powerful motor of 750-Watts to provide the best performance and trouble-free, smooth operation.

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Brand Preethi
Jars 4 jars ( White and Blue )
Item Weight 6 Kg
Dimensions 44 x 38 x 24 cm
Motor 750-Watts
  • Comes with extra storage containers
  • Rotary switch for three-speed levels and pulse
  • Less power consumption
  • Heat sensitive cut off-system and shockproof ABS body
  • High noise level due to the powerful motor
Our Opinion: Preethi is India’s leading Mixer Grinder Brand and manufacturers top-notch quality products with the convenience of use. The company always try to serve the customers in the best way by offering valuable products with highly useful extra components. You must choose this model if you are searching for best selling Preethi mixer grinders in India.

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3- Morphy Richards Icon Supreme 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richards Icon Supreme 750 Watt Mixer Grinder
Morphy Richards Icon Supreme 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Morphy Richard products are famous for their durable build and high-quality components. They are also confident about their products and guarantee this with a confident five-year warranty on the copper motor and a two-year warranty on the product. Icon Supreme Mixer Grinder is one of the best mixer grinders produced by Morphy Richards.


  • This mixer gender comes with five high-quality stainless steel blades with sharp razor potential for providing multiple functions such as mincing, chopping, liquidizing, and blending.
  • Four jars that come with the package include a 1.5-liter liquidizing jar, 1-liter grinding jar, 0.4-liter chutney jar, and an additional 1.5-liter Flexi jar for extracting juice.
  • The Flexi jar comes with a special filtering mesh to filter fruit pulp and can be used as a multi-purpose jar.
  • Its three-speed control knob allows you to adjust the level of speed according to the ingredients. The knob is highly convenient to use due to its 90-degree range of rotation.
  • Morphy Richards mixer grinder provides excellent performance with its high power 750W motor that enables you to perform the toughest grinding operations without any effort. Also, the copper motor is protected with the overload protector and stands for durability.
  • The body, couplers, jars, lids, and handles of this product are built with high-quality material. The machine comes with a high-quality three-pin plug for safety during electrical fluctuations.


Brand Morphy Richards
Jars 4 jars ( White )
Item Weight 5.6 Kg
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 33 cm
Motor 750-Watts
  • 2-year warranty on the product
  • 5-year warranty on copper motor
  • Five hardened stainless steel multifunctional blades
  • Lid lock jars
  • Additional Flexi juicer jar
  • Juicer jar requires extra protection from rust and breakage.
Our Opinion: If you want a durable and efficient product in terms of performance and safety, Morphy Richards Icon Supreme can serve you the best and provide a safer user experience.

4- Butterfly Spectra 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jar

Best Mixer Grinder Under 5000

If you want a royal type elegant and eye-catcher mixer grinder for your kitchen, bring home Butterfly Spectra Mixer grinder as it ticks both boxes of design and functionality. This product is aesthetically designed and grabs the attention of every visitor. Its compact design and stackable jars ensure maximum space efficiency.


  • This futuristic kitchen appliance comes with four jars and a spatula. All jars perform multi-functions to serve the users for different purposes and meet all their cooking requirements.
  • It is effortless to operate this machine using a micro base switch that will not work until the jar is placed correctly on the grinder. This feature ensures higher-level safety and convenience for the user.
  • The most attractive thing about Butterfly Spectra is its storage space that allows the user to place the jars over the storage tray in a comfortable manner. Also, the stainless steel jars are stackable and can be placed over one another to save space, such a futuristic product Butterfly Spectra is!
  • Since Butterfly Spectra mixer grinder comes with the promise of durability, all its components are made of high-quality material. Premium quality stainless steel jars provide rust-free and long-life performance.
  • You can control speed and consistency while preparing your mixture with its intelligently designed knob. Its three-speed rotary switch lets you customize speed according to your requirements.
  • The two liquidizing jars can be used efficiently for chopping, grinding, and mixing various ingredients while the chutney jar provides both dry and wet grinding. Preparing fruit juices or milkshakes is also not a matter with its blender jar.


Brand Butterfly
Jars 4 jars ( Black )
Item Weight 6.35 Kg
Dimensions 50.5 x 22.5 x 33 cm
Motor 750-Watts
  • Comes with storage space to store jars
  • Stackable jars
  • Aesthetically designed mixer grinder
  • Three-year product warranty
  • This mixer grinder also produces a lot of noise.
Our Opinion: Selecting an aesthetically designed mixer grinder is one of the Indian ladies’ kitchen-related desires to make their kitchen look more elegant with attractive appliances. So you won’t go wrong if you choose Butterfly Spectra as your next mixer grinder.

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5- Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Best Panasonic Mixer Grinder

Panasonic is a reliable and famous brand in the world of electric appliances. MX-AC400 Mixer Grinder is one of its most worthy brand products for grinding, mixing, and blending purposes. The company is capable of providing the best solutions that are made in India for the Indians. The beautiful design of this mixer grinder easily accommodates in every kitchen.


  • Panasonic super mixer grinder comes with three stainless steel jars and one durable blender jar that make this model slightly different from the other products of this range. But the thing that makes this mixer grinder prior to other models is its 9-in-1 food transforming ability.
  • This single product can grind spices and coffee, crushing ice, mincing meat, beating eggs, wet grinding, juicing, blending, and preparing coconut milk. What more you require from a mixer grinder under 5000 INR?
  • This multi-purpose grinder is convenient to use and equipped with many other unique features such as a double safety locking system, circuit breaker system, copper wounded motor, and rust-free 304 grade stainless steel jars with a mirror finish.
  • Other features like convenient piano-type button switches for three-speed settings and flow breaker jar design with an oil seal protection system make this mixer grinder worth purchasing.


Brand Panasonic
Jars 4 jars ( Black )
Item Weight 6.55 Kg
Dimensions 53 x 22.5 x 41 cm
Motor 550-Watts
  • Safety locking system
  • 5-year motor warranty
  • Samurai edge blades
  • Magic seal protection
  • Elegant design and sturdy build
  • 550-Watts motor
  • Design is not space-saving
Our Opinion: When we come to electric appliances, Panasonic is the brand we can’t ignore. They offer the best machines with efficient designs and powerful performance. But don’t choose this model for heavy-duty as its motor is less than 750 watts.

6- Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder 58770-IN, 1400 Watt Rated Motor

Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder
Hamilton Beach Juicer Mixer Grinder

In case you are searching for a commercial-grade juicer mixer grinder, you can’t resist this advanced level product. Hamilton Beach juicer mixer grinder is the most advanced and best mixer grinder than the rest of the products. This mixer grinder is manufactured using Indian technology and keeping in mind the cooking requirements of Indian people. Hamilton Beach juicer mixer grinder provides top-notch performance, durability, and security.


  • This mixer grinder is equipped with the dominant 1400-Watt motor that is almost double than all other listed models. So it ensures that this machine can perform the most challenging tasks within no time. It can easily handle the hardest ingredients, such as turmeric.
  • Moreover, the leakproof jars and dual safety interlocking system make this juicer mixer grinder a top quality product.
  • Hamilton Beach is the outcome of five years of extensive research in India to provide superior quality, safety, and durability.
  • Its 1400-wat powerful motor with triple overload protection ensures continuous operation for an extended time and grinds heavy loads with ease.
  • One thing about Hamilton Beach that attracts the most is its leakproof jars from top to bottom. The shockproof Tritan lids of jars with robust sealing and locking tabs ensure safe and clean grinding and prevent leakage from the top, while double ball bearing cutter assemblies don’t let the jars leak from the bottom.
  • This product is more intelligently advanced than most of the mixer grinders. The auto-braking system stops the blade from spinning within two seconds if the lid is not placed correctly or displaced.
  • A most valuable feature of Hamilton Beach that makes this a next-generation product is its pro-level walk-away convenience as it offers 13 program settings to automate the mixer grinder. You can choose between grinding, blending, wet hard, wet soft, and many others. So everything is just one press away with this smart machine.
  • The speed variables work from super slow to super fast, and everything in between and an intelligent speed sensor delivers precise RPMs according to food load.


Brand Hamilton Beach
Jars 3 Stainless Steel Leakproof Jars
Item Weight 6.78 Kg
Dimensions 28 x 19 x 49 cm
Motor 1400 Watt
  • Provide 13 program settings
  • 1400-Watts motor for powerful usage
  • It offers triple overload protection
  • 5-year product warranty
  • Secure lid lock and jar handles with knuckle guard
  • This machine provides hand-free perfection
  • No extra blender jar for extracting juice
Our Opinion: We must say this is the best mixer grinder you can get under the price range of 5000 INR. It is one of the smartest and advanced models currently available on the market and our personal choice. If you want to enjoy an automated grinding or blending experience and a futuristic mixer grinder in less price, this is the perfect choice of the time.

7- Vidiem MG 581 A Vision Plus 750 Watts Mixer Grinder

Vidiem MG 581 A 750W Mixer GrinderWe will take the start from the most dynamic and advanced mixer grinder model of the list under the brand of Vidiem. Most customers are not familiar with this brand and its efficiency, but today, Vidiem has become synonymous with innovation in both the functionality and design of its mixer grinders.


  • Vidiem Vision Plus is loaded with various cool features besides its 750 Watts Aria cool tec motor with a unique air pump system that provides excellent performance.
  • For “easy pick and place” of jars, the self-locking system allows proper and secure mating of jars’ couplers and seating. Tri mate self-aligning couplers are designed to secure mating, high strength, and handle the heavy load.
  • This mixer grinder comes with a variety of multi-purpose jars, including 1.5-liter master jar, 1.0-liter multi jar, 0.4-liter marvel jar, and an advanced 1.5-liter super juicer and blender for juicing, extracting, ice crushing and liquidizing.
  • Furthermore, its Vortex Flow blades are dynamically balanced to prevent the bush’s wear and tear and hardened & ribbed for harsh grinding. Its self-lubricating bronze bushes allow trouble-free operation for years.
  • Another worth mentioning aspect of this mixer grinder is the unique chromed design of jar handles designed to provide firm control and minimize fatigue while holding.


Brand Vidiem
Item Weight 4.33 Kg
Dimensions 70.5 x 32.5 x 30 cm
Jars 4
Motor 750-watts
  • Vortex blades with self-lubricating bronze bushes
  • Tri mate couplers with high strength

  • Chromed handles for firm control

  • 2-year product warranty

  • 5-year warranty on motor

  • No cons
 Our Opinion:Vidiem Vision Plus is one of the most demanded and highly recommended mixer grinders by customers. We found many happy customers who were using this product and were satisfied with its performance.

8- Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt

Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta 650-Watt Mixer grinderIn case you are looking for a mixer grinder that consumes less power and offers the best performance at the same time. Inalsa Food Processor perfectly meets your requirements. This mixer grinder consumes 650-Watt and functions on standard 220-240 volts. Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta offers more than any other mixer grinder available on the market. It is the best mixer grinder under 5000 in India that makes your kitchen life more comfortable than ever before and cuts down the effort of kneading atta.


  • You will be able to enjoy the stress-free and rapid cooking experience within a small time frame. This ultimate kitchen multi-tasker is equipped with a 100% pure copper motor of 650W that allows more efficient and faster processing. Whether you require chopping, slicing, grating, dough mixing, or shredding, your work will be done in an instant with this wonderful product.
  • It can also make fruit and vegetable juice, beat egg whites and cake batter, grind meats and vegetables, knead the dough, and all food preparation tasks.
  • Superior quality stainless steel blades are used for coarse and fine grinding, chopping, blending, and pureeing.
  • With Inalsa juicer mixer grinder, you will be able to manage more time for yourself as it cuts down your kitchen time and assists you in preparing all types of food items. A perfect option for your kitchen that saves meal prep time and money as well.
  • Unlike other food processors, Fiesta is a silent performer and provides a peaceful cooking experience. It requires easy maintenance as the attachments can be swapped and clean easily after use.
  • You can choose between three different speed levels to control your chopping process, grating, and shredding, while pulse function provides an extra boost of power when needed.
  • Inalsa Food Processor is the only mixer grinder that comes with eight different accessories for various uses. The package includes a centrifugal juicer with a filter, a processing bowl, an Egg whisker, a Chopping blade, a Slicing cutter, a Coarse shredder, a Kneading blade, A multi-purpose jar and a blender jar that is more than one could imagine.


Brand Inalsa
Item Weight 7.71 Kg
Dimensions 39.2 x 37 x 32 cm
Motor 650-watts
  • Variety of uses
  • Comes with eight accessories

  • 5-year warranty on motor

  • All in one appliance

  • Saves a lot of time and money

  • No worth mentioning cons
 Our Opinion:Inalsa Food Processor is an all in one kitchen appliance that can replace seven different machines. This product is indeed a whole package that every homemaker wishes to avail as it saves time and money. If you get this product, you won’t have to spend extra money on the separate chopper, hand mixer, blender, juicer, dough kneader, or vegetable slicer as this product solely performs all these functions. 

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What is the best mixer grinder under 5000 in India?

Many brands are offering high-quality products with tons of features. But Hamilton Beach is the best futuristic mixer grinder you can get for under 5000 INR. It is a commercial-grade mixer grinder and provides 13 settings. Also, Inalsa Food Processor is our personal favorite that can replace seven different kitchen appliances and offer all the tasks.


What is the most silent mixer grinder?

Unlike other products, Inalsa Food Processor Fiesta is a silent performer and provides a peaceful cooking experience. It is also the best mixer grinder of the list that comes with eight accessories.


What things to consider while buying a mixer grinder?

Before buying any mixer grinder, you must consider factors such as the price of the product, motor type and wattage, number of jars, warranty on motor and product, and speed of the mixer grinder. To dig deep into the following factors, check our buying guide for the best mixer grinders.


Where to buy mixer grinders in India?

Though you can head on to the market to get your favorite product, buying online from a trusted online store such as Amazon can save much of your time and money. You can purchase any of these mixer grinders from our affiliate links for more convenience and better customer service.



We have listed top brands of mixer grinders so you can avail of a powerful mixer grinder between 400-watts to 1400-watts for 5000 INR or less. When choosing a mixer grinder, it is essential to keep an eye on the power output, which determines the motor’s capabilities. For heavy use or hard grinding, go for 750-watts of higher as more power means you can avail more from your mixer grinder besides crushing ice, grinding turmeric, or extracting juice from your desired fruits or vegetables.

To get the best mixer grinder of your choice, go for Amazon as it is the home to the best deals of mixer grinders at reasonable prices. Shopping online gives you the power to shop with confidence, and you can compare the specs and prices of different mixer grinders without heading to the stores. But before making any purchase, don’t forget to check our buying guide for the best mixer grinder so you can get your perfect match that suits your budget and requirements.