10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022 – Buyers Guide & Review

Want to get rid of smoke, grime, and oily residue generated from cooking in your kitchen? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we have listed the best kitchen chimneys in India.

To get the brief info about kitchen chimneys you should read this article till last.

Having a kitchen chimney in the kitchen will make your kitchen smoke-free, and will maintain a fresh atmosphere for cooking. A modern-day kitchen is incomplete without Kitchen Chimney.

Below is the list of best kitchen chimneys in India, we have created this list by considering various parameters such as their technical specifications, physical specifications, user reviews and mainly Indian recipes.

We recommend you to read the buyer’s guide so that you will get a brief knowledge of Kitchen chimneys and will be able to buy the best kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

1. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (Nevio 90)

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Hindware is one of the prominent manufacturers of kitchen and home appliances in India. From almost 60 years the company has made its reputation with its world-class products and services.

There is a wide range of kitchen chimneys in the company’s catalog. Among that, we shall discuss this Hindware Auto clean chimney of 90cm size and has the suction power of 1200 cubic meter/hr.

Key Features
  • This chimney has Curved Glass Design.
  • It has a wall-mounted chimney hood.
  • This kitchen chimney is of size 90cm and is suitable for the stove with 3 to 5 burners.
  • This one has a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters/hr. which makes it suitable to suck oil particles, grease, and polluted air from big kitchens.
  • Stainless steel baffle filter traps the oil and other residues in it and blows the air to the outside of the room.
  • Powerful 180W motor to suck the air effectively.
  • Using its one-touch control panel, you can easily operate the chimney without any hassle.
  • Comes with a long-lasting and easy-to-clean oil collector.
  • Thermal Auto Clean feature, makes sure that the oil residues are collected in the oil collector box, hence you have to just clean that oil collector box once in a while, to maintain the chimney clean and fresh.
  • Nevio 90 has a metallic blower that ensures maximum suction and durability, which is connected to the duct system.
  • It comes with two LED lamps that offer large illumination making it easier to view countertops and don’t worry about lamps’ power consumption, it consumes less power.
  • 58 Db noise level.
  • The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on Motor.
  • High suction power
  • Suitable for

  • big and busy kitchens

  • Elegant design that gives glitter to your kitchen.

  • Easy to clean and handle.

  • No cowl cover.
  • Oil collector needs to be handle carefully.

2. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/h Filterless Autoclean Chimney (TC BK 90)

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Faber is an Italian Company known for its World Class Kitchen appliances. It manufactures its first extraction hood in Europe in 1963. Since then it is specialized in the production of extraction hoods (kitchen chimneys) all over the world.

Key Features
  • Having the size of 90cm makes it suitable for a 3 to 5 burner stoves.
  • Comes with a wall-mounted chimney hood.
  • It has a suction power of 1200 cubic meter/hr. which is suitable for kitchen size greater than 200 sq. ft. and heavy cooking conditions like frying/grilling.
  • It uses filterless technology which ensures the cleaning through airflow angle instead of a separate filter and makes maintenance costs lesser.
  • Its one-touch control makes it user-friendly & easy to operate and its 3-speed gesture control allows operation of the chimney without any physical contact.
  • It has a curved glass design.
  • Heat Auto Clean feature will make your kitchen oil and smoke-free, in one touch.
  • This kitchen chimney comes with 2 LED lamps which consume very less power and gives a good amount of light while cooking.
  • Its noise level is as low as possible to give you a calm environment for cooking, so you can fully focus on cooking.
  • Faber kitchen chimney comes with powerful motors ensuring their long durability and lesser noise.
  • The oil collector cup collects the oil and other residues which makes the cleaning of the chimney easy.
  • Faber provides a 1-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the motor.
  • Filter less technology.
  • Less noise.

  • Powerful

  • motor.

  • Better control and operate options.
  • Little bit expensive.
  • Expensive parts.

3. Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney (HC BK 90)

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Eurodomo is another Prominent European brand that manufactures world-class kitchen appliances. This manufacturer is dedicated to making only kitchen appliances. Hence their products are the best in class.

This eurodomo auto clean kitchen chimney is 90cm in size and has a suction power of 1200 cubic meter/hr. which removes oil residues, grease, and smoke from the kitchen effectively.

Key Features:
  • This kitchen chimney is of a size of 90cm which is suitable for 3-5 burners stove.
  • It is a wall-mounted type kitchen chimney.
  • Stainless steel baffle filters trap the oil, smoke and residue particles in it. Hence there is no need to clean the chimney frequently instead of that clean oil filter once in 6 months.
  • Thermal auto clean technology makes your kitchen oil and smoke-free easily in one touch by cleaning the oil container.
  • Two LED lights give sufficient light for a better and easy cooking experience, with less consumption of energy.
  • The powerful suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter/hr. ensures smoke and dust-free cooking.
  • The touch control panel gives easy and quick operations which accompany with digital display.
  • It has a curved glass design.
  • It has an elegant body design that gives a stylish look to your kitchen.
  • The maximum noise level is 58Db.
  • Eurodomo also provides a 1-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the motor.
  • Elegant design.
  • Premium

  • black finish with tempered glass.

  • Cheaper in

  • price with full specifications.

  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain a baffle filter.
  • Not suitable for small kitchens.
  • Should be handle carefully.

4. Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney (HC SC BK 90)

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This is another masterpiece kitchen chimney from the Faber. As we know that Faber manufactures world-class products, this chimney also has world-class features which makes it unique and durable.

This Faber auto clean kitchen chimney is 90cm in size suitable for the big kitchens and has a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter/hr.

Key Features
  • It uses filterless technology which is an advanced technology in auto clean chimneys that ensures cleaning through airflow angle.
  • Filterless chimneys ensure no cleaning hassles which makes its maintenance cost zero and very easy to clean if needed.
  • It sucks the oil, smoke, and other residues present in the air inside the room with the suction power of 1200 cubic meter/hr. which helps you to cook your food easily and peacefully.
  • It has more advanced than other features. Its gesture control features analyze the movements of the human body to interact. Hence you can control the chimney without having physical contact with it.
  • Heat auto clean technology makes your kitchen oil and smoke-free with one touch. It traps the oil and collects it in oil collector, which increases the life span of the chimney and reduces the cleaning frequency.
  • This chimney performs its operation with just one touch, which makes it an easy and effortless product to use.
  • It performs its operations in lesser noise which then leads to giving you a calm environment in your kitchen.
  • Curved glass type design gives an elegant look to the chimney.
  • Faber gives a 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the motor.
  • Elegant design.
  • Filterless technology.

  • Gesture control

  • feature.

  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Sometimes gesture control does not work properly.
  • Expensive.

5. Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (WD HAC TOUCH BF 90)

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Elica is also an Italian brand that manufactures world-class kitchen appliances. This chimney is one of those products.

All the products ergonomically designed with the care taken to choose the material, ensure safety, and save electric consumption.

Key Features
  • It has an elegant design that gives a stylish look to your kitchen and is made up of toughened material which makes it durable.
  • This chimney comes with an easy-to-use touch control panel which gives easy access to all the features of the chimney.
  • It comes with a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter/hr. which sucks oil, smoke, and other residues from the kitchen and makes the kitchen fresh for further cooking.
  • Heat auto clean feature collects the oil particles from filters placed inside the chimney and collects them in the oil collector. This process makes its cleaning easy and effortless.
  • This kitchen appliance also has 2 LED lamps which grant ease while cooking.
  • A baffle filter traps the unhealthy smoke and greasy things from your kitchen in it. These filters are also easy to clean and maintain.
  • It comes with a stainless oil collector which collects the oil and other residues from the filter through heat auto-clean technology. This oil collector makes the cleaning of the chimney easy and hassle-free.
  • This kitchen chimney has a size of 90cm which is suitable for 3-5 burner stove that is for big kitchens and it is wall mounted.
  • It has a curved glass design.
  • Its maximum noise level is 58Db.
  • Elica offers 5 years warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on the product.
  • Suitable for large kitchens.
  • Easy to clean.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Reputed manufacturer.

  • Elegant design.

  • Installation charges are extra.

Till now we have seen the best kitchen chimneys in India of size 90cm now we are going to see the best kitchen chimneys in India of size 60cm

6. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60)

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WD HAC TOUCH BF 60 is another world-class product from this Italian manufacturer.

This auto clean kitchen chimney is 60cm in size having a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter/hr.

Let’s get to know in detail about this chimney,

Key Features
  • Its elegant design and toughened build quality make modernize and give a stylish look to your kitchen.
  • The touch control panel gives easy access to all the features of the chimney with one touch so that you can clean it without any hassle.
  • 1200 cubic meter/hr. suction capacity makes your kitchen fresh by removing oil, smoke, and other residues effectively.
  • Removal of oil particles trap in a filter and then collect them in an oil collector is done by Heat Auto Clean technology. Using this cleaning technique there is no need for frequent cleaning of the chimney.
  • This kitchen chimney is equipped with 2 LED lamps designed to grant ease while cooking.
  • Like most of the chimneys, this chimney also contains a baffle filter that enhances the function of the chimney by collecting oil, smoke, and greasy things from the kitchen and one more thing is that these filters are easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Its stainless steel oil collector collects the oil and other residues from the filter. Its rust-free design ensures durability and hassle-free cleaning.
  • It has a size of 60cm, suitable for 2-4 burner stoves.
  • It is a wall-mounted type of kitchen chimney.
  • This kitchen chimney comes in a curved glass design.
  • 58 Db is the maximum noise level.
  • The company gives 5 years warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on the product.
  • Easy to use.
  • High suction power as compared to size.

  • Rustproof oil container.

  • Toughened material used to build. Energy-efficient.

  • You have to pay for a standard installation and for the ducting kit if not installed within 72 hours delivery.

7. Eurodomo 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto-Clean Chimney (Hood Classy HC TC BK 60)

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This European brand is well known for its world-class kitchen appliances.

This kitchen chimney is equipped with auto clean technology having a size of 60cm which is suitable for small kitchens having 2-4 stove burner and has a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter/hr.

Key Features
  • This kitchen chimney gives a stylish look to your kitchen with its elegant design.
  • Its high-quality stainless steel baffle filter traps oil, greasy and other residual particles in it efficiently and this filter does not need frequent cleaning.
  • The baffle filter requires cleaning every 6 months.
  • You can collect all the oil particles that are trapped by a filter, in an oil collector with the help of the heat auto-clean feature.
  •  2 Led lights to help in light up your cooking area to give ease while cooking and don’t worry about its electricity consumption as it consumes less amount of energy.
  • This kitchen chimney has a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meter/hr. this powerful suction capacity gives smoke and dust-free cooking experience.
  • There is a touch control panel with a digital display to have an easy and quick operation.
  • Its 60cm size makes it suitable for the stove with 2-4 burners.
  • Max noise level is 58 Db.
  • It has a curved glass design and is a wall-mounted type.
  • It comes with 5 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on the product.
  • Stainless steel baffle filter needs no frequent cleaning.
  • Easy to use.

  • Auto heat cleaning eliminates human interface in

  • cleaning.

  • Somewhat cheaper.

  • As the working area is less hence it has a noiseless operation.

  • Installation is not free and is somewhat expensive as compared to chimneys price.

8. Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney (Sabina Black 60)

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We have listed another brilliant product of this Indian manufacturer. This kitchen chimney is equipped with all the necessary features. Let’s check them out one by one.

Key Features
  • It has 60cm in size which is suitable for the stove with 2-4 burners. Ideal for home kitchens.
  • It is a wall-mounted type auto-clean chimney.
  • 1100 cubic meter suction capacity makes it able to remove oil, smoke, and other residual particles from the air easily.
  • It has a baffle filter is suitable for Indian cooking conditions and it traps the oil and greasy particles in it hence it leads to easy cleaning as it requires cleaning every 6 months.
  • Push control gives easy control over it, hence you can perform its operations easily.
  • It has a plastic blower.
  • Curved glass design adds glitter to its look.
  • The company offers 5 years warranty on the motor and a 1-year warranty on the product.
  • Suitable for small kitchens.
  • Easy to operate because of its push control

  • feature.

  • High suction power as compared to its size.
  • It has plastic blower type.
  • Can damage easily.

9. Inalsa 60 cm, 1050 m³/hr Pyramid Chimney Classica (60BKBF)

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Inalsa is a subsidiary of Taurus Group, headquartered in Spain, which is one of the most popular brands in Europe with its innovative product range of appliances since 1962.

This is 60cm chimney which is suitable for a stove with 2-4 burners.

Key Features
  • This chimney from inalsa has a pyramid shape design that will surely enhance your kitchen’s look.
  • Chimney ensures minimum noise during operation, maintaining a noise level of 65 Db.
  • It has 2 stainless steel baffle filters which are detachable and they are capable of capturing every particle of dust and smoke in them and they are easy to clean.
  • With a suction capacity of 1050 cubic meter/hr. it will amaze you with its brilliant performance. It capture’s every single oil particle in the kitchen and then stored them in an oil collector.
  • This chimney offers push-button control, by which you can easily access and operate the chimney. It gives both style and innovation.
  • It has 2 LED lights to lighten your cooking area, hence you can easily cook.
  • Pyramid design will give an elegant look to your kitchen.
  • 7 years warranty on motor and 2 years warranty on the product is offered by the company.
  • Compact size makes it suitable for small kitchens.
  • Affordable price.

  • Great warranty period.

  • 3-speed settings.

  • Powder-coated finish.

  • Not suitable for big or commercial kitchens.
  • Plastic material is used hence should handle with

  • care.

  • The auto-clean feature is absent.

10. Seavy 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney (Acura SS 60)

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Seavy has a wide variety of kitchen appliances ranging from kitchen chimneys to gas stoves. You must a real asset in your kitchen with seavy.

It a fully dedicated in manufacturing only kitchen appliances hence its products are durable, has good build quality, the good functioning, and loaded with many more features.

Key Features:
  • This kitchen chimney is made up of stainless steel material which makes it rustproof and durable which results in an increase in its life span.
  • It ensures minimum noise during operations, maintaining a noise level of 50 Db.
  • The hooded shape forms a perfect canopy over the cooking area, hence there is a section of maximum smoke and residues.
  • Operating this chimney made easy as this chimney comes with a push-button control pane.
  • 1100 cubic meter/hr. suction capacity makes it able to suck every oil, grease, and other residues particle present in the kitchen efficiently and making cleaning easy.
  • Its baffle filter collects the oil and grime particles from the air in the kitchen and this filter offers easy clean up as well and it must be cleaned in every 6 months.
  • It is a 60cm kitchen chimney suitable for the stove with 2-4 burners.
  • Pyramid design gives a stylish look to your kitchen.
  • The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product.
  • Available in affordable price.
  • Pyramid design.

  • Easy cleaning.

  • Easy control.

  • Not suitable for large kitchens.
  • No auto cleaning feature

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India – Buyer’s Guide and Review

How to find out the best kitchen chimneys in India?

It’s simple, just consider the following parameters before purchase.

Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Mainly there are two types of kitchen chimneys available in the market. The classification of these chimneys is based on their installation.

1. Ducting Chimney

2. Ductless Chimney

Let’s get a brief knowledge of them one by one,

1. Ducting Chimney

Ducting chimney also known as extracting chimney, sucks in the air from the kitchen and then passes it through the meshes and filters, which absorbs the oil and grime from the air and releases the air outside through a pipe.

  • Traps smoke, grim from the air very efficiently.
  • Can be used for commercial kitchens easily.
  • Proper installation is required.
  • Tough to keep clean and maintain.

2. Ductless Chimney

In the ductless chimney, there is a motor and a fan or blower. The motor absorbs the air from the kitchen is passed through the charcoal filters that absorb the odor, heat, and smoke and deliver that clean air into the kitchen again.

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to install.

  • Can turn off-on automatically.

  • Need to change filter frequently.
  • No fresh air

  • in use.

  • Lots of noise during operation.

Hence choosing the right kitchen chimney will make cooking convenient. In our opinion, ducting chimneys are the best option because of its flexible nature. For commercial purposes like in big hotels, ducting chimneys are the best option while you can choose both types for residential purposes.

Types of Filters used in Kitchen Chimneys

In every piece of equipment which is related to air filtration or that kind of work, the filter is the main component.

The kitchen chimney that purifies the air by removing oil particles, grim, odor, and dust from the air in the kitchen has 3 main types of filters in it.

1. Baffle Filter.

2. Mesh/Cassette Filter.

3. Charcoal/Carbon Filter.

Let’s check them out one by one,

1. Baffle Filter

Baffle filters are designed in a way that, the panels on the filter have multiple curves that allow the smoke to escape easily but stops grease from doing so. This filter is easy to maintain as compared to Mesh/Cassette filter. But still, you have to clean/maintain it in every three to four months.

This filter is also made up of steel or aluminum material that helps to alter the course of air

2. Mesh/Cassette Filter

This type of filter is the cheapest one. They are made up of overlapping layers of aluminum mesh that have small holes. When the air passes through the filter the oil and grime get trapped in the pores.

But there is one drawback of this filter, as the pores trapped the oil and grime particles in it, they need to clean frequently every fortnight. Hence the maintenance cost of this filter is high.

3. Charcoal/Carbon Filter

Charcoal filters are also known as Carbon Filter. This filter comes with charcoal granules that vanish the bad odour from the smoke completely.

The oil and other greasy particles can stick to the carbon filters hence there is a need to change the carbon filter after a period of six months. Making it easy for maintenance.

It is an optional filter that comes in combination with a baffle or mesh filter. And note that charcoal filters are not washable.

Since there are multiple options for filters used in the kitchen chimney, a baffle filter is best for Indian cooking. Be it residential or be it commercial baffle filters are the best ones. As the Indian cooking recipes include lots of spices in use, hence for maintenance and better result, baffle filters are the best option.

Types of Chimney Hoods

There are mainly four types of chimney hoods based on mounting positions of that chimneys,

1. Wall Mounted.

2. Island type.

3. Built-in/Integrated.

4. Corner Mounted.

Now, let’s get a brief knowledge about them

1. Wall-Mounted Chimneys

As the name suggests wall mounted chimneys can be fixed onto the wall and hands above the stove. The wall-mounted chimney is the most commonly used chimney. They come in different styles and designs to look great and also attract customers.

2. Island Types

Fixed to the ceiling and hand exactly above the stove, to give the best possible result, that’s how the Island chimneys organized. These chimneys are suitable for countertop cooking.

3.  Built-in/Integrated

Built-in/Integrated chimneys are hidden behind or under cabinets and save space in the kitchen by giving an elegant look to it.

4. Corner Mounted

Corner chimneys are the adjustable ones that can be drawn over the stove or gas when you want to use it and retracted back with the push of a button when not in use.

Chimney Size

Remember that the size of the chimney plays a crucial role in the performance of the chimney. Choosing a chimney of exact or greater size than the stove is a good choice. This size chimney can suck up more smoke very efficiently and if the chimney size is less than the stove then it will unable to give the desired result.

In India most of the chimneys come in two different types, one is 60 cm and another is 90 cm.

Generally, a stove with 2 or 4 burners requires a 60 cm kitchen chimney, and a stove with a 3 to 5 burner requires a 90 cm kitchen chimney. But here one thing should keep in mind that, if you placed the chimney far from the stove then it will not work effectively. Hence the ideal distance between the kitchen chimney and the stove should be between 65-75 cm.

Most of the typical Indian kitchen requires a 60 cm kitchen chimney and large families require a 90 cm kitchen chimney as their cooking requirement is more.

Auto Clean

In the case of auto-clean chimneys, oil particles are forced to move toward the blower wall and collected in easy to remove and washable bowls. These bowls have to be washed once a month depending on usage.

Hence there is no extra need to clean oil from the chimney, all you have to do is press the “Auto Clean” control button while cooking.

Suction Power of Chimney

What is the main purpose to have the chimney in the home? Simple, to suck the air from inside of the kitchen and to blow it to outside of the kitchen. Then it is very important to know that how much suction power chimney is needed for your kitchen.

How to calculate the suction power of the chimney? Then there is a thumb rule, a chimney should be able to suck the 10 times of air volume in the respected area. In our country (India) suction power is represented in cubic meter/hour.

A chimney with high suction power tends to suck more amount of air than a chimney with lower suction power. In India, most of the kitchens are small in size. Generally, they have a length and breadth of around 4 meters each with a height of around 3 meters. Hence the volume of the kitchen will be 48 cubic meters.

And as the chimney should be able to suck the 10 times of air volume hence the best kitchen chimney for such type of kitchen should have the suction power of 48 * 10 = 480 cubic meters per hour.

That’s how the suction power of the kitchen chimney should be calculated according to kitchen space.

Keep in mind that Ducting chimneys have higher suction power than ductless chimneys.


Nobody wants noise or irritating sound in their house, it disturbs your peace. But in the case of kitchen chimneys, you must take noise into consideration as the motors in the chimney carry out the excess air circulation which causes noise.

Otherwise, it will be irritating and uncomfortable for you.


Maintenance is the most important thing to be considered before purchasing any gadget or appliance whether it AC, Refrigerator, washing machine or anything. Chimney’s with less maintenance cost prefers the most but they are costly.

An ideal chimney should keep maintaining regularly as it will increase its life span.

Hence regular maintenance of your kitchen chimney will save your money and time as well.

Ductless chimneys are difficult to maintenance as compared to ducting chimneys.


If you are buying the best kitchen chimneys in India then you should go for branded ones. Buying a branded chimney will give you the best result possible, and have more life span.

Buying a branded chimney becomes expensive but will wort for the price.


Every Indian buyer wants to know about the price before purchasing. But in the case of every gadget or appliance, the price depends on its functionality, durability, built quality, its brand, and mainly on your needs.

Here, in the case of kitchen chimney, the price is starting from Rs 2000 and it will vary depending on its functionality, size, durability & your needs.

Ductless chimneys are cheaper than ducting chimneys as their installation cost is not high.


Warranty, it is the most important parameter which is considered before making any purchase. Hence to choose the best brands which provide the best warranty period and aftersales service will make your maintenance hassle-free.

Best brands give a better warranty period.

Final Words

Now till you have seen the best kitchen chimneys in India. Hence, if you are tight on budget then it’s up to you to choose the best kitchen chimney for your kitchen.

Every kitchen in India needs to be clean and fresh so you can get healthy and tastier food daily.

and one more thing if you have any query then let us know in the comment section we will reply to your comment ASAP

FAQ – Best kitchen chimneys in India

1. Which chimney is better Auto Clean Chimney or Manual Clean Chimney?

Auto Clean Chimney – auto clean chimneys collect the oil and grease present in the cooking air when it passes through it. It requires less maintenance and is easy to clean. You have to just press the auto clean button and seatback. You have to clean this chimney only once in a week.

This type of chimney is suitable for big kitchens such as in hotels, where people don’t have much time to clean it.

Manual Clean Chimney – as the name suggests this type of chimney has to clean manually. It requires a lot of patience and time. Although this chimney requires manual cleaning, they last longer and are durable if they are properly maintained. You will hate to clean this chimney twice or thrice a week regularly.

This type of chimney is perfect for the small kitchens in-home, as the cleaning will less and easy.

2. How does Chimney Work?

It works on a simple thumb rule, it sucks the inner air and blows it to the outside of the room with the help of a motor.

3. Does cleaning the chimney regularly makes any difference?

Yes of course, cleaning the chimney regularly will increase the life span of the chimney and its durability. Even in the case of every appliance regular cleaning will increase its life span.

4. What happens if you don’t clean your chimney regularly?

Not cleaning your chimney regularly will affect its performance, life span and durability and also on your pocket.