11 Best Immersion Water Heaters in India 2021

Best way to heat water safely and efficiently is by using electric heating methods. The heating of water by Immersion water heater is one of the most convenient ways of heating water for your daily needs. By reading this guide, you can no doubt find the best immersion water heater out of those hundreds of similar different products available out there.

Hot water is one of the most important day to day needs of millions of Indians across the country. Hot water is used for different purposes like cooking, washing, and most importantly bathing. Immersion water heaters are widely used to heat for bathing purposes in cold areas where there might no sun to heat solar water panels or heating water using fuel sources is not cost effective.

Thus water heaters are important and useful products, more importantly, immersion water heaters because they are much cheaper than other alternatives out there.

Different factors to be considered before selecting the best immersion water heater

1.Power consumption

Power consumption is one of the first things you see while buying an immersion water heater. More power consumption gives you faster heating, but higher power consumption will fall heavily on the electricity bill. Lower power consumption immersion water heaters will heat the water much more slowly than high power devices. Power consumption can be anywhere between 1.5 units for the devices.

Another important factor to be considered is how you use these devices. If you want to make significant savings in power bills then you have to adopt a conservative approach in using immersion water heaters.

2. Material of the coil

Most of the immersion water heaters use hairpin copper tubes with a coating of nickel, this ensures they last longer and result in the maximum heat transfer. Inspire of the material it takes a longer time to heat the water if it is from colder areas like Northern India, heats the water faster in Southern India.

3. Safety

Since it involves the conversion of electricity into heat, safety is a major concern. Ensure that the immersion water heater that you are going to buy has an ISI mark, also find out if the handles are made of shockproof material. Most of the devices are equipped with hooks so that they can be attached to the container.

4. Warranty

Warranty is another important factor to be considered before buying any product, ensure that there are enough service centres, before you buy the device. Most of the companies provide warranties from 1 to 2 years.

Top Rated Best Immersion Water Heater Reviews

Here are the reviews of the top best immersion water heaters available online in India.

1. Bajaj 1500-Watt Immersion Water Heater

Bajaj 1500-watt immersion water as you know is the top best selling immersion water heater in the market right now. It has a power consumption of 1500-watts, through this power it can heat cold water pretty quickly.

It is designed to meet the quality and safety standards both indoors and outdoors. It is made of anti corrosive plastic material and the heating metal is a combination of copper and nickel.

The material is made of hairpin tubular elements, by hairpin means that the heating element is coiled like a hairpin for better heat transfer, this product heats faster and transfers the heat into the water at a quicker rate. All you need to do is dip it into the tub or bucket so that it heats up the water.

Bajaj 1500-watt immersion water comes with a warranty of 1 year for the product, they have a good amount of service centers all across India. This is the best immersion water heater at the lowest cost. It easy to clean and maintain, also very economical in terms of power consumption.


  • Good warranty service coverage across the country
  • Faster heating
  • Cheaper than similar products
  • Better heat transfer

  • Warranty duration could have been more
Technical Specifications
Warranty  1 year on product
Plug 16 A, 3 pin plug
Power consumption 1500-watt
Weight 540 g
Material  Anti corrosive tubular element

2. Crompton CG-IHL 151/152 1500W Immersion Water Heater

Crompton is another top immersion water brand, their products are of top quality and last for a long time. Crompton 1500-watt immersion water is similar to the bajaj water heater. It has a power consumption of 1500-watts, which is quite a standard for immersion water heaters.

It has quite a long cord so that you can easily connect it to the nearest power outlet, this device can be used in any type of containers like a plastic bucket, metal bucket, and various other containers.

This product is certified by ISI mark, it is shock proof due to the well coated Teflon holder. It also has an indicator light that lets you know when it is switched on.

This is the highest rated immersion water heater on various online platforms and there are lots of customers who have given it 5 star ratings. Warranty for this immersion water heater is for a duration of 1 year, they have service centres all across India.


  • Good customer satisfaction
  • More number of service centers.
  • 1500-watt power consumption 

  • Price could have been lower
Technical Specifications
Warranty  12 months
Plug 16 A, 3 pin plug
Power consumption 1500-watts
Weight 2.5 kg
Country of origin Made in India

3. Usha IH 2415 1500-watt Immersion Water Heater review


Usha 1500 – Watt water heater is a good immersion water heater in the market. It is priced very attractively making it cheaper than it’s other top 2 competitors. It has a copper tube covered with nickel plating for a long lasting use and its handles are made of bakelite.

It has a power consumption of 1500-watts, it heats up the water fairly quickly and it is not only easy to clean, maintain but also very durable. It has a neon indicator light that flows when the device is powered on.

Another good feature of this water heater is a metal hook, this metal hook can be used on the edge of the bucket opening so that it does not fall completely inside the bucket of water.

This is one of the cheapest water heater and it has a warranty for 2 years. With service centers all across India, this immersion water heater is truly worth buying.


  • Product is much cheaper
  • Great warranty of 2 years
  • Presence of thermostat 

  • Customer satisfaction is quite low
Technical Specifications
Warranty  2 years on product
Plug 3 pin plug
Power consumption 1500-watts
Weight 531 g
Country of origin Made in India

4. Crompton 1000-watt immersion water heater

Crompton 1000-watt is another type of Crompton immersion water heater, this water heater. This device is exactly similar to Crompton 1500-watt variant.

It has a long cord that can be used to conveniently plug into the nearest power point. It has power on light, Nickel coating on the outer surface of the heater coil, and bakelite handles. The hook is attached to this device to support it on the container.

1000-watt power consumption of this device is helpful in reducing your ever increasing electricity bill. This device with it’s 1000-watt capacity heats the water a little slower than other 1500-watt immersion water heaters.

Crompton 1000-watt water heater comes with a warranty of 1 year and this company a good amount of service centers in India.


  • Power consumption is low
  • Better efficient heating
  • easy to use
  • good quality materials

  • Price is same for 1500-watt and 1000-watt heater
Technical Specifications
Warranty  1 years on product
Plug 3 pin plug
Power consumption 1000-watts
Weight 2.5 kg
Country of origin Made in India

5. Singer IR-10 1500-watt immersion water heater

Singer 1500-watt immersion water has one of the best designs in this segment. It is a quality product made with good quality plastic which is delayed for protection. The blue color looks really good on the product and matches the silver coil. It has an ISI mark that makes it tested and safe for regular usage.

It has a long wire so that you can plug it anywhere. In order to prevent rusting the heating element is made of copper covered with nickel. It also has a water level indicator that shows you the level of water level from minimum to maximum. The 1500-watt makes water heat faster and this product is much more sturdy than other products.

Since this product has good performance, good looks, and good ratings from customers, the singer is a good choice for many people. The company provides a warranty of 1 year for this immersion water heater.


  • Pan India 1 year product warranty
  • Great design
  • Faster heating
  • Light product makes it easy to handle

  • Service coverage can be a problem
Technical Specifications
Warranty  1 year on product
Plug 3 pin plug
Power consumption 1500-watts
Weight 630 g
Country of origin India

6. Rico 1500-watt immersion water heater


Rico 1500-watt is one of the most popular water heaters in the market right now. It is also one of the highest rated water heaters and has a good amount of satisfied customers. Rico company was established in 1965, making one of the oldest producers of electronic items in India.

This immersion rod consumes a power of 1500-watt to suit all your heating needs. In addition, the main feature of this immersion heater is its shock proof body making it safer than other competing rod. The material of the element is made of copper, which is in turn covered and plated with Nickel, to give it a shiny finish. Hence facilitating optimum transfer to the water.

Rico 1500-watt heater has a convenient bucket or container handle along with heat proof handle to keep your hands and surroundings free of heat. A warranty period of 1 year is provided for this product by the company.

Another notable feature of this product is a lengthy cord, which makes maneuverability much more easier. It takes just 10 minutes to heat a full bucket of water making it the cheapest alternative to any other heater.


  • Anti-corrosive copper material coated with nickel
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Shockproof body
  • Heatproof and good grip handle
  • Convenient bucket handle 

  • This product is quite expensive
Technical Specifications
Warranty  1 year on product
Material Copper coated with nickel
Power consumption 1500-watts
Weight 350 g
Country of origin India

7. Havells 1500-watt immersion water heater

Havells 1500-watt is the water heaters for you if you are looking for a well branded product. It is ISI certified water heater immersion rod with industry leading design and build quality. The bucket hook is attached to well designed handle, making it strong and Sturdy.

Red Indicator light is very helpful in indicating the heating process. The handle is covered, which ensures no water enters the electric side of the heater, thus pushing it a notch up in the safety department. The efficient heat transfer element delivers heat very quickly into the water.

Another advantage of this product is the 2-year warranty and the pan India service cover provided by the company. The heating element is copper covered with Nickel. Another safety feature is the 3 pin plug. In addition, a key reminder is, this product needs a 16 a socket to plug in the immersion rod.


  • Easy to use
  • Better and stronger design
  • Rust free material
  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • Led indicator light 

  • Quite expensive compared to other products
Technical Specifications
Warranty  1 year on product
Material Copper coated with nickel
Power consumption 1500-watts
Material of body High grade shockproof thermoplastic
Country of origin made in India

8. Orient electric hotstar 1000-watt immersion rod

Orient electric hot star 1000-watt immersion rod is the one for you if seek a low power consuming product. The heating element is copper coated with shiny Nickel. This ensures faster the rod lasts longer.

An indicator light is present to indicate the immersion rods heating operation. The design is incredible compared to other similar products. A hook is provided in it’s design which can be easily attached to the container with the heating medium.

Another significant feature is the 2 years warranty which is applicable all over the country. The handle to hold this immersion heater is made of bakelite material giving it a strong build.


  • 1000-watt immersion rod
  • Light in weight
  • Good quality handle
  • Metal clip for attachment
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • good warranty duration

  • Durability is quite low
Technical Specifications
Warranty  2 years on product
Material of heating element 100% copper
Power consumption 1000-watts
Material of body thermoplastic
Country of origin Made in India


9. V guard 1500-watt immersion water heater


As you may already know v guard is a reputed brand that specializes in various electronic products. It features a heating element made of copper and coated with nickel, giving it a shiny look. The plastic handle is made of Hugh quality plastic for better safety

A led indicator light is present to tell you when it is in heating operation. It takes about 10 mins to heat a full bucket of water. It is one of the cheapest heating devices available in the market. This product is much easier to use and can be carried anywhere.

A warranty of 2 years is available for this product. This warranty is better than that provided by other companies because the v guard brand has its device centres all around India. The length of the cord is 1.5 meters, making it big enough for better ease of use.


  • Warranty duration is for a period of 2 years
  • Better service coverage
  • Cheaper price range 

  • Product compatibility with plugs must be checked
Technical Specifications
Warranty  2 years on product
Material of heating element copper coated with nickel
Power consumption 1500-watts
Weight thermoplastic
Country of origin Made in India

10. Solimo immersion water heater


Solimo is another popular water heater in the market. The feature that makes it unique is its design, which is better than any other product. It consumes only 1000 – watts of power making it very energy efficient. The product is totally ISI certified, thus giving you the assurance of superior quality.

Another good feature is the abs thermoplastic handle making is shock proof and protecting the electric parts inside. A hook is provided for easy attachment to the heating container. The water level indicator is also provided for the product.

It’s very effective in terms of heating cold water. A 20-liter bucket of water can be heating in just over 15 minutes. The Nickel coated copper coil is coiled very efficiently to Deliver maximum heat transfer into the water. 1-year warranty is bestowed upon this product by the company.


  • Lower power consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Savings in electricity expenditures

  • Warranty can be a problem due to the lesser number of service centers
Technical Specifications
Warranty  1 year
Material of handle abs thermoplastic
Power consumption 1000-watts
Weight 580 g
Country of origin Made in India

11. ESN 999 1000-watt immersion water heater


If you are looking for a low cost immersion water heater then it doesn’t get any cheaper than ESN 1000-watt immersion water heater rod. It has lots of positive impressions from various customers for an unknown brand.

It is an ISI certified product which makes it very trustable. Along with its low costs, it comes with a good warranty of 6 months. The heater coil is designed in a spiral fashion for better heat transfer into the water.

The bucket handle makes the use of this heater much more convenient. In addition, it has a 3 in the plug with a lengthy cable of 1.5 meters.


  • Cost is very good compared to other products
  • Lengthy cable

  • Service coverage might be a problem
Technical Specifications
Warranty  6 months
Material of handle abs
Power consumption 1500-watts
Plug 3 pin
Country of origin Made in India

Commonly Asked Questions About Immersion Water Heaters

Some doubts and questions arise over the immersion water heaters, we have answered 4 most asked questions about these devices.

1. How many units are consumed by an immersion water heater?

Since immersion water heaters are popularly available in 1500-watt and 1000-watt variants, 1 unit per hour of use is consumed by 1000-watt, and 1500-watt consumes 1.5 to 2 units per hour.

2. Do containers melt if the heating coil touches it?

Most of the immersion water heaters have hooks that can be used to attach the heater to a bucket or container, if the heater coil touches the bucket there is quite a chance of the plastic bucket losing its shape due to heat. Although even if it touches the bucket there is less chance of melting because heat is absorbed by the surrounding water.

3. Are immersion water heaters shockproof?

Yes, immersion water heaters are generally shockproof, they have bakelite or high quality shockproof plastic handles. But it is not advisable to touch the bare metal or put your hand inside the water when the water is being heated.

4. How long does an immersion water heater take to heat the water?

Immersion water heaters come in a wide range of power consumption like 1000 – Watts, 1500-watts thus 1500-watt immersion water heater will heat water faster. Typically it takes 10 to 15 minutes to heat the water.

5. What is the capacity of water that can be heated using immersion rods?

It cannot heat large quantities of water like in 500-litre tank because it is scientifically not possible to heat such a large amount of water. However, it can easily heat a bucket of water in just over 5 mins.

6. How to claim the warranty for immersion water heaters?

The warranty for the product can be claimed by contacting service centers and customer service numbers. You can also email the respective company to get in touch with them

7. Do immersion hot rods rust?

They do not usually rust, most of the products launched by reputed companies are rust free. Proper maintenance of the immersion water heater rod is essential to enhance its life and make it last longer.

8. Are immersion rods heat proof?

The immersion rods are made of high quality plastic material. It can be produced from thermoplastics or bakelite materials. These materials are always heat proof and do not let the heat pass through them. Hence the material of the immersion rods is heatproof and safe to use.

9. Are immersion water heaters safe to use?

It depends on the quality of the product and ISI certification. You must always compulsorily check the ISI standard certification mark so that the product is verified by the designated organization making it safe to use.


We have written this article with extensive research and made the list of immersion water heater rods. So this concludes our review of 5 best immersion water heaters in India, hope you have liked it. You can comment down below if have any doubts regarding selecting and buying the immersion water heater.

How to use an immersion water heater

Using an immersion water heater is very simple and it is as easy as placing it in the water. We have listed some of the common steps and precautions required for safe usage.

  • A container is required to store the water and heat it, you can use any container. The container can be of any material, even plastic material can be safely used.
  • Place the bucket, and fill it appropriately with water of the required quantity
  • Plug the immersion water heater to a 3 pinpoint
  • Place the immersion water in the water container and attach it to the container using the hook provided.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that only the metal part of the immersion heater is submerged in the water and not the entire thing
  • After the water is heated to the required temperature switch off the heater and remove it carefully

Safety precautions to be taken while using immersion rods

We have listed some important precautions that cannot be overlooked

  • Do not touch the heating element when it is running you may experience shocks and skin burns
  • So not leave the heater in the water too long it can damage the heater due to overheating
  • Do not switch on the heater and leave running without placing it in the water, it may lead to shortcircuits and even dangerous fires
  • Always plug the heater into a 3 pin socket
  • Handle hot water carefully after the heating process has been completed
  • Do not put hot water directly on your body, always check the temperature before using.