100+ Best Friend Captions for Instagram to Show that Yours is the Best

Friends are gifts that arrive unannounced and end up staying for a lifetime. Without them, we would not be able to be who we are today and achieve everything we could have achieved. Thanks to friends, we have someone to share our frustrations and joys, fears and overcomings, and so everything is lighter!

Brother friend, childhood friend, party friend, friend you met in the bathroom at the club… It doesn’t matter the type of friend or where he came from, each friendship is important and has a role to play in our lives. Have you demonstrated to your friends how essential they are to you?

We’ve selected the best phrases for you to use as a caption for a photo with a friend. Copy and use to make your best memories more special!

Caption for a photo with brother friend

The best kind of friendship, for sure, is one you can compare to a brotherhood. That friend who is a brother at any time, who gives you the shoulder to cry on whenever he needs to and who would die for you if he had to… Do you have one of those? So show how special he is to you! Just choose the best caption from the selection we made and post that beautiful photo of you together. Check out:

A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother.

Best friends, in fact, are brothers who by some mistake did not fall into our family.

Some friendships last for nothing, but a true friend is closer than a brother.

A father is a treasure, a brother is a comfort; a friend is both.

A friend is like a brother who is not your father and mother’s son, but who you love as much as you would!

He’s not my friend, he’s more than my best friend. He is a brother that my mother did not give me, but life gave me.

True friends should be called brothers.

And our friendship is set to be eternal, I love you so much my guardian angel, my brother.

The feeling of counting on someone, of being able to play with your eyes closed, is almost inexplicable!

True friends, brothers at heart, companions on adventures and inseparable forever.

Sometimes I even forget you’re not my blood brother!

We started as friends, today we are brothers. We don’t have the same blood, but the heart is definitely the same.

We are brothers from different families that no one separates.

You are the brother I had the chance to choose to be mine.

A friend many people have, but having a brother friend is happiness reserved only for a few chosen ones.

Caption for a photo with crazy friends

Friend who is a friend supports and does crazy things with you! Everyone has that crazy friend who’s up for anything, who always cheers up the crowd and doesn’t care about anything. Get inspired by these captions that we chose and post that craziest photo you have together.

The craziest people I’ve ever met in my life. I love it all.

Maybe I have a lot of friends, but no one beats mine!

Meeting you was a pleasure, being friends is crazy. Now to forget about them, only in the grave!

Best moments, best friends, best crazy things.

Nothing better than having crazy friends!

Finding friends with the same mental disorder as you is priceless!

It looks like a madhouse, but it’s just my friends together!

When we are all together, the devil asks for peace.

And I know that with you I can do all the crazy things I can think of. My partners!

Just crazy people that I love so much!

If I didn’t have this bunch of crazy people on my side, who would support my biggest craziness?

The craziest who do everything to see me smile! Something better than you doesn’t exist.

You have the gift of turning anything into a crazy adventure. Love you.

I’m crazy about you guys and I know you guys are crazy about me too.

If this friendship isn’t eternal, I can’t imagine which other friends would be as crazy as you to complete me.

Caption for a photo with friends at a party

There’s nothing better than gathering friends and going out to enjoy the night. Dawns gathered together yield the best memories and photos. We have selected the best phrases for you to caption your photos with friends at a party, check it out:

Any party is small for us!

While you go down and rock, we go up and humiliate on the track!

Without you, no rolê has the same grace. Thank you for being my partners for everything.

Rolê partners, Sunday lunch, parties, anything… I love you.

There is no bad time with you. Did you call the party? We are already there.

Craft clubbers!

We try to get out of the party, but she doesn’t want to leave us!

What happens at the club stays at the club… In fact, we only go out when the security guard takes it off!

Together in the drip and the party.

My party is only complete with you.

If I’m with you I already know that the night won’t do.

Me and my partners in definitive command.

Good party is open bar. And good open bar is just for you.

All together and mixed up!

Each party with you is an adventure that I will share with my grandchildren in the future.

Caption for a photo with friends from school

Many groups of friends end up separating and losing contact after they graduate… Those who still maintain that childhood friendship from school have a real rare gem. How about gathering the guys? We help you with the photo caption! Check out some that we selected:

No school, college, distance and time separate us!

There are friends of all kinds: childhood, school, neighborhood, church, college, the internet, friend of friend… There are even friends that we don’t even remember where they came from. And each one of them has a space saved in the memory and in the heart.

After a while you learn that true friendships continue to grow even over long distances, and what matters is not what you have in life, but who you have in life.

We don’t miss school, we miss school friends.

In addition to being friends from school, we became friends for life and that’s all I could ever want!

I remember when our joy was arriving at school early to meet friends and tell us about the weekend. I still feel the same way every time I meet you guys!

Every day I miss you differently.

That child care from the school days is eternal and it’s still here. Love you.

The fundão gang is still alive! Eternal messy friends.

Not even time will be able to separate us, I love you.

You will be the ones I will remember forever.

Friends at school and siblings in life.

Thank you for being part of my story.

I just woke up early for you guys! My eternal loves.

True friendships survive time, distance, and every other difficulty and obstacle in life. We met at school, but I’m sure we’ll always be best friends.