3 Best Electric Kettle for Boiling Milk in India 2022

Want to make your morning tea effortless? Want to get rid of the slow milk boiling process? The boiling of milk needs some time and care if you want to avoid any disaster of milk spreading on the stove and floor.

If you are busy during milk boiling then in just seconds, all the boiled milk wastes on the kitchen floor. In this busy era, nobody has much time to take care of all these things.

In this article, after the utter time of analysis and research about the milk boiling kettle, we bring here a list of the top 5 best electric kettles for boiling milk.

After the detailed reviews, we will also describe some important factors that will make your buying of milk boiling kettle trouble-free.

In the last section, we will also answer some crucial questions that will come to your mind after reading the article. Without any further detail, take some time and ready the article.

Best Electric Kettle for Boiling Milk in India

Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa 1500W 1.5L Best for regular use
YOZO Electric Kettle  2000W 2L Best for low budget
BMS Lifestyle Fast Boiling Tea Kettle  1500W 2L Best for Joint family

1. Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa-1500W with 1.5 Litre Capacity, (Black/Silver)

Best electric kettle for boiling milk
Best electric kettle for boiling milk

The Inalsa Electric Kettle Absathe is the top pick in our list of the best electric kettle for boiling due to its advanced technology and powerful heating capacity.

This kettle brings comfort to your life and diminishes all the morning hassles of milk boiling. Moreover, with its unique features, you can do a lot more boiling work.


  • This kettle comes up with 1500 watts of power that requires 220-240 volts for its powerful working.
  • With its 1.5L extra-large capacity, you can boil milk for tea, coffee, and other things.
  • The concealed heating element of this kettle gives you excellent durability options.
  • Its automatic shut off and dry boiling features offer you safety during the milk boiling work.
  • The over the protection of this kettle avoids any disaster of voltage damage and other kettle burning problems.
  • The outer body of this kettle is made of high-quality stainless steel that gives you hygiene boiled milk.
  • The best thing about this kettle is that it comes up with a 360-degree cordless pirouette base that offers easy lifting and portability features.
  • Its storage is hassle-free due to its cord winder feature.
  • The inbuilt filter sieve of this kettle gives you milk free from impurities.


Dimensions 23.3 x 17.6 x 21.5 cm
Weight 680 g
Power 1500 watts
Warranty 1 year on Product


  • Fats heating
  • Durable
  • Inbuilt filter sieve
  • Low quality plastic is used
Our conclusion: One-time investment in this kettle is far better than the monthly maintenance expense of a low-quality kettle.

You just need to buy this kettle and enjoy its fantastic feature. Besides this, it gives you a more safe room for doing the milk boiling work with its safety features.

2. YOZO Electric Kettle 2 LTR Automatic Multipurpose

best electric kettle for boiling milk and water

If you are looking for an affordable electric kettle for boiling milk, the YOZO Electric Kettle is the most suitable option.

With the help of this kettle, you can make tea and coffee in just a few seconds. Moreover, its easy working features also make your life comfortable.


  • With its 2000 Watts powerful heating capacity you can boil milk in just a few minutes.
  • For its working, it requires only 240 volts.
  • Its single touch lid locking avoids disasters like the spreading of boiled milk during boiling.
  • It’s cordless features make site storage trouble-free.
  • The concealed heating elements and auto turn off feature give you protection during milk work boiling.
  • Its 2-liter large capacity allows you to make tea for the whole family at a time.
  • Its robust 360 swivel base makes its portability as easy as pie.
  • The best thing about this kettle is that it comes up with a high-quality, cool-touch handle. With its handle, the finder and burning issues are solved.


Power 2000 watts
Warranty 1 year on Product


  • Safe working
  • Cool-touch handle
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Short cord length
Our conclusion: Investing in this electric kettle is one of the smartest decisions if you want to save your time and money.

Besides this, by using this kettle, you can make a lot of hot milk recipes. The hassle of milk boiling in winter is now varnish.

3. BMS Lifestyle Fast Boiling Tea Kettle Cordless

BMS Lifestyle Fast Boiling Tea Kettle Cordless

Searching for a durable and affordable electric kettle for milk boiling? If yes, then BMS Lifestyle Fast Boiling Tea Kettle is the golden option to choose from.

All in all, you will love working with this kettle due to its elegant design and ease of functions.


  • With its 2 litres big capacity, you can boil milk for kids, feed, tea, coffee, and also for making some other milk snakes.
  • The auto cut off features stop milk boiling automatically and thus save electricity bills.
  • Its glowing red LED indicates its power on and off features.
  • Its concealed heating elements make it more safe and sturdy.
  • It features 1500 Watts powerful heating elements for fast and secure milk boiling work.
  • With its 360-degree rotation base, you just need to fill the kettle place it on its base and enjoy the fast boiling. Moreover, you can detach the kettle from its base and experience trouble-free portability.
  • Its removable perforated stainless steel filter provides you with hygiene and healthy boiled milk free from all types of impurities.
  • The single touch lid of this kettle avoids the escape of steam and offers you a fast boiling feature in less time.
  • Its wide mouth makes it cleaning trouble-free.


Power 1500 watts
Warranty 1 year
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel filter
  • LED indicator
  • Short cable
Our conclusion: With its elegant design, strong grip handle, and unique heating features, you can make your morning and evening tea trouble-free.

Because of its big size and safer features, you can use it at the home, office, and even in hostels. In addition to this kettle, you can enjoy durability, affordability, and flexibility features at a time.

Buying Guide for Best Electric Kettle for Boiling Milk

The buying of every gadget needs some time if you want to buy a perfect gadget at an affordable price. The buying of the electric kettle for boiling milk requires the analysis of some crucial factors that will make its buying straightforward and easy. In this section, we will elaborate on some of those factors to make your life more comfortable. Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned buying factors.


The first important thing in buying an electric kettle for boiling milk is its capacity. For joint families and friends gathering a kettle with 2 litres capacity is more suitable than 1 litre. Besides this, if you want to boil milk for making some baby food or any other breakfast item, then a big capacity kettle is the most suitable option.

Moreover, if you want to buy a kettle for only two or three cups of tea, then a normal capacity of 1 litres kettle is best to choose. Before buying, first, analyse your needs, then buy the kettle according to your need capacity.


The power of an electric kettle is another important factor that will make your kettle buying perfect. In this busy era, people have no extra time to wait for breakfast, evening tea, and many more things. They always like to buy a gadget that will save their time along with money.

A powerful electric kettle is the best option for busy people. There is no hassle of waiting for tea on a low gas stove. If you want quick and fast milk boiling work, buy a kettle with a maximum of 1500 watts.


The main thing in any kettle is its cord. With the help of the cord, the kettle gets voltages and does its fantastic features. Different kettles come with different cord length. Some have short cord length while others have long. A short cord length may create problems for you, and you will need some extensions to run its functions.

Next, the cord winding also sometimes creates trouble for you. If you do not carry the cord correctly, it may become damaged, and the kettle needs cord replacement. In some kettle, the cord winder features offer you easy and safe storage of the cord. Buy a kettle that gives you a good cord length plus cord winding.

Safety features

Boiling milk in the kettle and on the stove always requires some safety measures. Different brands offer different types of safety features in their kettles. These Features give you a more safe room to boil milk in the kettle.

The kettles that come up with dry boiling and automatic cut off features are best to choose. This kettle stops the heating feature if the kettle is empty. Moreover, when the milk boils appropriately, the automatic cut off feature turns off the kettle and saves electricity.


Yes, we can boil milk in an electric kettle. For milk boiling electric kettles come up with unique features and advanced heating capacity.  You need to add a specific amount of milk to the kettle and let the kettle boil at a particular temperature.

Which kettle is best for boiling milk?
The best kettle for milk boiling is Inalsa Electric Kettle Absa-1500W with a 1.5 Litre Capacity. With its sturdy construction, powerful heating capacity and smooth operation you can boil milk in just a few minutes. Moreover, its stainless steel construction gives you hygiene and safe boiled milk.

how to boil milk in an electric kettle?
The direct adding of milk into the kettle may burn the milk because of high temperatures. To boil milk safely first add a small amount of water at the kettle button. Now add milk in a glass in any glass that fits at the kettle mouth. Place the glass in the kettle mouth, close its lid and turn it on. The hot boiling water at its bottom will boil the milk without any burning effect.

How much time will it take to boil milk in a kettle?
The milk boiling time mainly depends on your electric kettle heating capacity. A power full 2000 watts kettle boils milk only in 5 minutes while a low watts kettle requires some extra time to boil the milk.

In summing up the article after giving you a complete detailed review of the best electric kettle for milk boiling, we hope that all of your hassles related to boiling are gone. The buying factors play a critical role if you want a sturdy, affordable, and durable electric kettle. Take your time in reading our article each part and then finally make your electric kettle purchase. Lastly, if you want to give us suggestions, then let us know in the feedback section and hit the like button.