Best Bike Chain Lubricants in India 2021

Bike chain lubricants or bike chain lube is crucial if you want to have a smooth working bike. A rough bike chain if not properly lubricated will damage not only the chain itself but also causes vibration of other parts of the bike.

These vibrations and friction can be handful to the bike in the long run. If you are a regular long distance rider or adventurer, then having bike chain lube can come handy if the chain dries up during the ride.

There are so many different varieties of bike chain lubricants in India. We have made this guide by spending countless hours asking seasoned riders about their preferred bike chain lubes. So we have come to conclusion and made this list of best bike chain lubes.

These chain spray lubricants can be used for all types of bikes like royal Enfield ,Duke 360 to small bikes. The chain spray lubricant is just an external application, so it works perfectly with all the bikes.

Best Bike Chain Lubricants

After careful shortlisting, we were finally able to come up with this list of top bike chain lubricants. We have mentioned only chain lubes (also called as C2) which is the exact purpose of the article.

1. Motul (150 ml) Lube for All Bikes

Motul is one of the absolutely top of the line brands when it comes to bike accessories and it is the preferred choice of the bikers all over. This chain lube is also called C2 chain lube and is compatible for all bikes, works perfectly with O ring, X ring and Z ring type of chains. Motul chain lube is available in 150 ml and 400 ml variants. The spray type of delivery system makes it last longer.

Special Features

  • This chain lube helps in smooth functioning of the bike chain, helping you eventually attain a smooth ride
  • Helps in increasing life of the chain
  • It cleans and lubricates the chain
  • It sticks to the chain even at high speeds
  • It makes the bike give best performance due to good lubricantion
  • Ensures smooth movement of chain

2. 3M Chain Lubricant


3M is another top multinational brand when it comes to all kinds of products. This is one of the top chain lubes available in the market. This chain lube comes in a 75 gram and 400 gram container. The container is very compact and can be carried easily while traveling.

Special features

  • Protects your bike chain from rust and corrosion from substances
  • Keeps away the dirt from chains
  • Reduces friction and most importantly shields the chain from damage.
  • Reduces the damage to chain linkages
  • Its viscosity helps it penetrate deep into the chain

3. Nikavi chain lube grease spray


Nikavi chain lube is one of the cheapest chain lube options available. It is made up of para film formula that creates a superior waxy protection to the chain. Thus chain lube just costs a fraction of what other lubes cost.

Special features

  • Water resistant and prevents dirt form sticking to the chain
  • Special parafilm formuls help protect the chain
  • Chain lube is comprised of additives made of heavy duty anti wear properties.
  • Chain lube penetrates deeply into the corners.
  • Helps protect chains in high humidity environments.

4. Waxpol CCL170 chain lube


Waxpol CCL170 is another budget chain lube for all kinds of motorcycles. It lasts longer and works penetrating deeply in to the corners of the chain.

Special features

  • Budget lubricant for your bike
  • Resistant to water and dirt
  • Helps maximize power transfer due to its properties
  • Gives good safety from corrosion and environmental damage
  • Imparts long lasting effect of grease on the chain

5. Glosil GLO2000_500 chain lube spray (500 ml)


Glosil chain lube apart is another popular lubricant for your bike. It is very effective and imparts good adhesive property to the chain. It is not too heavy on the cost aspect and lasts longer. It is suitable for all types of vehicles.

Special features

  • Sticks nicely to the chain and does not get thrown off.
  • It Resists corrosion and prevents wear
  • Provides excellent lubrication to the chains.
  • Cheaper in cost and lasts longer.

How to apply chain lubricants?

Applying lube is easy due to these chain spray lubricants

  • Step 1: The contents of the spray should be shaken well so that it mixes properly inside the container.
  • Step 2: Apply bike chain cleaning spray or clean the chain neatly with some item.
  • Step 3: spray from distance of few inches on the cleaned chain
  • Step 4: Spin the chain so that is goes deep into corners.

Final word

We mentioned the best bike chain lubricants for different motorbikes ranging from royal enfield to high speed bikes and normal bikes. Both low cost and higher cost lubricants are same but slightly. Hence you can choose any of the above mentioned lubes.