Top 7 Best Beard Color in India 2021 | Top Brands Compared & Reviewed

Product NameRating Who can buyBuy Now 
Urbangabru Beard Color for men Black4.9/5Either you have a long or short beard you can try this one to color your beard.Buy Now
Bigen Men’s Beard Color, Dark Brown4.5/5Best beard color for dusky and medium skin typeBuy Now
Just For Men MUSTACHE & BEARD Hair Color MEDIUM BROWN. 4.0/5If you have an extreme grey hair problem try this hair colorBuy Now
Beardo Beard Color For Men – Natural Black 3.8/5If you want to color your beard and mustache both, try this beard color.Buy Now
Colorina Men’s Beard Color, Natural Black 1013.5/5Best for short time beard colors. Within the shortest time the hair color is ready to shine.Buy Now
Shagun Gold Black Herbal Beard Color Powder for Men Moustache Facial Hair Coloring3.0/5If you have sensitive skin and looking for a perfect beard color for your skin type, go for this one.Buy Now
Vegetal Safe Color for Beard, Soft Black 2.7/5Best for natural shining and black finishing beard colorBuy Now

Have you seen the greying in your beard hair? Do you wish you could see your beard in its full glory, colored? Ok, there are beard colors in the market to help you out. 

The beard colors work similarly to hair colors in that they color and dye the beard hair for a brief period of time before rinsing it off to reveal the colored hair underneath. Note, though, that you must still take care of your beard’s color with appropriate shampoos and care items. There are some high-quality options available to keep the grey from your muzzle if you aren’t yet ready to succumb to the march of time.

The perfect beard color should not only be long-lasting, it should also have a great essence of aroma and a natural brown or black color that will help you to hide all the grey hairs within a few minutes. After 6-7 washes also the color should not be faded. So, here, after trying several beard colors, finally we have announced The Urban Gabru Beard Color for men Black as the clear winner of our best beard colors in India review. 

Aside from this one, we’ve experimented with a total of six beard colors that are suitable for men with a thin stubble or a full beard. Because of the natural ingredients, it is ideal for oily, dry, normal, and sensitive skin.

In this guide, we’ve not only tested the best beard colors in the market, but we’ve also explained key features to consider before choosing the correct one.

We’ve also given answers to a few common questions that almost every man has in their mind when it comes to selecting the right beard color for his beard based on his skin type, as well as a thorough expert review.

Now we are going to help you to get the ideal beard color according to your budget and requirement

We’ve scoured the market and assembled a list of the most useful and effective Men’s beard colors available today. All the products are chosen with proper testing and great care.  Let’s take a look at those beard color products.


Urbangabru Beard Color for men Black stands number one position for its great attributes like it can be used on any section of your beard, including longer beard styles. This Urbangabru beard color is one of the best beard colors in India. 

After using this product burning, swelling, or rash are not a possibility. It produces a natural black beard that lasts for a long time.  You will restore your self-confidence for college, a romantic evening, or making new friends by covering up that patchy grey beard. 

It is so simple to clean without the use of soap or shampoo. This substance contains a henna powder that contains no parabens or sulfates. 

It is suitable for short and long beard coloring, and also an easy application on every aspect of your beard. If you can make a paste with a scoop (10gm) of color and water, do so.

 Apply with a brush to the beard & keep your hands away from your nose & mouth. Wait for 20-25 minutes before washing with water. Henna powder is added to Urbangabru beard color, resulting in a long-lasting organic black beard.

 It hasn’t been refined or combined with any contaminants or additives. As a result, there is no risk of skin inflammation or burns. For all of these qualities, we have given this product 4.9 out of 5 stars.



Our recommendation

Either you have a long or short beard you can try this one to color your beard.

You can apply it to every aspect of your beard, including very short beard types, with ease. Aloe extract including olive oil has been added to the product. Color that lasts and is enriched with Taurine. Also, the cream’s high viscosity ensures that your beard is fully covered without sweating. 

It is one of the most well-known brands for beard color items, which will help you achieve a natural-looking beard. That is why we have placed it in the second number of the list and also have granted this item 4.5 out of 5 stars with all of these amazing features.  

Its magical BEARD Pigment removes the fear of carcinogens in hair dye products, and this new high-tech darkening color solution is free of harmful ingredients and has no negative effects on the facial skin.

This formula, which is loaded with essential oils and botanical supplements, renders hair incredibly smooth and soothed. After using this paint, you would be astounded by its miraculous effects. It’s only when you’ve tried it that you’ll believe it.



Our recommendation

Best beard color for dusky and medium skin type.

Its formula is non-dripping & non-staining. In just ten minutes, you’ll have complete grey coverage. It lasts a lot longer and is gentle on the skin. It turns your hair dark brown. 

This natural black hair color gets 4 out of 5 stars with the third rank in our list of best beard colors. Because there are no harsh chemicals or ammonia in this product. It is a 100 % natural product and that’s why it takes the place of number three of our list. 

The natural recipe of the Beardo beard color has been improved for your good hair. This beard color is available in a gel shape that is simple to add. This beard color does not contain any toxic chemicals such as ammonia. 

It’s easy to add the gel-based solution to your long beard hair. If any stain is left in your skin, you can use a beard wash from our best beard wash in India.



Our recommendation

If you have extreme grey hair problems try this hair color.

It is the most well-known Indian brand for producing organic hair & body care products. And it is one of the greatest pure beard dyes for men, with a powder coloring formula that will give your beard a natural appearance. 

The Herbal Essentials will lend your beard hair a black tint. The beard pigment is made entirely of natural ingredients, including henna and indigo extracts. It is available as a powder. It doesn’t have any toxic chemicals such as ammonia, which can damage your scalp. 

When this beard coloring is brushed, it takes a little longer to apply. You can also read the directions in the box just before the application. So, Just For Men beard color gets 4 out of 5 stars with 4th position of our list.



Our recommendation

If you want to color your beard and moustache both, try this beard color.

In just 5 minutes, you can change the color of your beard. For this specialty, it gets 3.5 stars with the fifth position. Its other specialty is that it only colors the beard hair, not the skin. 

It has no  Black Seed Oil,  ammonia, no allergies, and no negative side effects. It is made with Green Extract,  Natural Argan Oil, Henna, Vit-E, as well as Aloe vera are included in the six sachets of 10ml each, as well as two pairs of hand gloves and one brush. 

With this groundbreaking NO-FUSS fast blackening ammonia resistant beard color. Now you can restore your stunning appearance within a minute only. Colorina beard color blackens beard & mustache hairs in just five minutes which lasts at least 4-5 weeks.



Our recommendation

Best for short time beard colors. Within the shortest time the hair color is ready to shine.

Start preparing a small batch of Herbal paste to use in the sensitivity examination. Wait 24 hours after applying the specimen paste behind the lip. You should continue with the procedure of producing herbal henna paste if there is no scratching or redness. 

It is among the most widely recommended beard care brands. Compared to every product in our list, it ranks number six according to its performance.  Shagun Gold Herbal Black Beard Dye is a beard dye with a herbal foundation that really works. 

When you wash it off, your beard will retain its natural dyed hair. It is irreversible. It’s not perfume, either. If you follow the directions, you’ll have a very good-looking black beard. 

 In 20 – 25 minutes, you will get the perfect color. So, we have granted this item 3.0 out of 5 stars with all of these amazing features.



Our recommendation

If you have sensitive skin and looking for a perfect beard color for your skin type, go for this one.

Vegetal SafeColor is a quality hair coloring solution that contains a great blend of innovative bioactive components that work together to bring the hair a natural lustrous shine. 

It’s an organic hair color that lasts a long time and preserves and enhances hair fiber. This hair color is best for natural beard hair coloring. It’s a practical & easy-to-use item for men who want to treat greying areas on the go. 

This is currently one of the most common non-allergenic beard dyes. For all of these qualities, we have given this product 2.7 out of 5 stars.



Our recommendation

Best for natural shining and black finishing beard color.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions that you should know before purchasing a beard color in India)

In comparison to other brands, the Urbangabru Beard Color is the best beard color in India. It also comes in a container with a 100 ml pump pack, and it ranks first in our reports of the best beard colors in India.

Although it may be tempting to rub the dye in with your fingertips, resist! You do not want to overdye your beard because it can irritate your skin or cause beard damage (depending on the substance you use and some are ammonia-free and won’t harm your beard).

Since dye materials contain chemicals, which may damage the skin, we recommend avoiding them on your manly tresses. Our scalp is strong, but our skin on the face is even more delicate, so regular hair color is not a great option for your skin.

Men typically begin developing beard in middle childhood and adolescence, about the age of seventeen, and most do not complete an adult hair once they are nineteen or older.

Why can’t you change your hair color forever if the reason is genetic? Hair is actually white at the root. Your hair follicles can’t develop melanin on their own until they’ve lost it. 

Your hair will turn gray as melanin processing slows, then white until melanin production has finally ceased. If you want to dye your grey hair, try the best beard dye from our best beard dye in India list. 

You’ll be sorely unhappy with the results if you want beard oil to magically develop a beard for you. However, beard oil is very effective.

 It performs in the manner for which it was developed. It boosts growth motivation, decreases the need to shave, and encourages a stable and ideal developing environment.

Let’s Sum Up

If you want to get rid of greying and wish to have a sport black dyed hair don’t go for market chemical products, always do a good research and select a perfect hair color, like we have listed. 


You can also wax your beard with our useful tips on the best beard wax in India. All of these listed hair colors  are all-natural and free of ammonia & sulfate, and they produce powerful and spectacular results in a short amount of time. 


You will definitely love trying these beard colors if you give them a try!