Barrister Babu 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 9th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Bondita says that the guards are unconscious. Chandrachur claims that Anirudh is a cheat because he did this. He faints. Anirudh arrives there. He enters the haveli. Bondita questions him about why he came here. He tells Bondita not to worry, they have to take everyone out. I will get Sumati. He takes Sumati along. Bondita receives Tapur and Tupur. Anirudh gets Chandrachur outside. Bondita calls Thakumaa… She runs. Thakumaa tells her she can do anything, and she must go. Anirudh arrives and gives her a shawl. She asks him if he is okay. She rescues him from a fallen structure. He covers his face and asks her to join him. Chandrachur stands up and states that Tulsipur did it, so we won’t leave them. Trilochan, Somnath arrive. Trilochan promises that we won’t leave. Anirudh takes Thakumaa with him. Bondita questions if you are okay. Bondita claims they didn’t go to death, but doesn’t know how long. You can save them, and you can end the enmity. Anirudh said Kaka that we could all have been there instead of them. Enmity doesn’t bring us anything, only sorrow at the loss of loved ones. We are seeing Binoy every day. Bondita believes friendship brings peace and happiness. Tell us if you would rather lose your loved ones or live with them. Chandrachur said enough, Thakumaa, they burned our entire house. Don’t listen to their words, they love madly.

Bondita and Anirudh hold hands. Bondita states that they are mad in love and declares that she will fight against enmity. Anirudh claims you are calling us crazy, but you all know the truth. We have all burned our houses in enmity. Bondita claims we won’t get away. Chandrachur claims it is their drama. We will all know that this enmity cannot end. He points a gun at Anirudh, and then says “Leave her hand.” Somnath points a gun at Bondita as well and asks her to leave Anirudh in her hands. Bondita and Anirudh say they will live and die together. Somnath says fine, you will die Bondita. Chandrachur suggests that you prepare to die. Anirudh says shoot. Thakumaa, Trilochan worry. They stop Chandrachur & Somnath. Trilochan slaps Somnath. Thakumaa claims that I should have done it before. We won’t shed blood of our dear ones. Trilochan promises that we will end the enmity. The people are also in agreement. Thakumaa promises that we will meet tomorrow to discuss a peace proposal. Trilochan says fine. Anirudh, Bondita smile.

It’s morning and Thakumaa, his family, meet Trilochan at his haveli. Mukhiya requests them to sign the peace proposal. Trilochan says no and refuses to sign the peace proposal. Thakumaa promises to keep the relationship. She unites Anirudh and Bondita’s hands. Everyone wishes her well. Bondita claims I broke the promise due to a misunderstanding. I need my mum’s blessings. Sumati says that I wanted to save your heartbreak. I bless you both and I’m glad that you ended the enmity. We also want to repair the alliance between our children from these villages, according to the men. Anirudh claims that there is no enmity right now. Bondita believes it will be the best because enmity cannot get back.

Anirudh states that this decision has been made. Bondita and me will get married. Any other couple can also get married. Bondita wants to know if I can call you Pati Babu. Anirudh said that I believe my ears would be delighted to hear this. She then asks, “What shall I call you?” He said that although we haven’t got married yet, it is clear that you will be able to call me darling babyu after marriage. She is shy. Chandrachur looks on. Trilochan promises that he will make all arrangements for the mass wedding. Anirudh claims Thakumaa’s home was set on fire, so why not let them stay in our haveli? Trilochan claims that I don’t have any problem. Thakumaa states that I have a condition. If we stay here, Anirudh will keep distance from Bondita and they will not meet. This marriage will be performed according to all the rituals. Trilochan says you said right Thakumaa. She claims that we all agreed on the same thing Kaka. He claims that I am not your Kaka. She replies, “Then am I your Thakumaa.” They call one another Samdhi. She asks Chandrachur if he is ready to assume Bondita’s marital responsibility. Bihari claims that happiness arrived in our home after a long period. Trilochan affirms. Somnath warns that this could lead to new problems. Trilochan asks if you are not happy. Somnath wants to know if you are happy with this.

Anirudh listens to them. Trilochan states that we cannot forget enmity in a single moment. Anirudh pressured me to agree, but I chose peace. Anirudh, Bondita and Anirudh made me realize, the sword of Enmity is blind. It can’t see the relationships getting hurt. We can offer friendship. Anirudh smiles. Trilochan claims seven people came forward to wed in one day. Everyone is happy, and it’s a good thing. Sampoorna said that the couples are here. They are pleased to welcome Thakumaa as well as other guests. Trilochan stops Bihari, and she says that Thakumaa doesn’t like perfume. She sneezes. Thakumaa says you remember. He said that you didn’t forget. Sampoorna is asked by her to be cautious, Anirudh & Bondita are very naughty. She tells Sampoorna that we will prepare for a rasam. Anirudh, our Jamai Babu, Anirudh, and Bondita should not meet before marriage. Trilochan said that they are separated and not to worry. Sampoorna said that they won’t meet together before marriage but they can see each other through the windows. Anirudh believes that I have stayed away eight years from my love, but now I can’t be apart for one second. Bondita smiles. Rishta Tera Mera ….Plays…