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Barrister Babu 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Bonditta announcing that her witness will testify and accept full responsibility, but that her identity will only be revealed to the judge at the end of the episode. The public prosecutor states that he would like to ask certain questions to the witness and believes that he will be able to determine who is the genuine witness among all of the female witnesses. The lawyer attempts to exert pressure on the witness. He inquires as to what kind of clothing she had on that particular evening. Were any of her bodily parts visible, or was she attempting to draw Chandrachur’s attention to herself? The witness is asked by the lawyer what posture she was in when Anirudh arrived. Where was Chandrachur putting his hands on her?

Bonditta is concerned that the government’s attorney is attempting to intimidate her as a witness. He claims that he hasn’t even said the truth yet, but he claims that someone has lost his life. Bonditta encourages her witness that she should speak the truth without fear because she is present. The witness’s attorney claims that she is exerting undue pressure on him. The witness will now be required to respond to the Government’s lawyer, according to the judge. The lawyer continues to frighten the witness and attempts to put his words in her mouth. Her words are not let out of his mouth, and he alters her words to make it appear as though the battle between Anirudh and Chandrachur is between two men.


The witness is instructed by the government lawyer to answer the question, “What was her relationship with Chandrachur?” Bonditta is persistent in her attempts to object. Was she ever in a relationship with Anirudh? The witness becomes frightened and declares that she does not wish to tell the truth, and she then exits the courtroom. It would be preferable if Bonditta left the courtroom because your lawyer had blown away like a dried leaf, according to the Government Lawyer who spoke with Bonditta.


Anirudh is asked by a government lawyer why he believes women can compete on an equal footing with males. He claims that I have brought your wife to her knees in the first hearing and that girls are better suited for the house and the bed than the courtroom. Anirudh becomes enraged and tries to strike him in the face. Bonditta claims that the government’s lawyer is attempting to distort the facts. Aniruddh should be executed, according to his lawyer, because the truth is now in front of everyone.


The judge has stated that the last hearing in this case will take place on Vijayadashmi, and that if Bonditta is unable to submit any proof, Anirudh will be hanged on that day. When Bonditta says she tried her best, Anirudh says she shouldn’t be apologetic about it and should refrain from bringing her back to court. Anirudh informs Bonditta that there might be a solution out of this situation, and that she must discover it and win the case. Bonditta is told by Anirudh that she will find a fresh approach to bring out the truth about her husband.


Bonditta promises Anirudh that she will not give up until she has discovered the proof that would allow her to save Anirudh. She also promises Anirudh that she will not stop until she has discovered the evidence that will allow her to save Anirudh. Som hands over to Bonditta the possessions of Chandrachur that have been returned by the police. Despite her efforts, Bonditta is unable to locate Chandrachur’s ring among the clothing he never removed from himself. Bonditta contemplates whether or not this is the evidence that will bring the truth to light at the conclusion of the episode.


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