Barrister Babu 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Anirudh and Bondita are told by a man that they are workers and not landlords. Bondita watches Anirudh lift heavy sacks onto his shoulders and move them from one location to the next. He nearly loses his balance when Bondita runs to help him. He is about to fall on rocks, but she rescues ahim. She is sorry to see Anirudh behave like that.

Bondita is approached by a girl who says, “Let’s go!” Bondita wants to know where it is. The girl replies, “Thakumaa called you.” Bondita and Anirudh are shocked. Bondita is shocked when the girl grabs her hand and takes her inside. Bondita is terrified. Anirudh sees inside through a window. An elderly lady walks out and takes her place on the chair. Bondita is afraid of looking at her. Anirudh finally sees the lady. Bondita still looks down. She said, Thakumaa. I will tell the truth. Thakumaa, the lady replies. Your mother and your family Thakumaa. Bondita finally sees the lady and is relieved. Thakumaa says, “I am Thakumaa” of my granddaughter, Lamoni. The rest is Kali. Bondita says, understood, Kali Dadi. Kali said, Kali is the only Kali. I am still young. Do not try to make my hair look older. It is a result of my experiences and not my age. Bondita is told by Lamoni that Kali is her Dadi. However, she is just as good as her friend. Bondita begins sweet conversations with Kali, and impresses her. Kali asks you what your name is. Bondita was going to tell her real name but then she said Rani. Kali claims she looks like a queen. Her palm lines also indicate that she is one. What is she doing as a servant? What are her hidden motives? Kali is told by Lamoni that not all palm lines are truthful. Kali informs Bondita that if she doesn’t become queen of mansions then she will certainly become queen of her king’s heart. Bondita smiles. Kali informs Bondita then that their priest is coming, and asks her if she will do the cleaning.

Sumati asks Chandrachur, where is Bondita? Thakumaa said that they searched all over, but couldn’t find them. Bondita again let them down. She ran away once more. This time, she will be punished very severely. Sumati claims that there is no punishment and she will leave Bondita forever. In anger, she breaks a pot and declares that Bondita has died for her. Bondita asked today about her upbringing and she said that she is taking Bondita’s rights to call her mother. Tapur warns Sumati not say such things. Bondita is Bondita’s blood, even though she is mad right now. Sumati insists that she cannot be her blood because she forgot her mother’s swear. Today she is separating Bondita, her soul, from her. She has ended her relationship with Bondita. She is not in a relationship with her. Tapur believes that Bondita would have done this if there was a reason. Sumati won’t listen to any explanation and walks away.

Bondita sweeps the floor. Anirudh blows the air from a distance. They smile at one another. The priest arrives and greets Kali. Kali informs the priest that tomorrow will be Lamoni’s wedding and asks him for a double-check of tomorrow’s muhrat. Tomorrow is a very auspicious day, the priest said. All Devi and Devta will bless any couple that exchanges garlands before the God. Their love will last a lifetime. Anirudh and Bondita smile when they hear that.

Bondita visits Anirudh. Both say that tomorrow is very auspicious. Should they get married tomorrow? Bondita suggests that this may be a sign from Durga Maa. We were running from temple-to-temple until yesterday. Then Durga Maa sent us this message and we are now following her lead. Bondita hopes they can get the blessings of their families. He assures her that they will convince their families, but only after they get married. They are currently blinded by enmity. However, they believe strongly in marriages so they won’t have any problems once they get married. He can see her crying. He wipes her tears, and tells her that he can bring her blessings from a distance. She wonders what that means.

He takes her out and examines a telephone. He takes a look around, and then he places his hand under a table. He inspects the space and then comes out. He tricks Bondita, sending her under the table, and then joining her. He picks up the phone and tells Bondita that Sumati is calling. Bondita dials up the number. Sumati is about pick up, but Tupur interrupts her and grabs the phone instead. Bondita informs Tupur that Sumati can be reached by phone. Tupur is shocked. Sumati questions Tupur about the call. Tupur replies that it is from her mother’s house. Sumati walks off and sits next to her. Bondita questions Tupur about why she’s not answering any of her questions. Is there anyone? Tupur says, hmm. Bondita tells Tupur that she is marrying Anirudh tomorrow. Tupur again says, hmm. Bondita says that her daughter will be a bride and she needs her blessings. They will be able to come to her after marriage and receive her blessings. She is currently far away. Bondita hangs up.

Anirudh is told by Bondita that everyone seemed to be around so Sumati couldn’t speak to her. He then calls her to ask. Sampoorna must have been worried about them. He dials. Binoy picked up before Sampoorna could pick it up. Binoy asks, “Where are you?” They are very annoying. They don’t give me enough food. Anirudh tells him to bring toys. Anirudh promises that he will be there soon. Sampoorna calls Anirudh to ask if they are okay. Anirudh assures them that they are fine. Right now, they are at Chandan Nagar. Tomorrow, they will be marrying. They need their blessings. Sampoorna blesses him and asks Binoy for their blessings. Anirudh is told by Sampoorna that they are not there but that they must perform all rituals. Bondita must look like Roy Chaudhary’s bahu. Anirudh promises that he will make Bondita’s marriage unforgettable.

Anirudh turns to Bondita after the call. He said, “I will make you a beautiful bride so that if anyone sees you, they will be afraid that they might cast an evil eye.” Roy Chaudhary will be their barrat, even though no one is there for them. Their barrati (guests) will include all the stars. They will exchange pheres beneath a dark sky. They will promise to live together for their entire lives, hand-in-hand. Rishta Tera Mera… Bondita smiles.