Barrister Babu 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kali tells Laboni to spend more time with her friends because she won’t be able to see her husband after the wedding. Bondita is about leaving but Kali interrupts her and explains what the secret to a happy marriage is. Kali disagrees with the idea of taking care of your husband. Bondita believes that love is also necessary. Kali comments that Bondita seems to know a lot about marriage. Bondita is asked to elaborate. Kali mentions the first night. Bondita talks about milk glass and other things that she leaned as a child. She tells them, but she doesn’t understand the true meaning.

Anirudh feels embarrassed. Kali sits down in a chair and tells Bondita that her husband will be close to her the first night. She will be shy like her husband. Kali shows Bondita how romance works. Kali questions Bondita about the English word for kiss. After feeling shy, Bondita excuses herself and runs away. Anirudh is shocked at her.

Laboni advises Chandrachur’s mother and Chandrachur to get some sleep. Chandrachur declares that he wants Bondita. He cannot wait any longer. His mother advises him to manage his emotions. Anirudh stops Bondita, and places her in a corner. He claims he can help her understand the meaning of kiss. Bondita feels shy. Anirudh asks if she doesn’t like him. Bondita doesn’t say anything like that. Anirudh stops her from running. Bondita tells Anirudh to not touch her without her consent that he gets close to her. Anirudh said that he is proud of her because he believed she did the right thing. A man shouldn’t force a woman to love him. This is also true for married couples. A husband shouldn’t touch his wife without her consent.

Bondita is a little teary. Anirudh claims he won’t touch Bondita unless she asks him. She shouldn’t think about the society. He has the right to love her wholeheartedly. Bondita stops him as he is about to go. He holds her hand, and she says that she’s allowing him to touch her soul. She allows him to make her happy. Anirudh strokes her hair and kisses her forehead. Bondita embraces him and stares at each other.

Sampurna believes Trilochan has made arrangements for her marriage. Trilochan claims he has learned that tomorrow is a good day for marriage. Sampurna believes it’s for Anirudh and Bondita’s marriage. Trilochan claims it’s for someone special. He believes he created a trap to force Sampurna into revealing Anirudh’s location.


Anirudh blindfolds Bondita, and then gifts her a saree to wear for her wedding. He made her handmade jewels. He claims he only used the money he earned through hard work. He is sad that he could not give Bondita gold or diamond jewels. Bondita believes this is the most precious gift she could receive from Patibabu. Anirudh, Bondita and their children share a sweet moment and enjoy some quality time. They are sprayed with rose petals. They can get caught in curtains, and other stuffs can fall on them by accident.

Everyone awakens from their sleep and starts to criticize Anirudh & Bondita’s love for each other prior to marriage. They mock them, and Anirudh tells them that love isn’t a crime. It’s almost worship. If they are there to bless a married couple, then why are they taunting their two love birds? Chandrachur wonders from where is the noise coming. Kali interrupts, saying that love doesn’t have a boundary.


She asks Bondita and Anirudh about their love. Anirudh and Bondita both admit that their families rejected them, so they eloped. Kali supports their love, saying that loving another person is okay. After Laboni’s wedding, she announces that Anirudh will marry Bondita. Anirudh, Bondita are happy to learn it. Chandrachur visits to see what’s going on.