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Barrister Babu 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Bondita begins the episode believing she is missing out on something. She decides to look through Tupur’s room for a clue. She notices a shadow behind the door. When she opens the door, there is no one there. She later goes to Tupur’s chamber, believing he slept in Thakuma’s room. Bondita discovers one address with Dhaka’s address scribbled on it. She remembers receiving a phone call from Dhaka. She notices Musa bhai’s name and wonders who he is. She exits Tupur’s chamber, and Tupur follows her into her own.

Bondita is startled by a disturbance, and Tupur flees. Bondita rushes to investigate and discovers Tapur has fallen from his stool. Tapur justifies his actions by bringing down several items. Bondita discovers a piece of cloth and realises Tapur was attempting suicide. Tapur is perplexed as to why she was attempting suicide. Thakuma tells Tapur not to say anything as she stammers. Bondita looks at Thakuma and wonders why she is signalling Tapur. She assumes it has something to do with Anirudh’s situation. She inquires as to why Thakuma advised Tapur to keep her mouth shut. Is there anything they’re trying to keep hidden?

Thakuma tries to hide it by claiming she didn’t inform Tapur about it. Tapur tells Bondita the same thing. Bondita claims she witnessed Tapur attempt suicide. Bondita misinterpreted the circumstance, and Tapur claims that she didn’t do it. Thakuma’s promise to assist Bondita in this circumstance does not imply that Bondita will act erratically. Bondita hears another noise as she walks away with Tapur. Tupur had overheard their conversation, she discovers. Tupur’s late-night activities are questioned by Bondita.

Tupur tries to conceal a box, but Bondita grabs it. She notices that it contains food. Tupur is the one for whom she packed food. Tupur acts irrationally and claims she went to give Chandrachur food, but he refused. Bondita sympathises with her and advises her to accept Chandrachur’s death. Tupur claims that Chandrachur is still alive and that he is seeking justice, so she prepared his favourite cuisine for him to make him happy. Tupur is a type of leaf. Bondita is perplexed and wonders why Tupur and Tapur are acting so strangely.

Bondita converses with Anirudh’s photograph. Is she making a mistake by doubting her own family members, she claims? Tupur is in excruciating pain, and she committed a mistake by failing to recognise it. Bondita advises on whether she should continue or not. She imagines Anirudh telling her to forget about all the challenges and roadblocks. She should concentrate solely on bringing justice to the wrongdoer. She should not be overly concerned with personal relationships because the truth will be her primary focus. Bondita hugs him and tells him that she can’t be weak if he’s beside her. Her dream concludes with her stating that she is certain Anirudh is attempting to save someone in his family, which she will undoubtedly discover.

Bondita does aarti for Dugga Ma and tells Thakuma that she would soon have Anirudh out from prison. Bondita and Anirudh’s pre-wedding images are seen by Trilochan and Sampurna. Trilochan warns Sampurna to keep the images hidden or Bondita will be upset. Bondita speaks with children, who said they pray for Anirudh’s safety on a regular basis. They tell Bondita that she must guarantee them that she will return with him.

Bondita makes a commitment to Trilochan and receives his blessings, but he misplaces the images of Bondita and Anirudh. Bondita notices them and discovers Chandrachur’s disguised aspect on the set of the movie. She has the impression that the make-up artist is someone she knows. She compares it to Chandrachur’s photographs and discovers parallels. That day, Chandrachur came to take her, she adds.


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