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Barrister Babu 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Bondita warns the male barrister not to get in her way at the outset of the episode. Bondita enters the men’s room, and the men are surprised to see her there. Bondita believes that she needs to get to court on time right now, therefore she doesn’t care what other people say.

Bondita’s appeal will be dismissed if she does not appear on time, according to the judge. The case file will be thrown out. Subodh mocks Anirudh, claiming that educating his wife has harmed her brain. Bondita, according to Anirudh, will be an inspiration to women who want to achieve their goals. She will fight for all women, not just for him.

Bondita reappears on the court, surprising Subodh. Bondita apologises to the judge. Subodh claims she is late and so unable to fight the lawsuit at this time. Bondita claims that it is not yet 11 a.m. There are still 5 seconds remaining. She files the appeal, and Anirudh is pleased to hear it. Bondita believes she will figure out why Anirudh has been silent.

Anirudh believes he is upset since he is unable to assist Bondita in this predicament. He is incapable of telling the truth. Subodh claims that Anirudh confessed to his wrongdoing, so why restart the case? Bondita claims that she believes in proofs and that if Anirudh is innocent, he would not be sentenced to death.

Bondita’s appeal is accepted by the judge, who states that if she is unable to prove Anirudh’s innocence, he will be hanged until death. Bondita later goes to Subodh and exposes him, claiming that she discovered he had mixed something in the prasad. She mocks him for descending so low, claiming that now it has been shown that women are equal to males.

By glancing at Anirudh’s portrait, Bondita realises how much she misses him. Bondita scribbles something on the board and looks for clues. She recalls all she saw in the days leading up to the wedding day. She is perplexed as to why Anirudh pursued Chandrachur and what he is concealing.

Binoy appears and takes the board down, stating that he wants Anirudh back to play with him. Bondita vows that she would alter them and that she will spare Anirudh from being punished.

Bondita meets Anirudh in jail and checks to see whether they are being watched. She provides Anirudh puris and he questions why she is breaching the rules. Bondita claims that his wife, not a barrister, is breaking the regulations. She gives him puri to eat.

Anirudh promised Bondita that he would not keep secrets from her, so why isn’t he telling her what happened that day? Why did he fight Chandrachur? She asks him to tell her the truth, but he doesn’t respond. Bondita asserts that if he is insistent, she is equally so. She will conduct an investigation and question members of her family.

Trilochan, Somnath, and Tapur are interrogated by Bondita. Tupur informs Bondita that she will not assist her in rescuing Anirudh, and she records down the information. She believes Anirudh murdered Chandrachur and that he ought to be punished regardless of the circumstances. Bondita had no choice but to accept it.

Binoy tosses things aside and claims that this isn’t true. Bondita reassures him, saying she will persuade Tupur. Bondita believes the truth will be revealed, but when Tapur arrives, she becomes agitated. When Bondita questions her, she starts crying in front of her. Tapur goes on to say that she doesn’t know anything and hasn’t seen anything. Thakuma excuses himself and takes Tapur from there. Bondita begins to be suspicious.

Bondita runs into Anirudh again and inquires about the implications of his decision to shoot Chandrachur. Was he attempting to save a member of his family? Anirudh remains mute, and Bondita advises him to keep a record of his thoughts. Bondita removes the diary when visiting hours are over. She claims that his silence was the answer to everything. She is aware that he is attempting to save one of his family members.


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