Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The episode begins with Sampoorna telling Bondita to not go to London. Bondita is told by her to give Anirudh one chance. She knows Bondita loves him very much and he loves her. Bondita claims that she cannot stay there. Sampoorna wonders why. What is stopping her? Sumati comes in and tells Sampoorna that she has given her an oath. Sumati tells Sampoorna she has no relationship with the house and to leave. They have only enmity between themselves. Thakumaa will find out and kill Sumati if she finds out. It’s best for her to go. Sampoorna grabs a knife and tells Sumati that she will kill her. She is willing to give her life in order to save Bondita. She asks Sumati to sign her back. Anirudh will die without Bondita. Sumati isn’t ready to compromise. Bondita gives Shashwati a swear and asks Sampoorna to leave. Sampoorna said it was fine but Anirudh won’t slow down. He will not be stopped by anyone. Bondita tells her that she must decide if she wants to fight or fall in love during Janmasthmi.

Bondita thinks about Anirudh at night. Anirudh calls Bondita. He asks her, are you crying? She lies. I have no reason to laugh or be happy. He said, “I know that I am the cause of your sadness.” But I want to make you smile and bring you happiness. Imagine what it will be like to lose me if you start crying at the thought of it happening. She assures me that I will not die. He asks, “What if I die?” She weeps and asks, Sakha, if you want to cause my sorrow again, Sakha… He replies, Your Sakha Babu wants you to have happiness, and that’s why I won’t let you leave me. Never. She said, “I cannot stay here for anyone.” He says, “Not even for me?” She hangs up and doesn’t answer. He said, “Before you hang up, I want you to know that I will be coming to your home tomorrow, Janmasthmi, to complete our incomplete relationship, and to express my emotions.” She replies, “You won’t come.” It’s possible for anything to happen. He said, “I’m fine with that.” She said, “You can also lose your life.” He said, “I’m fine with everything.” If I can be with you, I will accept everything. He tells her that her ‘barristra babu’, her sakha Babu, is coming to her home to share his feelings. She tells him, “You won’t come.” He refuses to listen. He smiles and hangs up his phone.

Thakumaa starts Janmasthmi’s function. Everyone receives the blessings of Krishna lord. Tapur informs Bondita she looks beautiful as Radha. Bondita asks, “Where is Krishna?” Tapur asks a lady. The lady said that he couldn’t come. Chandrachur believes that Bondita will not be allowed to go. He will make it his today.

Anirudh said that just as Krishna’s name would be incomplete without Radha, so he would also be incomplete without Bondita. He is therefore going to her today to share his feelings. He asks for her blessings. He can’t open the door to his bedroom. He calls Bihari. Everyone goes there. Sampoorna questions who locked the door. Trilochan says he did. Flashbacks reveal that Bondita called Trilochan to ask him to stop Anirudh’s visit to Krishna Nagar. Trilochan claims that he promised Thakumaa to stop Bondita’s trip to Kolkata from Tulsipur. It is his responsibility to ensure that there is no stopping them. Anirudh said, You can’t do it with me. Trilochan replies, “I am doing this together.” He orders the guards to remain there to make sure Anirudh does not escape. He invites his family to shraddh/funeral. Sampoorna questions who’s funeral. He says, Bondita’s. She left behind memories of this house. Anirudh is shocked by this.

Chandrachur is told by Bondita that Krishna is not there. What will they do Ras Leela, etc.? He assures her that her Krishna will come. Bondita is told by Thakumaa that if Chandrachur has said so, then Krishna will also come. She inquires if her preparations for her departure are complete. She affirms. Chandrachur excuses himself. He glances at the chemical and states that he has only one way to go. Bondita will soon be intoxicated after drinking this and will agree to anything. He will take her into his bedroom and then… He smiles, saying that they will become one. Bondita will then be his forever.

Trilochan is told by Sampoorna that this is wrong. He claims that Bondita was wrong with them. Anirudh stops Sampoorna from claiming that his and Bondita’s relationship isn’t so weak that it will be broken by Trilochan’s doing these things. Today, he is going to strengthen his relationship with Bondita. Trilochan claims he will not be able get out of his room and that he will never meet Bondita. Anirudh claims that no one can stop him. Bondita will be his first love today. He is trying to figure out how to get out.

Chandrachur makes the chemical from juice and gives it Bondita. Anirudh starts a fire in his bedroom and screams for help. He locks the guards in his room as soon as he sees them. Tapur arrives and tells Bondita that Krishna ji has arrived. Bondita is about ready to drink the juice. Bondita takes the juice cup and puts it on the side, so she can see Krishna ji. Anirudh dresses up as Krishna and comes to see him. Bondita, Thakumaa and other people are happy to see Krishna ji. Thakumaa advises him to visit Bondita. Bondita will tell him all the traditions. Tapur says to Bondita that this is Krishna ji. They look just like Radha and Krishna. Bondita takes Anirudh with her to receive the lord’s blessings. She then gives him a flute. He can’t hold the flute properly. She touches him and freezes his hand while she teaches him. She pulls her hands back, and teaches him from a distance. He asks, “Is this okay?” Anirudh’s voice shocks her. He said, “I told you I would express my feelings today and I will do so in front of everybody.” Rishta Tera Mera… She said, “No.” He replies, “Yes.” Thakumaa arrives and tells Anirudh/Krishna to start the function. Anirudh goes. Chandrachur believes that Bondita should be allowed to drink the juice. Anirudh observes Chandrachur insisting Bondita drink the juice. Chandrachur believes he can do whatever it takes to make Bondita his. Bondita stares at Anirudh, and then she says in her head, Sakha Babu. In his mind, he says that he won’t leave until he hears your confession and confesses to me. He believes that Bondita’s decision to say yes or no will determine their relationship’s fate. He will make the same decision, but he does not want to force his affection on her.