Barrister Babu 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Bondita begins the show by explaining that woman is another name for strength. She claims to be Anirudh’s wife and that she will not allow him to be punished. She is going to save him. Trilochan is taunted by Subodh, who asks what the joke is. He challenges him, claiming that Anirudh would be executed and his family will be devastated.

Bondita hands him a kerchief and tells him he’ll need it after he loses the case. Men, according to Subodh, do not cry in the same way that women do. They are not weak in the way that women are. He’s been in this line of work for 15 years and has never lost a case. Bondita isn’t going to be able to keep up with him. Bondita claims that she will win this time. She claims it’s simply a job for Subodh, but it’s a test for her. Subodh claims he can easily defeat a woman.

Bondita interrupts him, adding that he didn’t have a decent teacher like Anirudh, thus he speaks in this manner. Subodh looks down on her once more, claiming that he will not fight a case in which the defence lawyer is a woman. Bondita claims he is afraid of losing the case and wants to flee like a coward. Subodh accepts the challenge and declares that he would demonstrate and set an example that women do not deserve the same rights as males. Bondita made a mistake by wearing the robe, and following Anirudh’s punishment, she will never forget that she made a mistake by contesting a case as a woman.

Subodh goes on to say that no woman would consider pursuing this career because they only look nice in sarees and when doing housework. Bondita also challenges him, claiming that she will show him wrong and that if a woman takes on housework, she can fight for the truth as well, saving the family’s respect. She promises to correct his erroneous thinking. Subodh is uninterested in her.

Bondita, according to Trilochan, is their last hope. Trilochan advises Bondita to change her robe in the washroom after someone spills tea on it, but Bondita claims there is no ladies washroom in the court. She, too, does not have enough time. She leaves the house to go to work.

Subodh tells his assistant that Bondita has a lot of pride, and he’s going to ruin it. He urges him to bother Bondita so she uses the restroom more frequently. Bondita is given prasad, which she consumes. Subodh discovers that his task is done when she returns to court. Bondita becomes uneasy and hurries to the washroom. Trilochan inquires as to her whereabouts. The hearing is about to begin. Bondita promises to return shortly. When someone inquires about Bondita, Subodh responds that Bondita is a woman who fled because she was terrified.

The judge enters the courtroom. Bondita is being awaited by Somnath and Trilochan. When Bondita discovers the gate is locked, she summons the guard to open it. Guard claims he doesn’t have the keys and walks outside to get them. Bondita becomes uncomfortable as she waits for him. Anirudh is handcuffed when he enters the witness box. Subodh files the appeal, and the judge inquires about Anirudh’s lawyer. Subodh has stated that she will not return at this time.

If Bondita fails to appear on time, the matter will be dismissed and will not be reopened, according to the judge. Somnath is instructed by Trilochan to locate Bondita. Bondita can’t disappear like way, so Anirudh prays for her safety. Bondita discovers a medicinal bottle after seeing Dugga Idol outside. Subodh’s ruse that he added anything in the prasad is clear to her. Bondita feels helpless and has a stomachache as a result. Bondita, according to Somnath, is nowhere to be found. Subodh mocks Bondita in court, claiming that she is taking her time getting dressed and that she is wearing make-up and other cosmetics since her photo will be published in the media.

Bondita, according to Anirudh, is not such a woman. She is an obedient barrister. Bondita walks towards the courtroom, and Subodh remarks that if Anirudh is punished, it will only be because of Bondita’s irresponsibility. Anirudh stands up for her, claiming that she may have become stuck in a situation. Bondita is stopped from entering the men’s restroom by a lawyer who teases her for contesting a case.

Subodh tells Anirudh to stand in the way of Bondita since a woman should not be doing men’s work. She ought to remain at home. Men like Subodh, according to Anirudh, would never understand women’s liberation. Bondita breaks the men’s tag with a stick. She claims that the distinction is no longer present; it is no longer a men’s restroom. They should no longer have any issues.