Barrister Babu 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The Episode begins with the men saying, “Find out who shot him and kill him. We will not leave him.” Anirudh tells them not to shoot or attack. We won’t shoot at anyone who shoots at us. Bondita looks at him. Rishta Tera Mera ….plays… She remembers Sumati’s words, and then she goes. He believes that I am aware of how much I have hurt you and will try to win your affection again. Chandrachur claims that the stone struck me, and that I missed the shot. Anirudh was saved. He throws the lamp. Tupur promises you’ll be hurt. He scolds the girl.

He tells her to get away, and she agrees. She weeps. She says she cares a lot for you, but that I care more about our relationship. That’s why I did all this. She recalls hitting the rock at his hand and saving Anirudh. She claims that I can save Anirudh’s marriage thousand times. Anirudh can marry Bondita, and keep my family away. He can save my union. Bondita is asked by a man if he will fight for my case. Bondita wants to know why Bondita isn’t asking for details. She said that my first case was mine and I would win it at all costs. She is taunted by the lawyer.

She claims that I won the case because of my talent. He says that I will prove it. He questions the man who sent him to Bondita. The man said that Anirudh sent me here. According to the lawyer, you received this case through Anirudh’s recommendations. You can trap anyone with your beauty. I can also give you my case once you have spent time with me. Anirudh comes to him and slaps. Anirudh questions him about how he learned to behave with his colleagues. He scolds him.

He said, “I hope you have all understood it well.” Anirudh is then thrown a shoe by the lawyer. Bondita grabs the shoe and states that you became scared of Anirudh’s new thinking. He has a unique thinking style and his principles. Bondita says that you can’t all be equal in this respect. You are all educated but you are all illiterate. She claims that you didn’t all understand what justice was like Anirudh. The lawyer said that you are both taking the other’s side, it’s your court. You can’t hide and seek love here. Anirudh is asked by the men to answer. Bondita sat in her place. Rishta tera mera….plays… Anirudh says Bondita…. Where are you going? She goes. She returns home. She looks at the Durga maa idol, and she cries. Sumati said, “I know that love is knocking at your heart and your promise is making me turn away.

Bondita claims it is nothing like that. Sumati claims you are lying to us. Bondita claims that I will not break the promise made to you. Sumati claims you can make your heart ring, but I know that you cannot break my promise to you. I sent you to London to be with you forever. Bondita cries. Sumati requests her to leave her mother, enmity and love. She asks if you will listen to her. Chandrachur said Bondita cannot go from me, us, or our family. Bondita will not leave. Bondita said you are great, you worry about my mum and our family. You did a lot to help us. Now it is my turn to do the same for my mom. I have decided to return to London to support my family. He worries. Sumati hugs her.

Chandrachur, the market owner, asks Bondita to not go. He will take care of everything. Bondita responds that it would be a good idea for me to go. She decides to go see some suitcases. Anirudh takes her inside a cabinet. He tells her to not worry. He said, “You remember when you used hide in the closet, you used get upset,” and I too used to hide inside the cupboard. You used to convince me. I want this moment to be memorable so I want you to know that …. is my favorite. She said enough. I don’t want anything to hear, I want out. Chandrachur hears it. Anirudh questions why. She claims that there is no relationship between them. Chandrachur believes that something is wrong. Anirudh claims it is a punishment to me to keep away from you. She claims that there is nothing left. Chandrachur goes in to check. Anirudh promises that she will tell it today. She loves ….. She said enough. I don’t want any more. She gets out of her cupboard. They hear footsteps.

Anirudh hides. Chandrachur questions you about the cupboard. She said that I was removing the saree from the door. I feel dizzy. He said that you were feeling dizzy and that he would carry it. They go. Anirudh emerges from the cupboard. He sees a yellow slip. She searches for the ticket. Anirudh believes it’s Bondita’s London tickets. He asks why she is going to London. Bondita suggests that the ticket may have fallen inside. I’ll be watching, and you can stay here. Chandrachur looks on. Anirudh questions what is this Bondita. He offers her the ticket. She claims she will never leave London. He said you couldn’t go, my family is there, I m still here, you came to get justice for women. What about our dream? She states that not all dreams are fulfilled. He is shocked. She breaks down and runs. She pays for the bag. Anirudh looks on.

Anirudh comes home. Binoy dances to the music. He tells the children to stop listening to music. Children say Trilochan asked them to do this. Trilochan said that Trilochan asked me to arrange the band baaja. I assumed our beautiful children would play the part. Anirudh questions whose baraat. Trilochan said that Bondita’s baraat is that she will be going to London for ever. Shashwati questions why she arrived here after so many years. Sampoorna wants to know if Anirudh will not stop her. Binoy assures her that you will not let her go. Trilochan questions Binoy about the relation that will stop Bondita from leaving. Anirudh tells Binoy that he should calm down. He takes him to his bedroom. Thakumaa states that this time, we will celebrate Janmashtami properly, this is your last function here. Why don’t you make Bondita Radha to Jhanki and find any naughty Kanha? Bondita said that she doesn’t want to do this. Thakumaa said let’s fulfill our wish. Sampoorna comes. She asks her guards for permission to leave. She responds, “I just got a proposal form Tulsipur.”

Thakumaa sends her security guards. She inquires about the proposal. Trilochan replies that I have sent a proposition, and no one will cause Bondita to leave. We will send Bondita to Calcutta with respect. Krishnanagar will also accept the proposal. Chandrachur claims that we will not accept this proposal and can protect her. Thakumaa states that it is a good proposal. We will not be a problem with them, and we are open to your proposal. Sampoorna smiles. She believes I must meet Bondita by myself, so I agreed to go here. But everyone is there. She injures herself. Bondita said that her foot was bleeding. Bondita will help. She gives the aid. Sampoorna apologises to her. She closes the door. She tells her not to go to London. Anirudh loves you so much, why would you stop yourself from going. Bondita cries.