Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anirudh is seen catching Chandrachur at Bondita’s bedroom and shouting at him. Chandrachur then switches off the lights and keeps them on. Anirudh is ready to attack him, but Chandrachur pushes Chandrachur away and runs away. Anirudh chases him. Bondita can be seen at the kitchen. She recalls that she went out of her way to feed children sweets when they asked.

Bondita puts pillows on Bondita’s bed and covers it with a veil to make sure no one knows she left. Bihari informs Trilochan, Bondita and Chandrachur that Anirudh was behind Chandrachur. He is furious. Trilochan tells Anirudh that he is capable of doing anything to Chandrachur and they must stop him. Bondita promises to accompany him. Tupur claims Bondita is correct, Anirudh can only be stopped by her.

Chandrachur is attempting to capture Anirudh, but the latter fires at him. Anirudh attempts to grab it, but he and Chandrachur both hold onto it. Chandrachur is shot by everyone and falls into the river. Anirudh is shocked to see this. Bondita visits Anirudh, and Tupur tells her that Anirudh has killed her husband. Bondita questions Anirudh about the incident in which he shot Chandrachur. Villagers claim that everyone was present at the fight, when Anirudh forced Chandrachur into apologizing to Tupur.

Anirudh threatened him with death. Chandrachur was killed for this reason. Tupur grabs Anirudh’s collar and asks why her husband killed her husband because they don’t agree. Thakuma is told by Tupur that Anirudh made her a widow.

Bondita says that Tupur Anirudh cannot do this intentionally. There must be a reason. Tupur shuts Anirudh up. Anirudh stands numb. Bondita demands that he speak up. Thakuma is confused about whether to console Tupur or support Anirudh, who is also Bondita’s husband.


The police arrive and begin their interrogation. Thakuma reveals what she saw. Trilochan claims Anirudh cannot kill such a person, but Chandrachur knew for certain. Chandrachur’s mother claims Anirudh murdered her son. Trilochan can’t support him. Bondita claims that Anirudh did not commit any crime. Chandrachur was fleeing, Anirudh was chasing him. Inspector states they need proof and evidence.

Bondita answers that Chandrachur could have called Thakuma if he was in trouble. Anirudh admits to having shot Chandrachur, and that the latter was killed as a result. They were involved in a fight. Anirudh will be arrested immediately, according to Inspector.


Chandrachur’s father promises that he will ensure Anirudh is hanged until death. Bondita refuses to believe that Anirudh is lying. She claims they don’t have all the details. Anirudh cannot kill anyone. Anirudh is seen leaving the house by Bondita and Police.

Trilochan is worried about Anirudh. Somnath gives him a list with the best barristers. These barristers are capable of fighting Anirudh’s cause, he says. Trilochan believes they need the best. Sampurna claims Bondita is also a barrister. She can also fight for her husband. Bondita is a London-based gold medalist. Trilochan claims Bondita has never fought a case before and that it is difficult to collect evidence and proofs. This is not Bondita’s cup of tea. She cannot argue in court. Sampurna believes in Bondita’s potentiality.


Bondita looks into her room and remembers the promises she made to Anirudh in phera. The room decorations make her emotional. Tupur enters and destroys all decorations. Bondita attempts to stop her, but Tupur claims she will make her happy by taking her happiness. Bondita helps her realize that Anirudh cannot be a murderer. Recently, he confessed. Tupur claims that Anirudh was lying, but Bondita believes her. Bondita must accept that she will become a widow.

Tupur claims that all the villagers will make a statement against Anirudh tomorrow, and Bondita cannot save him. Bondita will hold Anirudh in the memories of her only. Bondita warns Bondita not to say such things. Tupur claims she will not stay calm, but will ensure Bondita goes through the same grief she experienced after losing her husband. She will exact revenge on Bondita. Bondita is helpless, and Tupur leaves.