Barrister Babu 20th April 2021 Written Update: BONDITA REGRETS MISUNDERSTANDING MANORAMA

Barrister Babu 20th April 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with the inspector interrogating Rowchoudhary’s family. The inspector asks if anyone knew about Manorama’s mission. Sampurna says if they would have known that Manorama was a protester then they would have never accepted her as their daughter in law. Inspector asks Binoy if he was involved in the blast as he was very happy hearing that Manorama was about to welcome the Viceroys. Aniruddh says that the inspector is suspecting his family in a false crime. The inspector shouts and says that Manorama was Aniruddh’s wife so he must have known about her mission. Bondita gets emotional recalling the blast. Aniruddh asks Bondita to go into her room.

Bondita refuses to go and says she won’t leave her family alone. Bondita says that she returned the jacket to Manorama so she is the criminal. Bondita decides to accept the crime. Aniruddh stops her. The constable searches Aniruddh’s house but they don’t get anything. A person comes and informs the inspector that the family is not involved in the blast. The inspector apologises to everyone and leaves.  Bondita goes inside her room and feels guilty for misunderstanding her. Manorama’s partner throws an arrow to Bondita’s room. Bondita receives a letter written by Manorama.

The letter says, “Aniruddh is not like others. He wants his wife to be independent. Manorama urges Bondita to study well for Aniruddh. She adds that Bondita will understand Aniruddh’s care later. She asks Bondita to understand that Aniruddh understands her pain and wants to show her the right path. She asks Bondita to understand Aniruddh as he is different from others. She asks Bondita to become Aniruddh’s strength.” Bondita cries and hugs the letter.


Barrister Babu 12th April 2021 Written Update: BONDITA WEARS THE JACKET WITH A BOMB


Barrister Babu 12th April 2021 Written Update: BONDITA WEARS THE JACKET WITH A BOMB

Premiered on: 11th February 2020

Airs on: Colors TV at 8:30 PM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday

Running Time: 20 to 22 minutes 

Category: Drama

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 236

Producer: Shashi Sumeet Mittal, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal

Executive Producer: Animesh Bandyopadhyay, Gita Pandey Desai Bandyopadhyay

Production House: Shashi Sumeet Productions

Cast: Lead Male Role – Pravisht Mishra (Anirudh Roy Choudhary)

Lead Female Role – Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni (Bondita Roy Choudhary)