Barrister Babu 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Barrister Babu 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

The episode begins with Bondita telling Sumati how much has changed over the past eight years. She tells Sumati that she would like to leave the place now. Anirudh sits devastated. Thakuma asks Sumati how she got injured. Bondita claims that this award is for her love. Thakuma is taunted by her, saying that Krishna Nagar has won. She should be happy. Thakuma tells Trilochan about Trilochan’s situation and how Chandrachur offered to marry her to save her. Bondita is shocked when she says that this means Bondita was going to be part of an evil custom, by marrying a married woman. This is beyond the comprehension of Thakuma. Bondita says that she would love to die before she does. Chandrachur stops Bondita from saying such things and enters. He warns her against going back to Tulsipur as they have broken her inside. Bondita vows to keep her distance from Anirudh, Tulsipur. She seems determined.

Anirudh enters Haweli, recalling Bondita’s words. Trilochan tells Anirudh that he should not confront the villager’s because they will ask him why Bondita left. Anirudh insists that he will not run away. All of them must accept that Bondita was hurt because of their actions. They did her wrong. Anirudh is furious at Somnath’s attempts to hurt Bondita. Anirudh claims that Somnath did not respect his profession which teaches him how to save lives. He did the opposite. Anirudh is disappointed in Sampurna because she was Bondita’s sister and didn’t trust Sampurna even though she knows her well. She can’t believe Bondita will use Binoy. Anirudh is critical of Trilochan’s attempt to force Bondita into polygamy. This is why Sumati was hurt. Trilochan stays quiet. Anirudh claims he cannot even face Bondita after these events. He says that he is the primary culprit and should not be blamed for others. Trilochan informs Anirudh not to reveal any information to villagers as he enters.

Villagers arrive and praise Anirudh’s for the punishment of Bondita. They claim he taught good lessons to Krishna Nagar residents. Anirudh shouts at them, saying “Stop praising me!” I chose hatred over love and it didn’t make any difference. He claims Bondita is at Krishna Nagar, not in Kashi. Villagers are shocked to hear this and question Anirudh about why he did it. Bondita is their enemy, Bondita should be punished. Anirudh claims that he doesn’t have any proof Bondita is innocent, but his eyes revealed the truth. It proved her innocence. Bihari captures Chandrachur’s spy and presents him in front of everyone. The spy tells everyone how he brought Binoy to the battlefield with Chandrachur’s help. He locked Sampurna in room too. Sampurna realizes her error and apologizes to Bondita. Anirudh claims they misunderstood Bondita, when she arrived here to spread love.

Thakuma claims Sumati is not stable and if she continues to be unconscious, they will have to transport her to the hospital. Bondita begs Sumati for permission to go to the hospital, but she says that Bondita is mad at Bondita because it was her stubbornness. Sumati falls again. Bondita begs Dugga Ma to get Sumati.

Anirudh says to everyone that Bondita is innocent. He claims he could not see her honesty and didn’t admit to his error. He should be punished for that. Trilochan questions Anirudh if you’re making the same mistake again by defending Bondita. What evidence can be found that this spy is telling only the truth? They have lost the right to worship Dugga Ma. Anirudh claims that hatred is not a solution. Only love can heal people. Trilochan isn’t convinced by his answer, and advises people not to forget their enmity. Trilochan believes Anirudh accepted Bondita’s love. This is a sign that there is danger.


Sumati asks Bondita do you love Anirudh? Bondita said that she didn’t want to talk about all of this. She made the decision to not meet Anirudh again. Sumati informs her that she is sorry for what happened. It will be a difficult time. Bondita claims she doesn’t care. Sumati claims she doesn’t care, but she does. She cries and tells Bondita that Bondita isn’t fine because love is equal to madness. Bondita is told by Sumati to promise that she will end all ties with Anirudh. Bondita is shocked.