Backpack Vs. Duffel Bag: A Quick Comparison

Backpack Vs. Duffel Bag: A Quick Comparison

You are trying to decide whether you need a duffle bag or a backpack? Sounds a bit challenging. Trust us; you are not the only one who is confused. When it comes to choosing the bag, most people end up in a dilemma. Some people choose backpacks while others like duffel bags. The choice depends largely upon whether you like carrying weight on your back or you prefer holding them in your hand.

To clear your confusion, we have written this article for you. In this article, we have provided brief information on backpacks and duffle bags and how they differ from each other.

Go ahead and read the article thoroughly.

What is a Duffel Bag?

A duffle bag is basically a cylindrical-shaped, large-sized bag with a zipper and a drawstring on it. Originally, the duffel bags were found in Belgium. There is a town named ‘Duffel’ in the country of Belgium; duffel bags were named after the same town. The bag production of the town dates back to the middle of the seventeenth century. During those times, the duffel bags were made using the thick cloth. However, with time, the term ‘duffel bag’ has been changed to ‘a large-sized holdall bag that is created using any thick fabric.

You would like to know that the first mention of the duffle bags was found in the WWI, in some letters. Its application is rooted in the military. After some time, the design of the duffel bag changed because people felt difficulty in handling the weight of the bag.

The duffel bags are functional and sturdy. Wider and longer straps of the duffel bag prove to be beneficial for carrying heavier loads of weight. Unlike ancient times, duffel bags are available in a variety of styles and designs. The versatility of the duffel bags is unmatched.

What is a Backpack?

Unlike the duffel bags, a backpack is something that you can carry on your back. Backpacks prove to be very useful for those who have a habit of carrying a large amount of stuff along with them while traveling. Basically, the backpacks are equipped with padded straps and belts. And this enhances the comfort of the users. Because of the presence of the belts and straps, the weight of the bag gets distributed evenly on the back of the user, which is why most people prefer backpacks for their school-going children.

The Backpacks are available in a wide variety of materials from polyester, leather, nylon, etc. These days’ backpacks have evolved to be extremely stylish as well as functional. Most of the backpacks have a water bottle holder pocket present on the sides. You will also find numerous small pockets present on the front portion of the backpacks. Buying a backpack gives users the chance to organize their stuff in a proper manner.

Duffel bag or Backpack; what to choose?

If you are someone who is regular to the gym, then a duffel bag is the best choice for you. We are saying this because if you hang the Backpack on your back after working out, then your body heat will not cool off quickly. On the other hand, holding a duffel bag in your hand will provide a better chance for the body heat to escape easily.

If we talk about comfort, backpacks are considered better as compared to the duffel bags. Some people say backpacks are good for the spine. This is because, unlike a duffel bag, a backpack evenly carries the weight across the user’s shoulders and back, and that leads to a straight posture.

We would like to suggest our readers always to carry a moderate amount of weight in their bags. No matter which bag you choose, a backpack or a duffel bag, always keep our suggestion in your mind. According to some researches, the heavy pressure that comes from carrying heavy loads on the back can lead to nerve damage. The damage mostly happens to the nerves that travel from shoulders and neck towards our hands. And this could even lead to a diminishing of the nerve capacity, which eventually limits our muscle’s ability to respond to the brain signals. Nobody would want that to happen. Therefore, always be mindful of the amount of weight that you’re carrying in your bag.

Bottom line

If you read the above article carefully, you would be able to understand the differences between backpacks and duffel bags. We believe the selection of bags is more of a personal choice. There is one thing which is very important for everyone; if you truly care about your posture and body, then do not carry more than 15 % of your body weight in the bag. A heavier weight has a tendency to affect the body’s health negatively. And that’s something we would never back. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you.

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