Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

The episode begins with Vijaya handing Veer a list of items that he should make for dinner. Veer gives her a friendly nod. Suraj arrives and informs Vijaya that he would cook for her today. In the kitchen, Rani assists Suraj. He adds a lot of chilli powder and salt to the mix.

Rani is aware of this, but remains mute. Suraj makes Vijaya sit after a while. She inquires as to why he chose to cook when she had hired Veer to do so. She invites him to join her for dinner. He advises her that she should try his homemade food first, and Rani even assists him in the kitchen. Vijaya is told by Rani that she did nothing. Vijaya requests that Suraj feed her, stating that she is hungry. When she sees the plates, she is taken aback.

Suraj assures her that it must be delicious. She eats a lot of water and wonders what kind of food he prepared. For Suraj’s sake, she praises the taste of food. Suraj is told by Rani that Vijaya would now consume everything. Vijaya gives her a friendly nod. When Veer and Rani witness this, they both smile. He accuses her of being the perpetrator. She informs him that she has taught them a lesson for insulting him. He covers his smile and tells her that he still hasn’t forgiven her. She tells him she saw his grin and is willing to wait for his pardon.

Vijaya then drinks a lot of water. Rani arrives and hands her halwa, claiming to have made it herself. Vijaya consumes it. Rani inquires about setting up a meeting to settle the land sale. Vijaya informs her that she will not be purchasing the land at this time, which surprises her. What about the latter’s vengeance, Rani inquires. Vijaya informs her that Veer now works for her, which is a humiliation for Rajeshwari, and that this is exactly what she intended, and she departs.

Rajeshwari had a heart attack, and Vikram phones Veer to notify him. Veer notifies Vijaya of Rajeshwari’s heart attack and advises her that he should depart right away.

Rani notices this and decides to follow him. When they get at home, they are shocked to find Rajeshwari unconscious. Vikram is questioned by Rani about why he didn’t call the doctor. Rajeshwari opens her eyes and shows a video of Veer doing housework. She remembers Vijaya sending her this video. She inquires of Veer as to what all of this is about. Rajmata is chastised by her for allowing Veer to take care of everything.

Rajmata informs her that Veer and Rani are doing this for the benefit of everyone. Rajeshwari is told by Rani that they don’t have any other option. She inquires as to whether or not they wish to return to their palace. Rajmata advises Rajeshwari to stick together in order to defeat Vijaya. Rajeshwari assures them that she would remain silent. When the light goes out, Kajri becomes terrified of the shadows. Rani makes fun of her.

Veer tells his family about his idea. Everyone persuades Rajeshwari to go along with Veer’s scheme. When Vijaya arrives, Rani hides behind Veer. Vijaya notices Rajeshwari, who is unconscious. Rajeshwari, Rani believes, has already begun her drama. Vikram, Rajmata, and Veer all appear to be crying. Vijaya inquires of Veer about Rajeshwari’s illness. Rajeshwari’s heart was weak, Veer explains, which is why she left the world so quickly.