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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Rani tells Vijaya and Suraj that she can’t remain and leaves at the start of the episode. Vijaya pulls her aside and tells her that she must stay with them till Suraj requests it. She tells her that she doesn’t have an option but to force her to stay with them. She drags her into a room and locks her there. They hear the doorbell ring. It is opened by the servant. Veer’s presence astounds Rani. Vijaya is intrigued by Veer’s presence in her home and moves closer to him. She inquires as to why he has come to her home.

He apologises to her and tells her that he wants a job, and he addresses her as ‘Mausiji,’ which everyone finds surprising. She inquires as to why his attitude has shifted. He informs her that he realised he couldn’t fight a lion, which is why his attitude toward her has changed. He informs her that he is in desperate need of work. He tells her that she has all she needs and that she can offer him a modest task. She imagines it must be fascinating to have him work for her. In her imagination, Rani recognises Veer’s acting and praises him.

Vijaya informs Veer that she is willing to recruit him and inquires about the task he is familiar with. He says he can be her driver or anything else she wants. She asks him to work as her personal chef. She asks him to make her tea. He gives her a nod and walks towards the kitchen. Rani wants to go as well, but Vijaya stops her, claiming that Suraj requires her assistance. She informs her that she is thirsty and that she should drink some water. Suraj directs her to the kitchen. She enters the kitchen and drags him to the storeroom, where she inquires about his plans.

She tells him that she was in charge of everything, which explains why he came into this place. He also tells her that he witnessed Vijaya dragging the latter. He assures her that he would not abandon her with them. He chastises her for not including him in her scheme. He assures her that it is his obligation to keep her safe. He tells her that no matter what happens, he will not change his mind. She expresses her regret to him.

Shanti prepares tea and requests that Veer deliver it to Vijaya. Meanwhile, Vijaya informs Suraj that she is pleased with Veer’s hire. When Rani hears her, she pretends to praise Vijaya. She tells her that she has opted to stay at her residence. Vijaya receives tea from Veer. She consumes it while chastising him for putting cardamom in her tea. He apologises to her and promises not to make the same mistake again.

Champa, on the other hand, tells Nanthini that she is facing all of this because many people have cursed her. Nanthini assures her that her family’s position would improve, and Rani will see to it. In the meantime, Rajeshwari informs Rajmata that Veer is not answering the phone. Rajmata remembers Veer informing her about his decision.

Suraj mocks Veer and tells him to get some water. Rani informs him that Veer is a hero to her because he helps his family so much. She will accept that he is also a hero if she asks him to prepare for Vijaya. He agrees to prepare the meal. She believes she will teach him and Vijaya a lesson.



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