Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Suraj first shows Veer the divorce papers and asks him to sign them the same way Rani did. Veer pushes him, and he is defeated. He accuses the latter of being a coward. Vijaya, on the other hand, encourages Rajeshwari to join any theatrical group because she acted previously. Rajmata informs her that Rajeshwari will not be acting this time, and Rajeshwari’s blood pressure has dropped. Rani informs them that this has happened before and exits the room.

Suraj informs Veer that Rani would soon become his queen. He has Veer sign the divorce papers under duress and congratulates him on his divorce. He mockingly informs him that he has already lost his properties and now his wife. Rajeshwari has been feeling ill since she found out about Veer, Vikram says Vijaya. When Rani returns, she gives Rajeshwari a home remedy and learns that Rajavat has read her letter.

Suraj is unable to separate Veer and Rani because their relationship is not solely based on paperwork, as Veer informs him. He tells him that because they are together, he can’t hurt his family. Rajeshwari is told by Vijaya to get up and finish the chores. Rani believes she has completed the first step and will soon reach Veer.

If Suraj has the courage, Veer asks him to untie him. Suraj directs his thugs to untie Veer and tells them that no one should get in the way. Veer and Suraj are at odds with one another. Suraj strikes Veer’s injury, causing the latter to pass out. Suraj is informed by one of the goons that Veer has vanished.

Meanwhile, Rani is concerned for Veer’s safety and prays to God to protect him. Veer comes to and defeats Suraj after regaining consciousness. Suraj tells his thugs to bind Veer. Rani informs Rajeshwari and Rajmata that she would leave one phone in Vijaya’s room and give them the other so that they may hear Vijaya’s conversations. She informs them that Mausaji and Pinku are also looking for Veer.

Champa, on the other hand, tells Nanthini not to be happy because the act will continue till Jai’s parents only stay with them. Nanthini assures her that she has no expectations of Jai or the latter. Champa encourages her to keep thinking like this because she will be the ruler of this house and Jai, and then he walks away. Malini arrives and tells Nanthini that she would assist her with the laundry. Nanthini assures her that she will be well. Malini inquires as to how she intends to handle the connection. She tells her that she recognises something is off because she has had the same issue. She begs her to fight for her relationship’s sake. Nanthini gives her a friendly nod.

Vijaya’s talk with the goon is overheard by Rajeshwari. Suraj walks into his room and is taken aback by the décor. Rani informs him that she had planned everything for him. He promises to speak with Vijaya about their marriage. She requests that he date her first. Vikram leaves the room after spiking Suraj’s drink. Rani smirks as she notices this.