Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Darsh criticizes Nandini about giving Charmi her necklace. Darsh interrupts her and asks her to stop trying to convince him that she gave it to Namrata because she requested it. He snaps her photo and she gets upset. He claims he was only teasing her, and shows her his picture. He assures her that they will have no problems. He recalls Charmi’s love for their chocolates, and she says that they can no longer have them. Darsh and Charmi become close to each other, which leads to them becoming romantic. He approaches her to kiss, but she stops him and reminds him that they aren’t in the same room.

Shobhit arrives at Nandini and Darsh. They see Shobhit and seperate while he teases them. Darsh leaves feeling shy while Nandini leaves.

Rajvi presents Nandini God’s idol and asks her to begin the Puja. While they talk around the tree, Darsh follows them to take Nandini’s photos. Charmi is anxious because she thinks Darsh will be angry about Nandini’s necklace. Nandini, however, looks at Namrata and recalls Aatish’s words. He demanded that she examine Namrata’s bruises, and he claimed that all of them were fake because he had never hurt her. He demanded that she believe him while Nandini is in turmoil.

Rajvi stops Nandini ahead and everyone receives blessings from God. Namrata, too, arrives there and falls on Nandini. In order to prevent the idol from falling, she immediately grabs it. Nandini is shocked to learn how Namrata managed to hold the idol when her shoulder was dislocated. Namrata is furious and questions her if she doubts her. Darsh stands for his wife while she rebukes Nandini. Charmi says that they can talk once they get home. Rajvi, however, scolds Nandini about suspecting Namrata. Nandini informed them about Aatish’s condition for divorcing. She informs them that Aatish wants her to verify if Namrata’s bruises really are fake or real.

Namrata furiously takes out her phone and shows Charmi the reports. Charmi however, says that the reports prove that bruises are real. Charmi claims that she is a skin specialist and can spot the scars. Namrata is consoled by her, stating that she trusts them all. Charmi contemplates her plan and says that the real game will begin when he comes.


Charmi consoling Namrata at their home, and elsewhere Charmi is also there. Vipul accuses Nandini of insulting his daughter before everyone. Rajvi attempts to manage the situation and asks everyone to break their fast. Charmi refuses to do Puja for Shobhit, while all the ladies start doing Puja for their husbands. She looks at the door, waiting for someone.

Aatish enters Rawals’ house to ask for Namrata. Everyone gets shocked seeing him. Darsh becomes angry and scolds the man, while Nandini looks at him and asks for something. He gets confused and reminds her that she called her sister Bansuri in order to visit Rawals’ house to perform Namrata and his patchup. She denies it and claims that she hasn’t spoken like that.


Charmi also smirks at the drama, and has flashes about how she called Naveen in anger and prodded him against Rawals or Nandini. She recalled telling Gunjan that they were celebrating festival and she didn’t feel sad for Gunjan. She says that they force her to marry Shobhit, and she assures him that she is there for him. He decides to take all of the happiness from Rawals, and makes Nandini suffer. Darsh is shocked when Aatish shows Darsh his phone to verify his claim.