Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Nandini begins the episode by entering the jungle to obtain clay for God’s idol. Meanwhile, Rajvi is unhappy and agitated as he considers Toral. She claims that the latter will cause harm to her family and rob them of their joy. She begs God to keep them safe.

Nandini notices a woman in distress inside the bush, which turns out to be Toral. She sympathises with her and attempts to assist her. She comforts the woman and invites her to accompany her. The women keep pleading with Nandini not to cut her hair, but she tells them that she will not.

Nandini feels sorry for the women, but Rajvi becomes agitated as he considers the negative. Vipul arrives at that point and calms her down. He claims that Toral has been spotted inside the jungle and that he will go find her. Rajvi expresses her concern to him, and he advises her not to be alarmed.

Darsh enters Rajvi’s room and interrogates Vipul about the situation. He tries to conceal the situation, but Darsh says he knows each of their company’s partners and asks Vipul to confess the truth. Vipul, on the other hand, manages the situation and departs. Meanwhile, Nandini leads Toral to the bathroom to wipe her face, but the latter abruptly leaves. Nandini makes an attempt to locate her but is unsuccessful.

Rajvi, on the other hand, recalls Vipul’s statements about Toral and becomes lost in thought. Parul observes her and inquires about the situation, while Rajvi tries to evade it. Charmi arrives at that point and apologises for not being able to attend due to her injuries. Parul claims that she hasn’t seen anyone react to Uptan and begins to suspect that something has been mixed into it. Charmi becomes frightened and dismisses Parul’s thoughts.

Darsh interrogates Nandini about her tardiness when she returns. She recalls the ladies. Vini arrives and begins playing with Darsh’s toy. Rajvi notices it, and Darsh and Vini begin their banter, making everyone laugh. In the meantime, Chetan and Vipul are on the lookout for Toral. Toral must be kept away from Darsh and Nandini, according to Chetan.

Chetan and Vipul see the man ahead of them and chastise him for allowing Toral to go. Nandini, on the other hand, creates a lovely God idol out of clay. She departs from there, while Charmi snatches and conceals the idol. She grins as she imagines Nandini performing Puja sans the idol.

While Shobhit is watching her, Charmi purchases an idol for herself. She begins acting and becomes upset, making reasons for not being able to make it. She claims that they would have disappointed everyone, although he reassure her. She believes she must maintain control over him while he holds her to soothe her.

Nandini is also concerned about not being able to locate the idol. Darsh appears and inquires about her concern, to which she responds by informing him of the situation. She becomes emotional as she states that she made it with a lot of love and that she want to become a mother. He consoles her and joins her in creating a new idol. They both become romantic and smile at each other.

Charmi is taken aback when she sees Nandini’s idol, and Parul instructs them to begin the Puja. When Rajvi thinks about Toral, he becomes concerned. Meanwhile, Toral approaches Rawal’s home.