Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Vini and Nandini discussing how delighted they are to be featured in a magazine. She shares it with Rajvi, but he appears to be missing. Vini gives Darsh a signal, and he awakens Rajvi from her reverie. Meanwhile, Nandini speaks with Bansuri, who advises her to perform the Puja on her own in order to receive God’s blessings.

She tells her that she will conceive soon and then informs her of her upcoming appointment with Vipul and Chetan. Nandini is perplexed as to why they went to that location for a meeting. She informs Rajvi about the Puja ahead of time and assures her that she will do it. Rajvi accepts and asks Charmi to help Nandini as well.

Vipul enters the room, and Rajvi rushes over to him. Darsh is perplexed by her behaviour and inquires about it, while Vipul manages the issue. He also mentioned that he and Chetan had gone to a conference and that the latter had stayed there.

When Rajvi learns that Total has gone missing, she becomes concerned and asks where she may go. She becomes concerned and wonders what they will say if their children inquire about Toral. Vipul, on the other hand, is attempting to calm her down. Meanwhile, Vini says she wants to tell Nandini something concerning Charmi. Charmi then pretends to be unbalanced on the stairwell. Nandini assists her when she demands that she be allowed to use her room. Nandini is taken aback by her request, but Charmi thanks her without listening to her and says she will move into their room.

Vini appears from somewhere else and confronts Charmi about her discussion. She inquired as to what she was discussing. Which the latter is terrified of, yet manages to handle the situation in some way. She chastises Vini for listening in on her chat, and the latter apologises. Nandini mulls over how to refuse Charmi because she is unable to accommodate her.

Rajvi expresses her concern about her family to Vipul. He tries to reassure her, but she responds by asking, “What will they do if Total arrives?” Meanwhile, Nandini tells Darsh about the situation, and he chastises her for giving Charmi their room.

She explains that she didn’t want Charmi to assume it, so she did it herself. Charmi, she claims, acts strangely, and Darsh concurs. At that point, he receives a message from Shobhit informing him that he has sent Charmi to another room, which relieves both Darsh and Nandini.

Shobhit is scolded by Charmi for moving her room. She specifies that she just wants to see Darsh’s chamber. He tries to persuade her that Darsh and Nandini would be uncomfortable in a different room. Parul arrives at that time, while Shobhit departs.

Parul hands Charmi an Uptan bowl and instructs her to apply it before doing the Puja. She claims she has another dish for Nandini and then walks away, leaving both bowls behind.

Charmi grins as she notices Nandini’s bowl and plots an evil scheme. She puts something inside it and claims that if Nandini uses it, she won’t be able to perform Puja. Parul returns with the bowl, which she intends to give to Nandini.

Nandini was also going to put on the Uptan when Darsh teased her. They engage in some amusing banter. Charmi arrives, smirking as she considers her ruse. She exits the building. Vini, on the other hand, swaps both bowls.

Charmi rubs the Uptan on her face and gets a burning feeling. She cries in anguish and wonders how her bowl ends up with Nandini. Nandini afterwards puts on heels and shows Darsh. He teases her, and they both end up in the pool. They become intimate with one another.