Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The show begins with Rajvi inquiring Darsh to bring Nandini for a visit to the physician to discuss her health. He states that he doesn’t intend to impose any pressure on Nandini and would like all decisions to be her own. When he is done, Nandini arrives and states that she does not have any doubts about becoming a mother. She decides to visit the doctor. Everyone is happy, as Nandini displays the photo she found in the storeroom and then asks Rajvi about the picture. Vipul is shocked, and Keshav declares that it’s Total’s photo.

In this episode, Keshav makes up a tale claiming that Toral was the one who took care of Darsh at the time that Rajvi was sick. In the meantime, Darsh ask Nandini to join him in the office, as he would like to work with her. The two leave the office and Vipul criticizes Rajvi for being reckless and letting their children see Toral’s photo.

Vini remembers the conversation between Charmi and Vini and runs to Shobhit to inform him of the incident. He is distracted by his job and she isn’t communicate with him.

And, Darsh shows Nandini her room and praises her imaginative mind. He declares that he wants to spend time with her and is romantic, but she pushes him away , reminding him of his work. She is sad when she sees glimpses of the report and realizes that she isn’t a mother and yet manages to control her feelings.

Rajvi is in the store room to torch the picture of Toral, but stops. She believes that she cannot be honest through burning the image. While Vipul is worried with Chetan and the latter wonder what happened to her? How Darsh and Nandini learned about her? They reach a spot that is awe-inspiring when they see the situation. Vipul gets agitated and declares that the people they believed in have lied to them. Then Bansuri is spotted and arrives to them. She greets them. they make excuses, and then leave.


As you go, Darsh comes inside his home and confronts Rajvi for obfuscating the truth. She becomes scared, as he asks her the reason she waited to take her medicine? Rajvi is able to relax after learning that he was discussing the medicine, while the doctor makes her take them. Then, Charmi comes there and is able to speak in front of Nandini regarding her pregnancy. She says she is pregnant and she is worried that Mrs. Patel wants to feature her in the column of a pregnant mother. Rajvi suggests she not be around her. Patel, while Nandini insists on letting Charmi be featured in the magazine.

Charmi smiles at the thought of her plan is successful and tells her she won’t miss any chance to betray Nandini. She demands Nandini to join her Charmi, but Nandini is reluctantly apprehensive. Darsh expresses his concerns towards Nandini and advises her not to go out with Charmi while filming. Nandini assures Darsh that she’ll be okay.


In addition, Vini learns about the shoot with Charmi and is able to see her make Nandini complete the task. While Mrs. Patel taunts Nandini about being a mother, which Nandini is able to respond. She is emotional and tears and cries, as Darsh is there to console her. When the photographer arrives, he announces that they will be including Nandini as well in the magazine since she is a special mom as she has adopted Vini. While they are there, Vini also comes there to inform, she contacted the editor of the magazine and told him of the news. Nandini hugs Vini being emotional.

The photographer clicks Nandini’s image alongside Vini along with Darsh. Charmi is furious and goes into her room. Mrs. Patel follows her. Charmi says she wants Darsh and will go to any lengths to obtain him. Mrs. Patel assures her that she will assist her and destroy Rawal’s image.