Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Episode begins with Rawals being concerned about Nandini. In the meantime, Bansuri arrives to inquire about Nandini. She becomes emotional and tells that Naveen has informed Nandini about the explosives in the coconut. She says he could assist in finding the culprit, and Charmi is shocked by the news. While she is talking, Vini cries and prays for Nandini. Parul gets hurt seeing her condition and comforts her. Then, Charmi arrives and Parul inquires about Nandini. She says that the doctor hasn’t given any information.

This is where Charmi rushes into Namrata’s bedroom and criticizes her for her plot. She says that the entire family members would have died should the bomb have exploded. Namrata claims that she just was trying to lower Nandini’s self-esteem and she hasn’t intend to hurt her family. She claims that the gangsters aren’t telling Namrata about the explosive. Namrata is aware of Nandini’s nuptial chains in Charmi hands and asks questions about it. Then, the second keeps her from thinking about it. Charmi receives a phone call, and she smiles at the thought of Nandini.

Charmi is in Darsh’s bedroom and puts on Nandini’s nuptial necklace. She smiles and says that Nandini could not last and Darsh will become hers. When she is there, Darsh arrives and becomes confused when he sees her. He questions her about her visit and she quickly removed the nuptial chains and handed it to him , saying that she was there to keep it.

In another scene, Charmi shows her fake worry about Nandini and attempts to be a calming influence for Darsh. He informs her of Nandini not being in danger, but she’s surprised. He then goes on having read Nandini’s reports, and Charmi becomes stressed.

Rajvi and Darsh meet Nandini and are happy to find her in a safe place. Parul also visits Nandini along with Vini. After a few days, Nandini becomes fit, as she asks Darsh concerning the goons. He promises that soon they’ll be caught. He is calmed and she makes him smile. She then states that she would like to start her family of her own, and the boy is happy and proceeds to see the doctor.


Then, Doctor informs Darsh that due to internal injuries Nandini was unable to imagine. Darsh is stunned by the issue, and doctor calms him. Then Nandini arrives and asks Darsh whether everything is okay. Darsh tries to hide the truth from her and claims that everything is in order. He holds her close and manages his tears.

Nandini receives her discharge, while Shobhit tells Nandini that Vini is very thrilled to meet her. Nandini insists to tell him that he is content as he’s going to be a father in the near future and he smiles. She requests him to look after Charmi since she is in need of him the most. She glances at Darsh and asks If he recalls what is significant about this day, and Darsh responds negative. She is upset.


Then, Darsh and Nandini reaches their home. She is confused about not finding other members and inquires about them. Then, everyone arrive and surprise them with birthday greetings. She is excited and expresses gratitude to them. Darsh will also reach out to kiss her forehead while Rajvi requests that she give them a reward in the form of a baby. Darsh stares at Nandini as if she is not feeling anything, while she is puzzled by the reaction. He conceals his emotions and smiles to assure her that everything is in order.