Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Apki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Episode begins with Nandini talking with the child and his mother. She tells them to go, thinking that Namrata will see them and create chaos. Namrata arrives at Nandini’s house and confronts her. Namrata is skeptical and says she believes she was lying to Nandini. She rushes into the house to inform everyone that Nandini was trying to ruin her image by talking to strangers. Darsh stands for Namrata and begs him not to assume certain things.

Charmi enters the fray and asks Nandini to join them for the Puja. Indirectly, she tries to instigate Rajvi towards Nandini. She also claims that Nandini is at fault. Vini enters, and a woman follows her. Nandini, Parul and their shocked looks at Vini’s condition prompt them to ask if she has ever fought with anyone. Vini is accused by the women of causing harm to her son. Nandini is taunted for supporting Aatish and going against her family. Nandini apologizes to Vini for her mistake. Rajvi stands for Nandini, asking that she not interfere in their family matters.

Vini is scoffed by Nandini for her fighting. Vini tells Nandini that everyone was talking badly about Nandini, and she should have learned a lesson. Nandini scolds Vini and warns her that she will punish her next time. Vini becomes angry and flees. Parul reproaches Nandini for making Vini mad and says she will talk with her.

Rawals begins the Ganesh puja. Nandini looks at them, thinking that she will be able to join the Puja if she does. She was unable to travel to Aatish’s house to verify her innocence. Darsh waits for her, as she prays to God. Parul suggests that she might not want to go to the Puja because she is upset. Darsh, however, asks Charmi and Shobhit to take Aarti. He believes Nandini isn’t doing anything wrong.

Nandini goes to the shopkeeper to ask about the tablet that the children and women have given him. He proceeds to retrieve it while Charmi and Namrata become suspicious of Nandini. Charmi says that Charmi bribed the driver and that she had gone to Namrata’s to get proof. Charmi advised her to visit the shopkeeper to get proof.


The shopkeeper informs Nandini that Namrata has called him. He says that he does not want to interfere in the matter. Nandini becomes worried, but she decides to find the proof. She manages to enter the godown and search for the tablet. Namrata, however, also finds the tablet and wonders what Nandini is trying to find.

Nandini takes the gadget home and watches the video. She hears Namrata confess that she would do anything for Aatish’s divorce. After receiving the proof, she feels relieved. Namrata then breaks the lock of the godown and enters it. She was unable to find Nandini, and she becomes frustrated by the thought of what she is looking for.


Nandini then rushes to her house. While she thinks of sending Darsh the video, Charmi spots her and considers informing Namrata. She looks down at her phone while driving and tries to locate it. Nandini is hit and the tablet is also broken. Nandini is unconscious and injured, which makes her nervous. To save herself, she flees from the scene.

Darsh recalls Nandini’s words and becomes worried about her. Rajvi tells him to not worry. Vini asks Vini about Nandini. He even calls Vini, but doesn’t receive any response. Rajvi shares his frustration about Nandini and says he feels that something is wrong.


Precap: Rajvi asks Namrata where she went after leaving the Puja. Aatish and police arrive at the scene. Namrata is shocked to see him and Rajvi tells him that Rajvi called him to divorce them. Aatish is threatened by her threats to sue him for domestic violence. Nandini becomes conscious, and then panics when she sees the tablet. Darsh is convinced and she decides to present the proofs.