Anupama 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kavya informs Vanraj she did her online research about Anuj Kapadia/AK. Vanrja questions Kavya about Anuj’s interest while she is shaving his beard. Kavya claims that Anuj is single. If such a handsome and successful man is still single, then there must be a reason. Vanraj suffers a cut after hearing this. Samar wanders on the road, unable to remember Rohan’s words. The Shah family pretends to be Radha Krishna. Anu and Kinjal are very grateful to Pakhi for this wonderful idea. Nandini is tensed when Samar does not return home or pick up his call. Anu, sensing her tension, prays to god for her son. Samar walks on, recalling Rohan’s words about Nandu being in touch with her until now. Nandini is warned by him not to call him for lying so much. GK and AK drive car towards temple. GK asks him for an energetic song. He dances to Bachna Aye Haseenon.

Anu asks Samar if he will return home to Nandini to make things right. Samar assures Anu that nothing is going to be right now. Anu claims he is a brave boy, and until he speaks, how can he resolve issues? Mamaji and Bapuji are still searching for their Kanha, so it’s important that he returns home soon. AK and GK get out of the car near the temple, while Samar is still crying. Samar is approached by a speeding truck. AK rushes for him, and both of them fall asleep on the road. Anu hears Samar shouting Samar after hearing the accident sound. The whole family is alert and questions what has happened. Anu claims Samar was in an accident. She panics. Nandini laments that Samar was at fault for the accident. Anu runs out, worried about Samar. Vanraj holds Anu and assures her that nothing will happen to their son. Samar calls her number and asks her for her address so that her son can be brought home. Anu waits at the door and asks her how her son is doing.

GK drives the car towards Shah house with Samar and AK. Baa questions why she claimed she was responsible for Samar’s condition. Nandini says that Samar had an argument. Baa scolds her. Toshu claims Samar is irritable and short-tempered. Kavya supports Nandini. Baa is the one who starts her argument. Samar looks up and asks him where he is. AK tells Samar to relax, explains how he saved him time, and then goes into flashback. GK becomes worried about him and AK opens his eyes to say he won’t leave him. GK claims that he was concerned. Samar doesn’t wake up, so they shake him. GK calls the boy’s last number from his mobile, and AK gets him in the car. GK claims that he scared them out of flashback. Samar panics when he hears Anu call and fears that Nandini and her family will be anxious. Anuj asks Samar to relax again as they go to his house and then asks if Nandini was his girlfriend because he missed so many calls from her. Samar agrees. AK questions Samar Shah and introduces GK. Samar claims he is Samar Shah. He then identifies AK to be Anuj Kapadia, a family business tycoon. AK recites a shayari, explaining that his life is his mummy/GK’s. Samar claims that his life is his mummy’s. AK believes his mummy has more beauty. Samar wagers 100 rs. They get to their house. Samar walks towards Anu. Anu comforts Samar and tells him to stop leaving his home. Bapuji claims Samar is sensible, like his mother, and short-tempered like his father. AK gets out the car. Kavya exclaims Anuj Kapadia. Mamaji laughs that he’s Dimple Kapadia’s relative. Baa closes his mouth. Samar claims that Anu took a risk and saved his life. Anu expresses her gratitude to AK for her sandals being saved yesterday and her son’s safety today.