Anupama 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Baa asks Anu if he has enough ingredients. Baa requests more. Bapuji sings Mach Gaya Shor Sari Nari Re.. song, and Mamaji dances with Baa. Baa becomes angry and scolds them. Anu claims that Baa and Bapuji are the best after Kanhaji and Radhaji. Mamaji states that if Mamaji doesn’t wish to enact Radha, she can enact Kans if it suits her. Kavya, who is back from Vanraj’s workout, asks Vanraj if Janmashtami is today. Vanraj replies that Radha will be enacted for V. Kavya says it’s child’s play. Kavya shouts that he didn’t hesitate when he became Kanha to Anu and is now throwing tantrums for her. Anu warns her not to look at the situation. Vanraj supports her. Kavya claims she won’t spoil her mood and will be Radha. Kinjal promises to help Radha get ready. Anu claims that since Kinjal is getting married and Nandini will soon be married, all couples will enact Radha Kshmi and Pakhi will enact Gopi. Kavya ridicules Anu for not being able to enact Gopi at her age. What will she do then? Anu claims that her Kanhjaji is always there for her.

Bal Gopal’s peacock feather hat is worn by Anuj. He claims that he is 44 years old and not a child. GK, his father, warns him to not remove the cap and claims that he is young Krishna. Anuj continues with his nokjhok. Anu returns to Shah house and shows Kinjal, Baa Kavya, Pakhi material, and how to make Kanhaji caps. Samar passes by. Anu claims that even Samar’s Samar will be Kanhaji. Baa requests Samar to bring kesar from the market. Samar departs with a sad face. GK makes Anuj wear sherwani, and he performs his aarti. Anuj becomes emotional and asks GK if it is his responsibility to show his love since his parents are no longer around. GK giggles and tells him it’s his happy birthday. He then presents him with a silver coin. Anuj claims he has collected 44 coins. GK requests him to find a wife as soon as possible. Anuj states that he will spend today with his family. GK is his brother, sister, and most importantly, his mummy. GK smiles at him and reminds him that he should visit the temple today.

Nandini expresses concern for Samar after Rohan returned. Samar meets Rohan, and asks him why he wanted to meet him. Rohan tells Samar that he returned from the US because Nandu used to keep in touch with him. Although he knew he was making a mistake and leaving Nandu midway after her accident, their relationship never ended. He doesn’t understand Samar’s equation with Samar. Nandu was close to him and used visit him in US every week. Nandini is told by Anu that Samar’s anger is like boiling milk. He will soon understand why she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want to hurt him. Nandini claims that she causes him pain because he loves her so much and is hurt by her. Anu claims that when they buy sabji they get dhaniya and a spoon with every tea packet. They should also shut their doors on pain. Radha and Kanhaji used to fight but their love never diminished; Samar will not let her down. Kinjal approaches her and tells her that Baa is asking for Samar because he was at the market long ago. Rohan says to Samar that truth is hard for him. However, he should know that Nandu and I love each other tremendously. He doesn’t know what Nandu said about him but he knows she didn’t tell him about their moments together. Samar is furious hearing this. Rohan says that Samar still loves Nandu but that he is Nandu’s first love. Samar walks away angrily Anu calls Samar and he promises to return home before the evening pooja. Nandu is assured by Anu that he won’t worry because its good Samar was out. Otherwise, family members would have been concerned.

Anuj takes party photos. Shah family begins Janmastami decoration. Anuj calls his assistant to ask him to send him the cafe and karkhana deal paperwork as soon as possible. Pakhi, who is back at Shah house, informs his family that Devika aunty, who sent him party photos and videos, has lost her smart phone. He also pays her on TV. Baa is furious at Anuj and Baa’s dance routine and threatens her with knee pain if she moves too aggressively. Kavya jokes about their strong friendship. Anu requests Pakhi to close the door. Kavya taunts Pakhi when she doesn’t feel ashamed to dance, and why she wants it to be hidden. Anu claims that he isn’t hiding anything. Kavya then asks why. Kinjal replies that she is mummy papa and would feel terrible. Kavya would be jealous and irritate papa. Anu requests that he shut it down even though he is the same Anuj. Pakhi questions him if he’s the same Anuj who had a crush upon her. Kavya asks excitedly if Anu had an affair with her and if there was a fire on both sides. Anu requests to think carefully before speaking. Kavya claims she is only speaking what she sees. Vanraj asks Pakhi to close the door and then walks off. Kavya grins. Baa tells us that everything isn’t good at every age, or else our knees will hurt.