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Anupama 4th October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Leela requesting that Anupama remove the card that was placed in front of her eyes. On the invitation card, Anupama and Anuj’s names are written together, which Vanraj finds surprising. Anupama receives a scolding from him. Anupama responds to Vanraj in an appropriate manner, stating that he is enraged not because her name is inscribed with Anuj, but rather because her name is on the card. Vanraj claims that her name is currently written with Anuj and that they would receive one shortly. Anupama responds that she has known him for years and that they have never twinned.

Anupama invites Leela to come with her to the Puja ceremony. Anupama is taken aback when Leela tears the card. Anupama tells Leela that she will be waiting for her at the Puja ceremony. Leela approaches Anupama and asks if she will stand up to her. Anupama nods her head and exits the building. Hasmuk tells Leela that she simply refers to Anupama as her daughter and has never embraced her as such. Leela has informed everyone that no one will be attending the puja. Hasmuk and Jignesh are getting ready to leave the house. Kinjal, Samar, and Pakhi are also present. Kavya tells Leela that the way Anupama and Anuj’s love storey is progressing, they would be invited to their wedding in the near future. Vanraj explodes in rage.

Anuj had a conversation with Gk and speculates that Anupama is suffering today as a result of the invitation card. Anupama will take care of things, GK tells Anuj. He also requests that Anuj make a proposal to Anupama. Anuj was adamant.

Anuj is waiting for Anupama to arrive for the Puja ahead of him. Anupama is mocked by GK and Devika in this video. Anuj is on the lookout for Anupama. When he sees Anupama in the same colour clothing, he is taken aback. Pakhi singles out Anupama and Anuj as a couple that are twinning. Anuj claims that starting today, their colours will be the same. Devika cracks a grin. Later, Anuj approaches Anupama and requests a selfie. Anupama is in agreement. Anuj is under the impression that he will create wallpaper from their photograph.

Kavya teases Anupama and Anuj, claiming that the entire society will be talking about them. Vanraj is tasked with completing a task by Leela. Vanraj claims that he is unable to attend the puja and fight. Vanraj receives a notice in the near future. He believes she should not have done what she did.

Samar is crying in this place. Anuj inquires as to the rationale. Samar expresses gratitude to Anuj for showing Anupama the respect she deserves. Then he wants Anuj to make him a vow that he will never leave Anupama alone again. Anuj has made a pledge to Samar.

Kinjal expresses gratitude to Devika. She believes that everyone should have at least one buddy like her. Furthermore, Anupama and Anuj sat together for the puja ceremony. Vanraj, along with Leela and Kavya, makes their way into the building. Vanraj reminisces on his time spent with Anupama.



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