Anupama 3rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 3rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Anuj hosts the crowd in today’s episode. Devikas questions Anupama about why she’s so far away. Anupama claims she is good here. Anuj speaks about his past. Devika asks Anupama whether she can remember Anuj. Anupama replies that she doesn’t remember Anuj and says Anuj was asking for the same. Devika questions Anupama about what she said. Anupama claims she didn’t say no to him. Anuj invites his friends to sing and dance. He invites them to recall their twenties.

Nandini then asks Rohan what he has done to make him feel better. She said she waited for him to apologize, but now it doesn’t make sense. Nandini is told by Rohan that he still loves her. Nandini requests Rohan to stop lying, as he has been late. Nandini is informed by Rohan about his mother’s accident. Nandini stands shocked. Anuj is seen playing guitar and singing a song called “purani jeans and guitar”. Devika drags Anupama onto the dance floor. Devika and Anupama are dancing together. Anuj watches Anupama. Kavya and Vanraj enter the same hotel.

Kavya saw the party and said it seemed like someone’s birthday.

Nandini is told by Rohan that Samar is a temporary pass. He tells her it’s only them. Nandini warns Rohan. She warns Rohan not to speak against Samar. Rohan holds Nandini in his hand. Samar is furious that Rohan holds Nandini’s hands against her will. Devika questions Anuj about how he can love someone, without ever informing them. Anuj discusses his unrequited love. Devika wishes he could have a place in Anupamas hearts. Anuj claims he has less hope. Devika asks Anuj if he has any hope of making Anupama dance with her. She drags Anupama once more to the dance floor.

Samar warns Rohan and asks him not to go near Nandini. Rohan claims Nandini will be happy to have Rohan back in her home. Samar stands furious. Rohan leaves. After Rohan’s departure, Nandini and Samar get into a heated argument. Samar is annoyed to see Rohan tattooed on Nandini’s hand.


Anuj, Anupama and Anuj dance to ‘ankiyon goli maare’. Vanraj and Kavya are able to hear Anupama’s and Anuj’s names. Both go to cross-check. Kavya and Vanraj are shocked to learn that Anuj was Anupamas classmate. Kavya and Vanraj confront Anupama over Anuj. Vanraj is told by Anupama that Anuj was her classmate. Anuj meets Kavya and Vanraj later. Anupama makes the decision to leave. Anuj offers his help to Anupama. Anupama tells Anuj that she is able to go home on her own and doesn’t need anyone.