Anupama 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Samar hears Anupama tell Samar that she was a Lakshmi in this house. When she arrived here Bapuji said she is auspicious but now she is a problem in this house. He requests that he stop thinking like this. He insists that she doesn’t want it, but the thought haunts her. He tells her to stop acting like a kid and that Nandini must act older. He and Nandini will soon find new academy space. Vanraj comes back from jogging to find Rakhi greeting him. He becomes angry and asks Anupama if she called him. Rakhi claims he still remembers his ex-wife but that his current wife calls her this time. Baa and Bapuji are offered tea by Anu. Kinjal wonders why mom came so early in the morning. Samar said to create problem. Rakhi questions if Samar’s current wife asked him to sell the remaining house. Vanraj claims it is her unfulfilling wish. Rakhi claims she is keen to fix her nameplate. Vanraj promises it will be there for her forever. Rakhi claims that time will reveal the truth. Kavya says to throw away her nameplate. Anu, knowing her intentions, asks Kavya to throw her nameplate away. Kavya advises against interfering, followed by Vanraj. Rakhi questions why she called her. Kavya replies that she would give something. Rakhi claims she would have given blessings to pone, and not disturbed her beauty sleep. Kavya gives her 22 lakhs cheque to Kavya with interest. Vanraj claims she should have given the cheque within 2 days. Kavya shouts that it is better now than tomorrow and asks Rakhi where she is. Rakhi questions Rakhi about whether she is aware that money should be in an account before she offers a cheque. Kavya states that even she should be able to return items after receiving money. She asks Rakhi to send her property papers via driver. Rakhi continues to shout, breaking Rakhi’s nameplate, and saying V’s wife has broken Rakhi’s pride. She shouts to get out the house. Rakhi claims that granting and giving cheque are different if she purchased fake stationery. Vanraj claims they are not frauds like her. Rakhi claims that betraying is part of his and his wife’s nature. She speaks straight and, if the cheque bounces by accident, Kavya will apologise for her actions. She looks at her nameplate as she walks away.

Kinjal scolds Kavya because she is impatient and offers Rakhi a cheque before karkhana’s sale. Kavya states that even if the surrounding properties of karkhana/factory are sold, it will still be sold. Vanraj supports Kinjal but scolds Kavya. Anu says that there is no difference between being sold and being bought, but anything could happen. Kavya shouts that Anu is the only one who can make mistakes, and not her. Vanraj claims Kavya is no less than Rakhi, who caused chaos and informs Baa they will be meeting Anuj Kapadia today. Baa wishes everything went well. Anu asks if she will have some time to move her stuff from karkhana. Vanraj says yes and then walks off. Bapuji tells Anu that whatever happens and will happen is god’s will and not her fault, so she doesn’t need to worry.

Kavya and Vanraj visit Anuj Kapadia/AK’s office. They are impressed by the warmth and hospitality. Kavya tells Rakhi that after paying Rakhi, Bapuji should not allow Anu to give money to Anu. She wants to give Rakhi a tight slap. Vanraj claims that her bitter words were more than a slap. AK’s manager comes in. Kavya, as usual, misunderstands him as AK. He says they can have dinner tonight if he agrees. Kavya wants to talk to him about a start-up and would like to discuss it with him. Kavya is finally stopped by the manager who says he’s AK’s manager and that AK has been to an important meeting. Kavya is disappointed. Vanraj introduces him and gives him legal papers. He invites them to take a seat while he checks their medical records. Kavya said she was thrilled to meet AK, and that they discussed opening a cafe at his hotel. Vanraj agrees. Manager takes an envelope from Mr. Kapadia and gives it to him. Kavya grabs it and thanks him. He walks away. Vanraj opens his mouth in amazement as he reads the deal papers. Vanraj tells Vanraj that they thought it was a five-crore deal. Let’s go home to discuss it with Bapuji.

While teaching students, Anu hopes that everything will go well. Samar asks Anu to believe in the best. Anu agrees, as Kanhaji sent AK to them. They discuss how to get their stuff out of karkhana. Samar said that Anuj looked like a typical businessman, with less hair and a bulging stomach. But he’s fit like Mr Shah. He shows Nandini the picture he downloaded online. Anu notices Nandini looking nervously at the man at the gate. He asks him who it is. Man leaves. Anu dismisses class, and Nandini asks Nandini about him. She is upset that he left. Nandini says that he was her first love and her serious relationship Rohan. He was also in her life but after her accident, he realized she could not become a mother. She received his call three days ago. Anu wants to know if she has his number. She replies that it wasn’t saved but that she remembered his number. He has been pestering her for 3 days. Samar is furious that she didn’t inform him about her problem. Nandini claims she was afraid. He said he shared all with her, and was worried that he would make a mistake. But Nandini told the truth. He doesn’t want him to interfere in her personal issues and her relationship with her ex-boyfriend.