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Anupama 28th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama wakes up at the start of today’s episode. She notices that she is wearing Anuj’s blazer. Anuj tells Anupama that the blankets on the plane are uncomfortable, so he lends her his blazer. Anupama tells Anuj she has no idea how she slept. She then proceeds to show Anuj her painting.

Anuj claims that her environment is perfect and full. The landing of an aeroplane is announced. Anuj becomes frightened. Anupama inquires if Anuj is also apprehensive about the landing. Anuj says a few words. He asks Anupama to look out the window because he is uncomfortable. Anupama is ecstatic when she sees the seashore.

Leela assigns Kavya the task of chopping the vegetables. Kavya comes up with an excuse. Anupama dials Pakhi’s number and tells her about Hasmuk. Hasmuk had pickle, so she was concerned for him. Anupama tells Pakhi to look after Hasmuk and the others. She apologises to Anuj and claims she was concerned about Hasmuk’s safety. Anuj claims he comprehends.

Anupama says that her home and work are equally vital. She says she aspires to do great things for women, such as her current position. Anuj informed her that his appointment was crucial and that he would not be able to take her to the beach. Work is crucial, according to Anupama. Anuj asks Anupama to give a presentation about her idea in front of the other members. The presentation is given by Anupama.

Jignesh arrives with Nandini and Rohan’s photograph, which Rohan has treasured. He is unable to recognise her. Meanwhile, Kavya receives a call and dials Vanraj’s number. She is terrified. Anuj arrives with an auto for Anupama and drives her to the beach. Anupama is eager to leave. When she sees the shore, she falls in love.

Hasmuk is informed of the situation by Anupama. Hasmuk tells Anupama to relax and enjoy herself. Anuj requests that Anupama hand over her bag and enjoy the moment. Anupama spends her time at the beach. When Anuj sees Anupama, he is smitten.

Vanraj tells Kavya not to be concerned since everything would be OK. Vanraj is the focus of Kavya’s attention. On the other hand, a group of boys tries to rob Anupama at the beach. Anuj rushes over to assist her. Anupama defends herself by slapping the boy. Anupama’s bold side earns Anuj appreciation. He gives her a standing ovation. Anuj and Anupama also have fun together. Both are surprised to run see Vanraj and Kavya at the beach afterwards.

Vanraj claims that he assumed Anupama was on a work trip, but she is relaxing on the beach. Anupama inquires about Vanraj and Kavya’s visit. Kavya informed her ex-boss that he was leaving the country and that they were coming to visit him one final time. Vanraj believes he overheard Anupama telling Hasmuk about the beach, and as a result, he lost control.



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