Anupama January 25, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

Anuj and Anupama return home carrying little sleeping Anu. Dimple says he will make little Anu sleep in her room. Anuj and Anupama stop her and say that they are going to sleep with little Anu today. Barkha asks if anything happened after the kite competition. They say no and go to their room. Little Anu murmurs Maaya in her sleep. Anupama says how Maaya can come into their lives suddenly out of nowhere when they adopted little Anu from an orphanage. Anuj says that Maaya seems suspicious and is after Little Anu for money. He calls his orphanage manager friend Abhay who does not answer the call. Anupama asks him to send a message to Abhay that it is urgent and call immediately. Maaya thinks they must be thinking she’s here for the money, but her mamata/maternal mood dragged her here. Abhay calls back. Anuj asks if a woman named Maaya came to the ashram. Abhay says that Maaya is little Anu’s mother and left her at the ashram 7 years ago. Anuj and Anupama shatter upon hearing this. Maaya thinks her case is so strong that no power in the world can stop her from regaining custody of her daughter.


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