Anupama 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Anupama arrives at Rakhi’s home in panic. Rakhi offers Rakhi water and asks her why she arrived at midnight. Anu replies no. Rakhi questions what happened. Anu said that this zero requires her credit card with multiple zeroes. Rakhi recalls Anu refusing to accept her credit cards. Anu reminds Rakhi that she will bend over for her children’s good and extends her pallu begs to her for help. Rakhi smiles and asks Rakhi if she came to her at midnight to beg money. Anu said 20 lakhs. Rakhi claims Toshu said she received a loan. Anu was conned. Rakhi taunts Anu that her money is more of a traitor than her husband, and she went to another person so quickly. Anu pleads for help again. Rakhi recalls Anu telling Rakhi that their family pride is greater than any, Vanraj asking Rakhi for help, Toshu apologizing to his parents.

Vanraj is a sleep deprived person. Kavya states that the problem won’t be solved if he stays awake. The one who caused it must also be sound asleep. So even he should go to sleep. Vanraj prays Anu does not make another mistake out of desperation. Rakhi, Anu’s mother, humiliates Anu by saying that many people came to Rakhi’s door looking for help, but no one asked for 20 lakhs. Anu claims she needs loan, not charity. Rakhi said rope is not burnt but strength. Anu promises that she will return every penny for her hard work. Rakhi believes she can close the karkhana/factory, and open online classes. However, it is important to be aware of profit and loss in business. Anu claims that even though she is a businesswoman, she can’t destroy the peace of her family and her Baa Bapuji. Kavya believes V handled Baa somehow. However, she is afraid that more trouble is awaited. Anu can’t believe Anu is peacefully sleeping peacefully after making such a huge mistake. Anu and her puppet boy must be doing something and she should check.

Rakhi claims that Anu supported Kinjal, and fought for Dholika’s freedom, so she will help Anu. Rakhi is a mother, and a businesswoman but won’t make a loss-making deal. She will give Anu 40 lakhs, but she doesn’t know what she will get in return. Anu claims that Toshu took her son and she is asking for help to save karkhana/factory. Rakhi believes that something must have gone. Anu claims that only her self-respect has been lost. She is willing to mortgage the property and promises that Rakhi will not be able to see her face until she pays off her loan. Rakhi tells Rakhi that middle-class people value self-respect and she asks her to send Baa as a servant to her home. Anu responds. Rakhi claims she isn’t so wicked to take a mother from her. She needs Kinjal back, and Anu will convince Kinjal.

Kavya knocks on Anu’s front door, thinking she is in the washroom. Kinjal and Samar walk to Anu and tell her that mummy is in the washroom. Kavya claims she came to check. Anu claims Kinjal can’t be happy if she forces her way out of the house. She came here to borrow money. Rakhi said that Rakhi is not talking about loan but begging. Anu is correct in her statement, but Anu cannot run a business for her children. Rakhi requests Rakhi to give from one side and take from the other. Anu wants to know what Anu is looking for. Rakhi is seated on a sofa and thinks about how she will pay online. Anu interrupts Rakhi and asks her to tell Anu the bet in return for making a deal. Rakhi claims that bet is Anu’s pride and speaks in a soft voice. Anu appears more stressed. Rakhi claims that Anu’s problems can be solved in one click. She must also make an online payment. In return, Rakhi has to give Anu what she requested. Anu recalls Bapuji and Baa’s pains. Rakhi offers her hand and asks whether the deal is done.

Vanraj is about to go get water, but he notices Samar crying and sitting by himself. Samar is consoled by Vanraj and asks him why he’s crying about Anu’s mistakes. Samar claims there have been many scandals in the country. However, nobody can blame a journalist or news reporter for opening an account at that bank. Vanraj could not understand sophisticated fraud and would have been caught in it. It doesn’t distinguish between rich, poor or working women, housewife or businessman. Anu agrees to Rakhi’s offer and states that nobody should know about the deal. Rakhi rudely pulls Anu’s hand. She did Anu a favor before Rakhi festival. Anu replies that favor comes after you have taken it. Rakhi asks the driver to drop Anu home. Anu asks Rakhi if she won’t thank her before she leaves. Anu thanks Rakhi with folded hands. Rakhi says goodbye, saying that they don’t want to thank their loved ones. Anu wonders if Anu made a mistake and if she can correct it.

Samar hears bhajan the next morning and is accompanied by family members. They walk to temple and observe Anu perform aarti. Rakhi, on the other hand, wakes up smiling. She thinks it’s a beautiful day and has a peaceful night after so many months. She recalls Anu’s plea for help, and believes today is Rakhi’s day. She starts dancing to Jawan Janeman song and then stops looking at a servant. She sees Kinjal’s and her life in Anu as entertainment. Anu wishes happy raksha bandhan to family. Kavya informs V that Anu is mad and that they should consult a doctor. Vanraj questions Kavya about the drama. Kavya claims she is completely out of control and reminds them to pay the property tax. Anu assures them that they will have to pay the tax and that they should enjoy the festival. Baa states it is a tax, not fever to lower down. Who will pay it? Anu claims she made a mistake, and has it fixed. She asks them to prepare for the festival because Dolly and Bhavesh are coming. Kavya claims that Anu is insane. Toshu questions how she managed to arrange 20 million dollars overnight. Vanraj asks Samar if Anu has made another mistake. Samar walks up to Anu. Anu asks Samar if he would like to ask a question. He replies that he would like to tell her that he is with her. She wants to know if it is about her family. He promises to support her unconditionally. Vanraj believes it is a waste to send mother’s puppet. He needs to learn what Anu did.

Family gathers for the celebration after some. Kavya believes that Anu made a mistake. Mamaji questions Dolly and Sanjay about their plans for a baby. Dolly reminds Mamaji about their daughter Meenu. Mamaji wants to know where Meenu is. Sanjay claims she has been to Mumbai to visit her grandparents. Baa claims Sweety and Bapuji have also gone out. Mamaji jokes that he should have their laddu share. Baa claims that Sweety and Meenu will tie rakhi with Samar and Toshu if they are not there. Nandini claims she will. Samar does not believe him. Kinjal promises to tie him rakhi. Bhavesh feels tension and asks Kinjal if there is anything wrong. Samar said that they were sad about Sweety and Bapuji’s absence. Kavya notices Anu relaxed and tells V that Devika must have borrowed money from her BFF. V suggests that it might be. Kavya believes that Anu will be helped by someone else. Vanraj claims that Anu only knows Devika and Rakhi, who can lend her money.