Anupama January 24, 2023 Episode Written, Update Written at

Shahs and Kapadias dance in Naacho Naacho.. song. Vanraj and Leela frown upon seeing Kavya dancing with Mohit. They all then fly kites. Maaya cuts everyone’s kite. Anupama/Anuj and Maaya’s kite clash begins. Anuj and Anupama enthusiastically try to save their kite. Little Anu encourages them to save their kite. Maaya even cuts their kite. Little Anu feels sad. Anupama says that so far no one has managed to cut her kite, who did she cut the first time. Anuj cheers her up. Anupama notices Maaya and Little Anu’s name on the kite. Little Anu is happy to see Maaya, runs and hugs her.

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Update credit to: Pooja