Anupama 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kavya warns Anupama it is impossible for her to do so. She will ensure V and V don’t drown with Anu. Baa claims that even though Anu intended to destroy them all, it was not her intention. Anu remembers Vanraj’s words and cries. Samar comforts her and admits that he made mistakes. Kinjal said that anyone can make mistakes. Anu claims it is her fault and will correct it. Toshu, Kinjal and Nandini all say they will work together to fix it. Samar comforts Anu, saying that he has realized why she was afraid of him when he disappeared in childhood. He will do something. Kavya, on the other hand, tells Vanraj Anu must pay 20 lakhs loan because she made a mistake. She continues to yell at Anu. Vanraj claims that he used to speak a lot outside in anger but that he now has a calm mind and realizes his mistake. She advises against thinking with a calm mind. Vanraj states that Anu only took on loan responsibility, but it doesn’t necessarily mean she should take on all of this responsibility.

Toshu continues blaming Anu. Kinjal claims that mummy made an error unknowingly. They should clean the glass after it is broken, instead of fighting. He wants Samar to be slapped for being negligent and wants mummy to pay the debt. Kinjal requests that he not blame his mother if he can’t help but instead go to his home. He states that he does not want to be involved in this drama. He will see the problem as a drama, she says.

Kavya blames Anu for continuing to blame her and insists that she should pay the loan on her own. Vanraj claims Anu is kind-hearted and assumed all responsibility for her. She would have taken 10 lakhs instead. Anu doesn’t know anything, Samar is a child, so he should be there when Anu asked. Kavya claims that he stopped thinking about her since he had left her. Kavya says Anu was his friend. She helped him with every problem. Her problem is that she is not kind to everyone. This is why he keeps getting duped again and again. Kavya shouts that he’ll be jobless and that he should pay the entire loan, not by steal or dacoity. He claims he doesn’t know but will do something.

Samar comforts Anu by continuing to console her. She gives her an example of a fighter who fought with cancer, and she says that this problem is nothing. Anu is angry at herself for causing her family to be in such trouble. Samar said that they are both responsible for this and that they will both fight to get their family out of trouble.

Baa suffers a panic attack and decides to not tell Bapuji, or else he’ll die from shock. Kinjal rushes over to her. Baa asks Kinjal if she could sell her kidney to pay the loan. She will call the hospital to find out. Kinjal interrupts her and tells her to stop thinking. She then thinks about calling Vanraj to take care of Baa, and rushes to Vanraj’s house. Kavya inquires about what has happened. Kinjal tells Baa that she is acting strangely and asks her to send papa/Vanraj as soon as possible. Kavya prays that Baa does not have a heart attack. Nandini is worried and calls Samar to check the situation at home. Samar comes to her. She inquires about Anu. He said she was afraid. She assures him that everything will be okay. Baa’s condition worsens and she becomes weaker. Vanraj worries and gives Baa BP medication. This calms her down. Baa says Bapuji called to inform her that he had arranged 1.25 million, but he didn’t realize that they needed to pay 40 lakhs instead of 20 lakhs. He will have a heart attack if he hears that. Vanraj consoles her once more.

Anu rushes towards Baa, panicking more at Baa’s state. Kavya humiliates her once more and demands that she arrange 40 lakhs rs for herself if she truly cares about her family. Anu is unable to breathe. Kavya continues shouting at Anu in the kitchen and accusing her of blaming her in front Kinjal. Kinjal tells her to stop the blame-game and move on. Kavya advises her to be kind to her MIL. Kinjal tells her she should behave like her MIL and take care of Baa and the family. Instead, she is busy blaming mummy. Kavya stands fuming. Samar feels guilty and Kinjal consoles Samar outside the house. Baa wanders out of the house, unable to forget Vanraj and Kavya’s bitter words and accusations. Samar and Nandini aren’t even aware of her. Samar then walks into Anu’s bedroom and assumes that she is asleep. Kinjal asks Samar if mummy’s awake, as she hasn’t had food yet. He tells her to rest and asks her if she would like to assume the family’s responsibility as mummy. Anu walks to a park, and while sitting on a bench in the park, prays to god for help. The power returns. She thanks God, runs to Rakhi’s home, and knocks at the door. Rakhi notices her and opens the door. Anu tells her she must talk about something.