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Anupama 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Jignesh begins today’s episode by asking Hasmuk when the girl will arrive with a cup of tea. Hasmuk tells Jignesh that they are not here to find him a girl. GK compliments Jignesh on his wit. Anuj prepares munchies for Shah. Kinjal tells Anuj that she is willing to serve. They are Anuj’s guests, he explains, and he will only serve them.

Samar tells Nandini that he has only seen Anupama serve others so far. With Samar, Nandini comes in second. Kinjal compliments the snacks and instructs Anuj to contact his chef for the recipe. Pakhi is also a good match for the snacks. Anuj admits that he prepared all of the food. Shahs is taken aback. GK claims that Anuj learned to cook from him and is now an expert. Anupama claims that if she ever needs to cook for them, she will be terrified.

Later, the Shahs compliment Anuj’s abilities. Anuj’s house is visited by Vanraj and Paritosh. Anupama praises Anuj and claims that he used to be good at arm wrestling in college. Anuj accepts Vanraj’s challenge to arm wrestle. Anuj declines to accept the challenge. Anuj is forced to participate by Paritosh and Pakhi.

GK challenges Anuj to accept the challenge. Anuj and Vanraj are the first to engage in arm wrestling. Both of them have Shah’s support. Partiosh inquires as to why Samar is standing with Anuj rather than Vanraj. He goes on to say that they are family. When Vanraj used to take everyone’s side against Anupama, Samar tells Paritosh that he didn’t think they were family. Paritosh opposes Vanraj and is irritated with Samar.

The rivalry between Anuj and Vanraj heats up. Anupama is agitated by the arm wrestling between the two. The battle is won by Vanraj. He also claims that he has never lost a battle. GK congratulates Anuj on his efforts.

Anuj claims he had no idea what he was doing. Vanraj is a skilled arm wrestler. He claims that he would not have competed against him. Vanraj, according to GK, won at the last instant. Vanraj won a long time ago, Anuj tells GK.

Anuj also informs about a meeting in Mumbai. He claims that Anupama is required to attend the conference. At Anupama’s visit to Mumbai, Leela, Partiosh, and Vanraj are pitted against each other. Anupama is asked by Anuj to make a decision. Anupama prepares to accompany Anuj.

Anuj speaks with GK and expresses concern that Anupama’s transfer may cause her problems. Leela loses her calm when it comes to Anupama.



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