Anupama 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Baa believes Anu will make rakhi, and that she will also prepare sweets. Baa thinks that she is a saas/MIL, and should prepare sweets with her bahu/DIL. Kavya calls her. Kavya wants to know if she called her, and why she is so sweet. After much discussion, Baa says that they will both prepare sweets to rakshabandhan. Kavya then denies it and walks off. Nandini sees Anu make rakhi from a thread, and she chats to her. Anu asks Nandini to verify with Samar that her business loan amount has been transferred into her account. Nandini tells her to be calm as the money will be transferred. Anu believes there won’t any evil eyes/nazarars on her family. Samar, tensed and irritated, returns to Anu’s house. She informs her that the money has been disbursed by bank but not into her account. Anu walks to Vanraj’s cafe. Vanraj is called by Vinod, his cafe chef, and rushed to the hospital. Anu panics, wondering how she could make such a huge mistake. Samar calms her down. He asks her to call Bapuji. He attempts to tell her that Bapuji’s telephone is off. He then serves water to her, and she vomits. He then asks her what she will do next. He asks her if hiding truth is like lying. She replies that they must inform everyone, regardless of the consequences.

Baa makes Kavya prepare laddu and taunts it. Vanraj returns home. Kavya inquires if Vanraj is okay. Kavya asks him if he is okay. He explains that Vinod, their cafe chef, was injured in an accident. Kavya suggests that Anu return home soon so that he can prepare laddus. Baa requests her to keep her job. Kavya questions Vanraj about the loan. In Vinod’s tension, he said he forgot to ask her about loan. Kavya will find out when she returns home. Anu, Samar, and Nandini return home distraught and stand looking at Vanraj and Baa. Vanraj calls Anu and asks her if the loan formalities are complete. Toshu and Kinjal are also present. Vanraj sees Anu get tensed and asks if all is well. Baa, Toshu and Kinjal call her. Vanraj wants to know if she has ever fought with anyone and Nandini and Samar ask her. Nandini said that even though she does not know, it is possible. Kavya wants to know if there are any problems with the loan. Anu tells Kavya that the money has been disbursed by bank, but it didn’t reach her account. Kavya shouts, “Where did the money go?” Vanraj said sometimes it takes longer due to technical reasons. Anu claims she is being fraudulently taken a loan to pay her 20 lakhs property taxes. The bank disbursed the loan but it didn’t reach her account. Now they are in debt of 40 lakhs. Toshu wants to know what happened. Anu claims that those who met her were bank executives and fraudsters. She didn’t have Vanraj or Bapuji to guide her, and was anxious about Kinjal. Baa wants to know how it happened. Baa asks her how it happened. She says that she gave them her bank details and all of her personal documents. Baa questions if she received a receipt from them. Anu replies that they said they would email. Kavya shouts, “How can she be so careless?”

Vanraj shouts at Anu, claiming that she placed a great burden on their lives and destroyed their lives. Kavya shouts at her that she hates her but she placed 40 lakhs of burdens on her children. Anu continues to yell at her, claiming that one mistake was what destroyed the entire family. Vanraj shouts at Anu that she knows how to dance and cook, but not how to do paper work. Why didn’t they wait? Samar claims that Vanraj and Bapuji were absent. He claims she should have waited, and would not have died. He claims he forced mummy to sign documents. How will she know that executives were fraudsters? Kavya shouts that he will support his mother’s foolish acts. He should have checked the papers. He claims it was his fault. Kavya claims he will accept all the blame for his mother. Kavya says that his mother almost had a panic attack at school. Vanraj claims he will have a heart attack, and how will they manage 40 million. Baa is already in shock, and Bapuji too, if he hears. Toshu believes that mummy should have called him. Kinjal claims he would have come. Kavya shouts louder at Anu, followed by Vanraj. Samar questions why they shout at Anu and Vanraj, asking if it is their mistake if there has been a robbery at the home. Vanraj shouts that nobody is allowed to enter the house and invites thieves. Anu apologizes him. He shouts that the municipal corporation won’t accept his apology. They must pay first tax and then loan. Otherwise their karkhana would be sealed and they would have no choice but to sell momos. Anu claims she made a mistake but will rectify it. Vanraj shouts that she must as she sets the fire and should ignite it; he owns 50% of karkhana, and decided to pay half the property tax. But she made a mistake. She alone will pay. He continues to humiliate unbearably.