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Anupama 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Vanraj begins today’s programme with doing Puja. Shahs continues to pray. Leela requests that Kavya perform aarti for everyone. Anupama takes a step back. Kavya claims that puja is performed both at home and in the café. Kinjal interrupts, explaining that puja is performed at the warehouse because Anupamas Dance Academy is also located there.

Vanraj requests Prasad. Hasmuk tells them to get ready because they’ll be visiting Anuj’s residence as well. Prasad is consumed by Shahs. Anupama instructs Leela to consume the Prasad with a cheerful heart. Leela flashes a grin. Kavya also gives Anupama Prasad. Vanraj warns Kavya that if she gives Prasad to Anupama, she will be unable to eat at Anuj’s place. He makes fun of Anupama. Anupama cracks a grin. Kavya inquires as to why Anupama is smiling. Vanraj, according to Anupama, taunts Leela more than Leela taunts Vanraj.

A large order of Anupamas’ signature dish has been placed by a customer, according to the café chef. Vanraj becomes irritated and announces that all of Anupama’s suggested meals will be withdrawn. Anupama feels sorry for Vanraj for not being able to keep their friendship at a safe distance.

Anupama is asked to leave by Vanraj. Anupama claims that he has told her that she must go. She asks Kavya if she thinks she looks good. Hasmuk tells Leela that if she goes to Anuj’s residence with him, he would feel better. Leela, too, is adamant, according to Anupama. Pakhi persuades Leela. Kinjal invites Paritosh to accompany her. Partiosh is deafeningly silent. Kavya agrees to follow Shahs to Anuj’s place, much to Vanraj’s surprise.

When Anuj sees Shahs at the house, he gets aroused. Kavya tells Anuj that she expected him to live a wealthy lifestyle, but his home is modest. Anuj claims that he enjoys his time in the modest dwelling. Paritosh and Vanraj are the people he requests. Vanraj did not accompany them because of the café, Kavya informs Anuj.

Vanraj is questioned by Paritosh as to why he did not prevent Kavya from leaving. Vanraj inquires as to why he failed to halt Kinjal. He goes on to say that Kavya needs a job. Shahs and Anuj do Lord Ganesh aarti jointly at the temple. The idol of Lord Ganesh is praised by the Shahs. GK explains to Shahs that Anuj sculpted the idol himself. Anupama also compliments Anuj. Anupama is the focus of Leela and Kavya’s attention.

Paritosh asks Vanraj if they’re doing the right thing by going to Anuj’s house. Vanraj recalls Anuj’s invitation to his home. Returning to reality, Vanraj believes he wants to know what attracts his family to Anuj.



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