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Mohit instructs his team to get ready as they are going to launch a big project and whoever organized all this will be arriving soon. Kavya says that she created a huge hype about the organizer. Mohit says she will find out herself. He notices a lady coming and says there she is. Lady interacts with them and congratulates Kavya. Kavya thanks her and addresses her as Maaya. She says everything she’s heard about her is less. Anupama signals Kavya that she looks beautiful and leaves signaling that he will meet her later. She looks for water and thinks that the two families have found each other in this big waterhole and hopes there won’t be any problems again. She thinks that she will meet Maaya and get her doubts cleared. She carries water for Little Anu. Maaya looking at her thinks that the more she is looking forward to meeting her, the more nervous she will be after meeting her.

Leela frowns when she sees Anupama making out with her family and says they are laughing after poisoning her life. Hasmukh angrily breaks the teacup and leaves. Hasmukh says there was no need to say that. Barkha and Ankush interact smilingly with their friends, and as soon as they leave, Ankush releases his hand. Barkha asks if he can’t act for a while longer. Ankush says she was acting since the year, she forbid her son to come here but just as Adhik is important to Barkha so his son is important to him. Barkha says that he must not compare her brother with the illegitimate child. Ankush says that legitimate and illegitimate are relationships not children, your child is your blood and responsibility.

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