Anupama 22nd April 2021 Written Update: VANRAJ RUNS AWAY FROM THE HOUSE

Anupama 22nd April 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Anupama reading Vanraj’s letter. Vanraj says that he is confused about ending the relationship of 25 years. He adds that he doesn’t want to snatch his family’s happiness for his happiness. Vanraj says that he got a chance to relive his 25 years with Anupama. He adds that he needs some time with himself to make a proper decision. Vanraj asks Anupama to handle the house in his presence. There, Kavya worries for Vanraj as he never switches his phone off. Kavya goes to meet but Nandini stops her. Kavya asks Nandini to let her go as her love of 9 years is not less than the love of 25 years. Nandini understands and lets her go.

Nandini feels worried for Kavya. Anupama goes down. She shows the letter to Dolly and Samar. They get shocked reading the letter. Anupama panics and says Vanraj always runs from his problems. She asks what her mistake was. She adds she always handled the house but now she is fed up with handling everything. Anupama says she was ready to give divorce when Vanraj said that he doesn’t love her but now he only ran away. 

Anupama cries and says now Kavya will think that she manipulated Vanraj for not getting divorced. Anupama decides to find Vanraj. She was about to call Kavya but Kavya arrived home. Kavya blames Anupama. Anupama says that Vanraj ran away. Kavya sits down and cries. Anupama consoles her and asks her to wipe her tears by herself as the person she is going to marry runs away from problems. Kavya blames Anupama. She says that she never saw an over smart lady like her. Anupamaa says that she never saw a dumb lady like Kavya as this is the time to find Vanraj instead of blaming each other.

Dolly shows the letter to Kavya and says that Vanraj ran away because he was frustrated with Kavya. Kavya cries.


Premiered on: 13th July 2020

Airs on: Star Plus, Star Plus HD at 10 PM to 10:30 PM from Monday to Saturday

               Utsav Plus(In UK and Europe)

Streams on: Hotstar

Running Time: 20 to 24 minutes

Category: Drama

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 228

Producer: Rajan Shahi 

Executive Producer:  Deepa Shahi

Production House: Director’s Kut Production

Cast: Lead Female Role – Rupali Ganguly (Anupama)

Based on: Star Jalsha’s Bengali Series Sreemoyee