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Anupama 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The show starts with Anuj declaring to Anupama that many people believe that business is run with money but are unaware that it operates by people. He says he’ll learn from her as well. Anupama is happy. She says that on celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, they will begin new. Anuj loves the idea.

Anupama wants Anuj to dance. Leela and Kavya makes modak. Leela says that this year, the duo will have Lord Ganesh idol in the cafe as well. Kavya tells Leela that there is no reason making modaks at home. Leela claims that modaks are something Anupama used to make each year. Kavya informs Leela that Anupama has made them this year.

Anuj tells Anupama to ask him to get one for her. He says he’s not doing anything to benefit her. Anupama says to Anuj that she can drive an automobile. Anuj is excited about her. He asks Anupamas number. Anupama is gone. Anuj states that after 25 years, he’s got the will have the courage to inquire about Anupama’s phone number. In the cafe, Pakhi says to Leela that they’ll create a new decoration to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Leela demands Pakhi for decorations at the cafe as well.

Samar wants Shahs To invite anuj to the party. Vanraj does not agree and is angry with Samar. Samar claims Kavya was a frequent visitor and used to come and go. What is the issue in inviting Anuj. Vanraj states that Anuj is an Anupamas’s best friend. Samar claims he is saying that ‘Anuj’s simply Anupamas acquaintance’. Leela claims she was hoping that Anuj would relieve their tensions, however he also brought more into the home.

This is where Anupama is reunited with Devika. She tells Devika that she has accepted the alliance with Anuj. Devika gets happy. The other side, GK asks Anuj to invite Shahs to The Ganpati Celebration. Anuj is stressed. Anupama acknowledges Devika for her support. Devika believes that Anupama must affirm her decision for another thing.


Then, Vanraj refuses to accept Ganesh Chaturthi invitation from Anuj. Hasmuk declares that he will take the opportunity to go. Vanraj and Hasmuk argue. Anupama returns. Leela is accused of Anupama of all the snafus. Hasmuk increases the pressure on Anupama. Meanwhile, Vanraj decides to warn Anuj. Kavya wants Vanraj not to get into a fight with Anuj instead, he should avenge Anupama.

GK think of what he’ll give to Anupama. Anuj requests that they give their family ornaments for Anupama. GK is impressed by the idea. Anuj demands GK to manage. In the next step, Anuj talks with GK and declares that Vanraj is not happy with his. He claims that if he does be troublesome to Anupama and he is not happy, he will be able to help him later.


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