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Anupama 20th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Bapuji advises Anupama to not get too weak with Vranraj’s and his team’s taunts, as they don’t need to attend office and Toshu works in Rakhi’s office. Vanraj and his staff are left jealous when he gives her her bag, feeds her sweet curd and gives her her car keys. Kinjal wishes her all of the best. Bapuji asks her if she is doing nothing wrong. If she is, she can relax and go outside to listen to her heart. She accepts the keys to her car. He promises her that Kanhaji will lead her on the right path. Baa blesses her, and she turns her frowning face. Kavya asks her if she would touch her feet to receive her blessings. Anu replies that she doesn’t want her precious time wasted and leaves the house with Kyun Rokna Bhi Hai Karwan playing in the background. Bapuji and Kinjal waver her off.

AK is at work discussing strategy with his team. He then writes Anu and makes the necessary changes to Anuj. Anu walks into the office. Anu is greeted by a receptionist who asks for her name. She responds that Mr Kapadia is her host. Receptionist informs AK Anu has arrived. He tells AK that it will take him 10 minutes. He smiles and looks out the window. Mera Dil Bhi kitna pagal Hai.. plays in the background. He enters the cabin and greets her, nervously believing she has come. But he doesn’t know if they will say yes or not.

Kavya tells Baa that even though Anu is no longer her bahu, she doesn’t follow her. She then goes to meet AK and disrespects her family. Anuj asks Anuj if she wants coffee or tea, and then asks her what she thinks about partnership. Kanhaji will do whatever she wants, as if he is keeping him close to her loved ones. He claims he has known her since college and did not offer her a friendship, but she is talented so that she can think otherwise. She said she agreed. He is happy. She claims she sent prasad to him last night. He claims that there was no sender’s information on the package and he ate it with his hands. She pulls out contract papers and thanks Anuj. He asks her to repeat the phrase and recites shayari in her mind. She states that she needs to clear some paperwork before she accepts partnership. He says it might be small for a large businessman like him, but it is important for her to get out of her house, open a bank account, and so he must teach her everything. She is not very proficient in English and has very little exposure. He asks her if she speaks Gujrati. She said yes. He said English is a way to communicate and she can communicate in Gujrati. He thanked her again. He jokes that he should get a piggybank to share his many thanks. He offers to help her with the details of her project and GK’s input.

Kavya keeps provoking Baa. She is afraid that people will make a big deal about Anuj and Anuj’s relationship the same way they did Vanraj and her relationship. Anu discovers magnets in her file. She excitedly claims that it reminds her of college days, when she used to play in college with it and it was lost in college. He nervously states that he has it, and reveals its Anu’s magnetics. She returns it, and she fears that she might lose it. He claims he protects the information and disconnects any incoming calls. She claims she doesn’t know shayari as well and speaks straight. They were together in college, and he will be at work. He should behave like a boss with her and treat her the same way he treats other employees. He assures her that it will not impact her in any way. She states that she is a mother, daughter and MIL and leaves the house with respect. He should therefore maintain a professional relationship only with her. He agrees and tells her she speaks straight. Kavya tells Baa that a man can make a mistake and a woman can make a mistake. Baa rages.


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